My name is Barley!

Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Barley
Photo 1 - Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Barley
Photo 2 - Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Barley
Photo 3 - Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Barley
Photo 4 - Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Barley
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I'm being cared for by:
4 Luv of Dog Rescue

Facts about Barley

  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
  • Color: Unknown
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 9530438-3133

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Name: Barley
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Age: 5 Years
Size: Large   84 lbs
Adoption Donation: $180 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.
Other:  Neutered Male, vaccinations current, microchip



Barley is hoping for a forever home...


Foster Home Feedback

4/25/16: Hi, I’m Barley! You’ve probably already looked at my pictures, so you know what a handsome guy I am.  Admittedly, I know it too!

I’m looking for my forever home and I want to make sure it’s a good fit, so here are a few things about me:

1. I’m not all looks; I’ve got brains too!  I’m a smart guy and I respond really well to treat-based training.  I go to class almost every week and I do such a good job, but I need to someone to keep working with me.

2. I’m proud to say that I’m potty trained!  And I haven’t chewed on stuff that I’m not supposed to since I came to my foster house. 

3. I LOVE to snuggle on the couch.  Preferably under a fuzzy blanket and right next to the human. And especially on rainy days, because I don’t like to go outside when it’s raining.

4. When it’s nice out, I LOVE to lay in the sun and roll around in the grass. 

5. I LOVE going for walks, but I’m not always a fan of strange things we encounter on the way.  I’m not mean, but I really need someone to be patient and work with me to help me with how I react.  I do best on walks in less-traveled areas; in fact, if we are just walking, I don’t pull much and we have a lot of fun. 

6. Dog parks are not for me.  Been there, done that!

7. I like to play with most dogs (no matter their size); I haven’t really hung around cats much since coming to my foster house, but I don’t like the neighbor cat that hangs out on the other side of the fence.  I like kids, but sometimes they are too little to be around me as I don’t always know my own strength.  I do like older kids who understand me though. 

8. I don’t mind my kennel, but I do well hanging out with my dog friend when the human is away for short periods of time (but I’m a dog, so even 5 minutes is an ETERNITY when the human is away).  I don’t like being outside my kennel when my dog friend isn’t there with me.  At night, I get to either sleep on the couch or in a dog bed in the human’s room.   

So that’s me!  I know my forever home is out there and I can’t wait to meet them; I may have a few quirks, but I’m ready to work on them with my family’s help.

3/14/16: Barley is such a fun guy to have around.  He's very smart and does well with positive reinforcement and treat-based training.   He may also do best with a playmate or more active members in the household. Most of the time he's content with a short walk and to spend the rest of the time under a blanket on the couch (in fact that's where he is as I write this), but every once in a while he needs to have an active play session.
In the last few weeks he's really shown his personality.  He goes to his kennel on command and sleeps in a dog bed or on the couch, although I think he'd like to sleep on the bed.  He's got sit and down, no problem!  We are working on shake and fetch, but have a little ways to go on those.
He's done well with little dogs, but didn't like a large intact male dog that he met.  When playing, he can be a little dominant, but he's very respectful if a dog demonstrates that they want him to back off.  He's doing great on walks using the gentle leader, but still needs some work when we pass by people, especially if they have a dog or are on a bike.  
We tried adoption days at PetSmart but found it is not for him as it puts him on edge; as soon as he is outside or around fewer people and stimuli he is back to his goofy self. 
He is really looking forward to finding his forever home and a couch to call his own.  He will be such a loyal addition to one very lucky family!

2/10/16:  I've loved having Barley these past few weeks and to see him really relax and have fun.  I’m pretty sure his perfect day would involve a nice walk and then a very long nap on the couch; he’s very laid back for a 4-year-old dog.  I’m trying to get more photos of him, but it’s hard to get a shot of him where he isn’t in some awkward sleeping position on the sofa; it is really cute when he starts snoring.

