My name is Hula!

Pit Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Frankfort, Illinois - Hula
Photo 1 - Pit Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Frankfort, Illinois - Hula
Photo 2 - Pit Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Frankfort, Illinois - Hula
Photo 3 - Pit Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Frankfort, Illinois - Hula
Photo 4 - Pit Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Frankfort, Illinois - Hula
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I'm being cared for by:
Lulu's Locker Rescue

Facts about Hula

  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier Mix
  • Color: Black - With White
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Female
HISTORY: Hula was a stray that found herself at animal control. Although we will never know for sure, her foster home has a strong hunch as to what her life was like before. When Hula turned up at animal control it was clear she had just had a litter, and that it was not her first. Once she was in her foster home it was clear she had never been in a home. She drank out of the toilet, took everything off the counters, and had to touch everything. She would pull things off a counter just to see what they were, and she would eat/swallow whole anything that was food, or food like. (She may have eaten a piece of cheese with the plastic on it her first night.) She strolled into her first vet visit as happy as can be. Wagging, super happy. Then they went to take her temperature and based on her amount of excitement to be at the vet, and shock at the was then clear she had likely never been to a vet either. The first part of Hula’s life was very likely as a cash cow for a backyard breeder. Thankfully she does not appear to have been kept outside. We guess she was kept in a kennel in the garage/basement or similar. Multiple animal professionals said they thought she had some bull terrier in her.

AGE: ~3 years Estimated DOB: 2013

ABOUT: Hula may have been a bit challenging at first. She was seeing the world for the first time and she liked it! And she liked to touch it...all of it. She wasn’t a bad dog, she just had no idea what the rules were. Hell, she had no idea that there were even rules! Hula has turned into a great dog, I will no proceed to tell you why:

Hula loves people. All the people. Every one of them. The big ones, the little ones. She gets a burst of enthusiasm whenever anyone new comes over. With that said she does sound mighty fierce when someone rings the doorbell or knocks, and will bark at men when they come in...and then proceed to run to them for petting, while still barking. She loves everyone, except everyone doesn’t know that, and this is a skill that makes her foster mom feel very safe! She doesn’t live with any kids, but she’s met lots of them. She met her 2-legged foster cousin and she LOVED him. Followed him around, laid right next to him when he played with his toys, and even tried to take a nap with him. She does get a little excited when treats came out and she did knock him over with an overzealous “sit,” but he lives with two dogs so he just got up and kept toddling. We’ll let you decide if Hula is a good match for any kids in your life.

You cannot annoy her. You can touch her anywhere, feet, ears, tail, paws, you name it. Nothing is off limits. If you touch her anywhere she is likely going to lay down and roll over so you can rub her belly, so consider yourself warned. She loves to play tug, and gets a pretty enthusiastic play growl going, but it is all in fun. If you dare stop she will bring it over and wave it in front of you to grab.

She’s pretty calm. Her foster mom is home during the day, and Hula sleeps most of the day as long as nothing exciting is happening. She doesn’t need to be taken for long daily walks, or run for miles to wear her out. A once or twice daily game of tug of war, (including throwing it down the hallway for her to run and get) is really all she needs to be happy. She would gladly accept more, but she isn’t going to make you tear your hair out if she doesn’t get an hour long jog. She does not need to be crated at night, and is fine in the house while you do yard work etc.

She’s a great helper. Hula helps with everything. She helps load the dishwasher, she helps you put your shoes on, she helps you pick vegetables in the garden. If you don’t like being helped, Hula might not be the dog for you.

She has a relatively strong prey drive so for sure no small animals or cats. Small dogs would need to be tested.

Her strength and weakness is food. She will do anything for food. She is very smart and probably would excel at learning fun tricks if that’s something you enjoy. She loves radishes. So much so that she decided to help herself to 6 of them in the garden, greens and all, the morning they were to be picked. We have found nothing that she will not eat, and she is great at catching things you throw at her. It’s also her weakness. Every once in awhile she’ll find something too tempting to pass up. Like a cantaloupe on the edge of the counter, or a tube of chapstick. Its rare enough not to be a problem, but common enough not to be ignored.
Overall she is very quiet, and only barks when she has a reason to. When you tell her it’s time to go to her “apartment” she runs right down and flings herself in her kennel. She always gets a treat when she goes in and that makes it worth it. She is very quiet in her cage, but will bark for a minute or two every once in awhile.

Hula was great with other dogs at animal control and was a frequent member of play group and is great with her foster brother. They play all the time, and she often insists on laying right next to him. We have noticed that she is a little awkward meeting new dogs, so she will do best with slow introductions.

The worst thing we can think to say about Hula is that because (we guess) that she lived inside a kennel for all of her life, she does get a little overstimulated in new situations. (Which explains why she had to touch every item in the house when she first arrived.) Sometimes she barks, especially if there are other dogs around. Other times (like if you visit a new house) she just gets a little “busy” and “naughty” just like when people get overstimulated and can’t focus or remember what they were supposed to do.

She is a little bit silly, so a sense of humor is required. She is impossible to stay mad at, and will love you beyond reason.

You can follow her silly ways at:

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