My name is Springles (Springsteen)!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog for adoption in Lomita, California - Springles (Springsteen)
Photo 1 - Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog for adoption in Lomita, California - Springles (Springsteen)
Photo 2 - Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog for adoption in Lomita, California - Springles (Springsteen)
Photo 4 - Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog for adoption in Lomita, California - Springles (Springsteen)
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I'm being cared for by:
St. Anthony's Canine Rescue & Corgi Matchmaker

Facts about Springles (Springsteen)

  • Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn - With White
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Male
We get so many inquiries on Springlesbut people don't seem to take the time to read the bio. Please do that as we are looking for a specific type of home for him. He does have special behavioral considerations. Serious inquiries only. Springsteen will only be adopted in central and southern CA. Springsles is a special needs dog with a bite history. Read his bio thoroughly and if you are a dog trainer or animal behaviorist, that would be ideal. Springsteen is a 5 year old sable and white purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi neutered male. He is crate and housetrained and very affectionate with his foster mom. He might do well with a small very mellow dog but is really best as the only pet in an adult, low traffic home. He needs a yard and would not be suitable for an apt. He knows some basic commands but would definitely be a candidate for an in home dog trainer that also has behavioral training background. He gets reactive in new situations so that is why we want a low key environment for him where he doesn't get stressed out. He weighs about 32 lbs. and came into rescue from one of the LA County Animal Shelters. He is available for adoption in southern CA only. He will need a very corgi/herding dog savvy mature adopter and does better with a female adopter. Adoption process: completion of a pre adopt ap, homeck, contract, trial period, followup visit and donation of $325

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We can also show dogs by private appointment if a pre adoption application is completed and it appears to be a good match.

St. Anthony's Canine Rescue has been in existence for 24(1/20/88) and has specialized in small to medium dog rescue/adoptive placement. Welsh Corgi purebreds (Pembrokes and Cardigans) plus Corgi mixes have been our first priority. We feature other rescue colleagues with other types of dogs as well for adoption We network with other independent rescuers and organizations to facilitate home checks, dog transport and dog placement. Our adoption process is: home check, two week trial period, contract and adoption donation of $100 and $350. Average is $125-$225 mix breed and $100 to $350 purebred. Our dogs are spayed/neutered, current on shots, microchipped and placed for compatibility in adoptive homes for a life time commitment and as housepets only. We have lifetime return of any adopted dog for any reason. We are limited to the volume of dogs we can handle at any given time due to foster home limitations. We do not operate a kennel. We are willing to work with owned dogs if the owners/rescuers who can continue to house the dogs until a suitable adoptive home is found. We do not operate a kennel and our foster homes are most often full. We need foster homes and you can go to and complete a foster home application on line.

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2015 I have assisted with owner surrender dogs and some shelter dogs that I bailed out and they came into my rescue. However, my intake of dogs is definitely greatly reduced and I post dogs that are at shelters for direct adoption at the shelters and do courtesy posts for others needing to rehome their dog.
will continue to keep my websites active as I still have 5 dogs to
place plus I am converting my rescue format. I started posting corgis
for direct adoption at shelters and have gotten some good results. I
will now call myself the "corgi matchmaker". Since I have been doing
my thing for a quarter of a century, my rescue is known for corgis,
both pure and mix. I will match applicants to dogs at shelters. I
also will continue to do courtesy posts for a couple of other
independent rescuers. Last but not least, I will continue to work
with owned corgis for rehoming as long as their owners can continue to
keep them until a good home is found. I did this with two senior
Pembroke females last year that had special needs and found good homes
for them. On the latter, I will use my
placement format with hmcks, donation, etc.

I am not leaving rescue, I'm just lightening my load. I'm no longer a
spring chicken and feel it is not wise to overload myself with the
responsibility of fostering dogs
and all that involves, for them and me.

I will still hold two corgi potluck picnics annually, the next one
after 5/25 will be in October for our annual Halloween picnic with
Halloween costume contest and talent contest.

Corgially Yours,

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Are all adult members in the family open to adopting a dog. We find that often
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find out one of the parties doesn't want a dog so we need all adult family members
to be gung ho on adopting a dog.

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Type of Dog Wanted:Breed Type: Purebred or Mixbreed

Age Range: Sex: Color

YOUR ENVIRONMENT: House Apt. Condo Mobile

Fenced Yard: Yes No
Type of Fencing: Brick Wood Chainlink Wrought Iron
Height of Fencing: Highest and lowest in feet

Is your yard totally fenced: no open or ungated areas Yes No
Is your yard attached to the house with an opening directly
the house to the yard Yes No

Type of gates and how many: # of gates: Hgt of gates:
Gates: Chainlink Wood Wrought Iron

Do you have a gardener: Do you have a pool service
and if you have a pool is it fenced in or is it open

Do you have utility meters in your backyard:
If so, does a utility person need to enter the yard
to read the meters?

If you rent do you have your landlord’s permission to have a dog?
Yes No
Have you been required to make a pet deposit in order
to have a pet?

Is there a pet size limit: If so, what is it:

Name and phone # of landlord or rental manager:

Please list other pets: (type/sex/age) Dogs
Cats: Others:

Have you owned other dogs: If you do not still have these
animals, please explain?

Answer the following question with the answer(s) that best suits your thoughts:

It is okay for a dog to be off leash in an unfenced area:

1) When properly trained thru obedience

2) on trail, hiking paths, campgrounds or the beach

3) in my front yard if I'm doing something out there and watching him/her

4. Never, too many unpredictable things can happen

How many hours during the work week would you dog be alone?


Have you had to put a pet to sleep:
If so, what source did you use:
Vet Animal Shelter
If you had your pet put to sleep did you opt for the following:
Let the vet dispose of the remains
Have the pet cremated and retain the ashes
Bury the pet in a pet cemetery

Have any of your present or previous pets been adopted from
animal shelters rescue organizations
If so, how many:

Did you ever acquire a pet through an owner giveup ad in a
local newspaper:
a neighbor friend co-worker

Do your or any family members have allergies?

How often do you walk your dog(s)

How ow often do you scoop the poop in your yard
1X a Day Every other Day Other (Specify)

Do you have a low stress level. Rescued dogs take time to adjust
and some have special needs. It takes patience and can add stress.
Ask yourself if you are up to the challenge.

Name and phone # or address of vet:

Are you a member of any dog club.

Would you be willing to obedience train your dog: If you are applying to adopt a Corgi, it is
necessary for you to be willing to start a basic obedience class after the adoption is
finalized after the two week trial period.

Have you trained a dog before:

Will your dog be a house pet or an outside dog

If both, explain where the dog would sleep at night

Are your animals spayed/neutered Yes No

If not, please explain why:

Do you keep collars and ID tags on your pets at all times:
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When you go on vacation what arrangement would you use for care
of your pet(s): Boarding kennel
Keep with family member or neighbor
Petsitting Service Take pet with you

What sparked your interest in adopting the dog you expressed interest in.

If you are applying to adopt a Corgi, please list your familarity or background
with the breed, be it purebred or corgi mix.

Thank you.