Last week I took Barley to his first Meet the Dogs at PetSmart.  We were really excited because Barley is such a good guy and a real charmer.  When we first arrived, Barley was handling all of the sensations very well; he was meeting new people, his tail was wagging, everything was good.  So many great people came to the event and wanted to meet him; more and more came up to us, but unfortunately I didn’t manage his space very well and allowed too many people to greet him all at once.  As a result, Barley got spooked and was no longer interested in meeting new people.  Once we got outside, he was fine again.  It was really too bad, because the people who came to meet Barley didn’t get to see the real Barley; it wasn’t a behavior that I had witnessed before or since.

He gets along so well with other dogs, including my dad’s little dogs who came by this past weekend.  He does very well on walks when we use the gentle leader.  There is a walking path by my house that passes several fenced yards with barking dogs; I keep talking with him as we pass and he does not bark back at the dogs behind the fences which is so impressive to me.  He does, however, let me know when he hears noises outside or when my neighbor (shared wall) is vacuuming; it’s one of the few things that will get him off of the couch.

It will be really hard to see Barley leave, but I know that he will have such a great life and bring a lot of joy to his future family.


1/25/16:  Barley has only been with me for about a week, but he’s already showing his personality.    He is very sweet and loves to cuddle; sometimes I tell him that he’s too big to be a lap dog, but he quietly disagrees with that idea. 

Barley is kenneled when I’m at work.  He’s not a big fan of the kennel as he’d rather lie on the couch, but he will go into the kennel on command (sometimes a few commands are needed with treats).  He has tried to get out unsuccessfully, but he has had no accidents.  In fact even after 8 hours in the kennel he doesn’t seem in a rush to go outside.  I have left him out of the kennel twice, for short periods to test him and he was not destructive at all.  At night he sleeps in a dog bed in my room; again, no accidents and he usually sleeps through the night without needing to go outside. 

He’s not a high energy dog, but he loves to play and run around the yard.  We’re working on fetch, but so far he runs in the direction of the ball, loses the ball in the snow and has me retrieve it.  About half the time he brings it back, but he still thinks “drop” means “play keep away”.  I think with a little training he would be good on walks as he listens and responds well to treat-based encouragement.  Barley is respectful of my older dog, who doesn’t like to play as often; Barley will try to start the play but will back down when my dog makes it clear that he’s not in the mood.  He often rolls over to show his belly and I have not seen any aggression from him towards people or dogs. 

Barley has a very sweet disposition, but he doesn’t realize his size at times.  Because of this, he would do best in a home that doesn’t have really little children.  Barley is very trainable and has a good foundation already.  He will make a great family dog and a loving companion; he just needs to find his forever home.

1/11/16 Volunteer Feedback: I've spent quite a bit of time with Barley since he has come into the rescue, and he is my favorite dog at the facility.  Besides being very handsome, he has a wonderful personality.  He is dog friendly - he and my dog play really well together!  He doesn't have a crazy amount of energy and plays very nicely. He also met a cat while at the facility and did fine; basically ignored him. 
I took him to an obedience class on Saturday and he was awesome.  He is very treat motivated and eager to please. He was remarkably relaxed in that environment, although he occasionally would get "talkative" If he was getting bored/frustrated with what we were working on. So I would take him outside or switch what we were working on; which he responded to very well.  He also is pretty good on a leash, if he wants to investigate something, he will pull, but the majority of the time it is loose leash walking.  He knows how to sit, stay, and lie down. We worked on eye contact which he picked up super quickly. He is one smart cookie! 
I took him to Adoption Days afterwards for a little bit and he did really well for the most part. He seems to LOVE kids; his whole demeanor would change when a kid would come over to meet him. He was very gentle with them, and wanted to just cover them in kisses. His tail would start going a million miles an hour.  He was also very friendly to everyone he met, and if they would kneel down to meet him, he was covering them in kisses! The only person he didn't really like was a man wearing a hat who seemed a little nervous about meeting him. Barley seemed to pick up on this anxiousness and started barking at man. He redirected with treats, but since he seemed stressed out and probably tired from class beforehand, I decided to leave.  He slept in the car on the way back to the facility.
He seems to be potty trained, he keeps his run at the facility clean and only does his business outside.  I do not know for sure if he is crate trained. He is stressed out at the facility, which is understandable and not uncommon, but he seems to do ok for the most part in his kennel. 
I think Barley would make a wonderful addition to any family; once you meet him you will fall in love!

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