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Japanese Bobtail Cat for adoption in Liberty, North Carolina - Snow - NC
Photo 1 - Japanese Bobtail Cat for adoption in Liberty, North Carolina - Snow - NC
Photo 2 - Japanese Bobtail Cat for adoption in Liberty, North Carolina - Snow - NC
Photo 3 - Japanese Bobtail Cat for adoption in Liberty, North Carolina - Snow - NC
Photo 4 - Japanese Bobtail Cat for adoption in Liberty, North Carolina - Snow - NC
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Tailless Cat Rescue

Facts about Snow - NC

  • Breed: Japanese Bobtail
  • Color: White
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 9688315
  • Hair: Short
White Japanese Bobtail for adoption

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Snow is a beautiful white Japanese Bobtail or Japanese Bobtail mix with a short tail and lovely green eyes. She is about six years old. She is now living with me in Durham, NC.


I adopted Snow from a shelter in April of 2014. Information on her was scanty: she was about four years old; she had been found as a stray and had an ear infection when found. She had been spayed. At some point, her right ear was injured. I don’t have any further information, but I doubt that she was the usual kind of stray—that is, a cat who chose to leave home and got lost. I think she developed challenging behaviors in response to strange treatment/stress, perhaps from being crated most of the time, and maybe someone started to find her behaviors challenging and dumped her. I do not think that she went outside and wandered off because she wanted to—this cat has less than zero curiosity about the outdoors. She doesn’t want to be there.


She definitely has the Japanese Bobtail body and gait, though not the outgoing Bobtail temperament. She could be either a purebred or a Bobtail mix.


I am sharing with potential adopters the information that I did not have: Snow is a special-needs cat. She needs to be the only pet in a very quiet household. She does not like other animals, children, noise, sudden movement, or large spaces. She does not go out of my bedroom. She takes alprazolam daily now to take the edge off and tolerate my household, which has other cats, children, noise, etc. She has gradually learned to accept grooming and petting and to show affection, but her aversion to other animals has not changed. Being in a house with other animals stresses her terribly. She has responded by refusing to use the litter box consistently. No medical reason for this has been identified. She is good about using the litter box when alone in a closed room with a bare floor. I think her litter box failures are her way of saying clearly that she needs to be an only cat. Also, fair warning/full information: I have a bare floor in my bedroom now because once she has urinated on a rug, she will not stop, no matter what is used to clean it or how many times it is cleaned. This is a behavior that makes me think she spent a lot of her early life crated, probably with a blanket or piece of carpet under her.


I must move because of my job. I will be joining my relatives in their home at the beginning of May 2016. They have dogs, and their household is small and has a high activity and noise level. There is no spare room where I can isolate Snow from everything she doesn’t like. Taking Snow there with me is not in anyone’s best interest. I want to find her a forever home that suits her: a quiet place with a gentle and patient person who is willing and able to handle her special needs and has no other pets. I believe that she would adjust very well to apartment life. I do not want someone who hopes to get her to accept another pet or a busy household, as this won’t work out well for anyone. It has been not-working-out for us for

With her requirements met, Snow should be an easy keeper. She is not an active cat and doesn’t want much space or exercise. She will not yowl to go outside. She doesn’t need a lot of stimulation. She doesn’t dart around people’s feet and trip them. She has a soft, sweet voice. She does not scratch furniture. She takes her pills decently. She is content with store-brand dry food. She developed an attachment to me despite whatever bad  treatment she experienced before we met. If her new person is gentle and willing/able to meet her needs, she will love that human dearly. I want a happily-ever-after for Snow.


Adoption fee is $50.00.


Contact Laura at for more information or to adopt Snow


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