My name is Eric!

Macaw for adoption in Elizabeth, Colorado - Eric
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The Gabriel Foundation

Facts about Eric

  • Breed: Macaw
  • Color: Unknown
  • Age: Senior
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 8187
Meet some of our celebrated newest flock members: Eric, Sugar, Roscoe and Pierre. Along with a wild-caught Umbrella cockatoo, 3 Cherry headed conures, one yellow collared macaw, 2 ancient Mealy Amazons and a Yellow nape and Double yellow head Amazon pair and a Senegal parrot, these birds came into our care from TN via NM. These birds were part of the flock of a now defunct parrot rescue/shelter, and are all that are left from the dissolution of the birds. No financial support or donation to offset their care was provided for any of these birds.
On Friday, a glorious sunny, warm and brilliant blue sky day, we wheeled out the current quarantine residents for fresh air and sunshine in addition to their by-weekly showers. You can see by their eyes that these four are feeling good and enjoying the vista from the safely of their dome top cages as they look across County Road 13 at the herd of Black Angus grazing leisurely. The warmth of the high altitude sunshine plus a breeze free day was a perfect bath day.
Eric, B&G - with the rope perch is the oldest of the flock, estimated to be between 60-80 years old. His only perch when he arrived was a sawed off ski pole.
Sugar, B&G - FDB around her neck is the youngest of this group at about 15 years old, FDB around her neck, and with the solid yellow perch in her cage, and she is indeed a sweetie.
Roscoe, B&G - FDB, naked and estimated to be between 30-40 years old, and pretty much due to his long history of poor diet, environment and care.
Pierre, B&G - with the two colorful upper perches in his cage.He is estimated to also be in his 30-40's. He has chronic balance issues due to some missing toes probably due to arthritis. He is Mr. Personality and enjoys his food more than most macaws.

Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: Gold
Weight: 0.965
Age: 63yrs 2mths 2wks

About The Gabriel Foundation

Our Adoption Process...

The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Adoption Information

We’re delighted you are interested in the birds and programs of The Gabriel Foundation. We have so many wonderful birds in our adoption program just waiting for their forever home! You’ve taken the first step toward adding a feathered friend to your family.

What is the adoption process?
We ask that all adopters begin the process by taking a tour of the Aviary in Elizabeth where the majority of our birds are housed. This will allow you to see a variety of species of birds, see enrichment and housing options and get an idea how the birds are fed and cared for on a daily basis. We will also ask that you fill out an Adoption Application. We use this valuable tool to help us find a bird that fits with your personality, lifestyle, experience and expectations. There is a required class called Beyond Bird Basics, which is available online and can be taken at your own pace.

What if I already have birds in my home?
Great! You have some idea what you are getting yourself into! Every bird that comes into The Gabriel Foundation is screened for viruses and general health.

What are the fees involved in adoption from The Gabriel Foundation?
There is a $75 ($25 for smaller birds) application fee. This fee covers a one year membership to The Gabriel Foundation (or one year extension if you are already a member – value $25), the Beyond Bird Basics class (value $15), and an educational DVD or book of your choice. Regardless of whether you choose to continue with the adoption process or not, these educational materials will be extremely helpful when you do bring a new bird into your home.

The adoption fees vary from bird to bird. The adoption fees range from $10 for the smaller species of parrots up to $650 for the larger Cockatoos and Macaws. Once you have chosen a specific bird (or birds) we can give you an exact fee. In general, you can expect to pay an adoption fee that is approximately 50% of what you would pay from a private party or retail operation.

How long does the adoption take to complete?
Generally, depending on how quickly you “connect” with a bird, you can expect the adoption process to take between 6-10 weeks for the bird to come to your home. There is a 90 day probationary adoption period initially during which time you will be asked to send regular reports to us on how the adjustment is going. At the end of the 90 days, assuming all is going well and you wish to make the bird a permanent member of your household, permanent adoption paperwork will be sent for you to complete.

It seems like The Gabriel Foundation makes the adoption process very difficult! Why is this?
The combined years of experience we all bring to The Gabriel Foundation ranging from veterinary medicine, aviculture, companion parrot care and parrot welfare has helped develop a protocol that sets the birds up for the best chance of success. It is not our intent to frustrate anyone or make it impossible to add a bird to your family. We take the responsibility for each bird in our care very seriously and we want them to be successful in their new home. We take time to make sure the new family has all the tools needed for long term success. We are invested in the lifetime of each bird that comes through The Gabriel Foundation and we appreciate that you are taking the time to commit to that same level of care.

A downloadable Adoption Application is available on our website