My name is Dudley!

Mastiff Puppy for adoption in Missouri City, Texas - Dudley
Photo 1 - Mastiff Puppy for adoption in Missouri City, Texas - Dudley
Photo 2 - Mastiff Puppy for adoption in Missouri City, Texas - Dudley
Photo 3 - Mastiff Puppy for adoption in Missouri City, Texas - Dudley
Photo 4 - Mastiff Puppy for adoption in Missouri City, Texas - Dudley
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I'm being cared for by:
Jurassic Bark Rescue

Facts about Dudley

  • Breed: Mastiff
  • Color: Brown/Chocolate
  • Age: Puppy
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
Here is Dudley's story.. Dudley has been to 4 specialist and it is agreed that his Growth plates should be closed BEFORE we do surgery... surgery is estimated to cost 9,000.00 on both legs and FUSE the wrists

I Am Dudley
In the darkest hours of a freezing night, temperature dipping into the low 30's, the dark side of humanity reared its ugly head. The cruelty of these humans was what caused them to do their dirty work in the dark of night. Their shamelessness of dropping a box off at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter was just part of their heartless acts. They stuffed an extremely large dog into the box and tied it to the fence and left him for dead.
At first glance , Dudley is not perfect and certainly isn't beautiful by normal standards but that is no reason to sentence him to certain death. Dudley was abandoned because he is not "cosmetically" perfect, not beautiful, he walks funny and probably didn't look like the other kids in the litter.
Dudley is different.....I am Dudley....
We can only speculate what his life was like before he was thrown away like trash. You see, Dudley was found with a collar so tight he had trouble breathing and the staff who found him immediately cut the collar off, so he could breath. The tight collar was just the beginning of the issues with Dudley. He was severely malnourished, as well as all of his limbs are deformed and have begun to curl due to a very painful bone disease. The extreme pain of his condition has made it very difficult for this sweet boy to walk. If that isn't enough, he is suffering from painful demodex mange, causing his raw skin to peel and crack, making every movement painful for him. We could hope that those are all of the severe issues this boy is facing, but he was dealt a heavy hand. He has bronchial pneumonia, a floating rib, a laundry list of infections, heartworms and orthopedic challenges.
I am Dudley.........
When did we become a nation that destroys those among us who are different? Do we just destroy those who do not fit in the "pretty" mold? Are we so obsessed with beauty that we would eliminate those who are considered not to be aesthetically pleasing? Jurassic Bark Rescue is a small 501c3 dog rescue who believes that every life is worth saving. We will never waiver on our belief that kindness and compassion sees no deformities, we see the beauty of each and every dog that comes in our rescue.
When Jurassic Bark rescue saw the photos of Dudley, we knew at that moment he would be brought into our rescue, as we saw his beauty and his life matters. You see, Dudley is smart, funny and extremely loving and he deserves, above all else to be healthy and loved.
There are far more Dudley's in the world, than the illusion created by humanity that relishes on picture perfect beauty. I am one of them and we have to look out for each other.
We are going to need financial help to get Dudley healthy and ready for adoption. Aren't we all Dudleys in one way, shape or form? By donating to Dudley's healthcare, we can show him how beautiful he really is and that he matters. Let's send a message to all, that different is perfect.
I am Dudley!!!

Dudley has many medical issues that need to be addressed before we can get him adopted out.. Dudley suffers from Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) is a bone disease that usually affects young, rapidly growing, large breed dogs.The disease produces severe lameness and pain and usually affects multiple limbs.It causes leg deformity and sever pain, he also had mange, Bronchial pneumonia, a floating rib and a laundry list of secondary infections. We are attempting to get the major infections and his PAIN under control.. once that is done we will see if he is candidate for surgery to fix his legs.
Jurassic Bark Rescue is a small 501 c3 Non Profit Giant Breed Dog rescue... and we need your support.
Jurassic Bark Rescue is a 501c3 Charity and your donations are Tax deductible !!

I am Dudley.. chances are YOU are Dudley... we are NOT perfect, NOT a Celebrity but we love and need l to be loved ! I am Dudley and as imperfect as I can be, I have a family that loves me.. please help us find that family for Dudley, please help us get him HEALTHY and PAIN FREE !!!

*****If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 832-243-6090

PLEASE visit the I AM Dudley Facebook page and follow his amazing story!

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Jurassic Bark is a family of volunteers dedicated to the protection of all animals.

Our companions have always been Giant breed dogs. Recently we have been a foster home for several other rescue organizations but we felt like there was more we could do.

With shelter space at a premium and more and more people surrendering their pets because of the economy, the homeless rate for animals had exploded. It is our feeling that if we can get the largest dogs out of the shelter system, this will at the very least - provide more room for the countless other animals coming in daily.

We are in our infancy and are looking for foster families that can accept giant and large breed dogs to nurture and love.

As animal lovers and responsible pet owners it's up to us to come up with new and innovative solutions to our homeless pet problem. We helped create it, we need to help fix it.

A growing number of individuals are forming networks of no-kill rescues in an effort to ensure our pets are not discarded.

Volunteer foster based groups dedicated to finding permenant loving homes for the countless, nameless animals who, through no fault of their own wind up in shelters or on the street.

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We are a volunteer foster rescue, our adoptable dogs are in foster homes waiting for their forever home. Therefor, we screen our adoption applicants carefully. We do require an adoption application be filled out and an adoption pledge to be signed. We require a meet/greet as well as a weekend sleepover where you can "test drive" your new friend, make sure he /she is exactly what you and your family want. We want an adoption to be right for everyone !
We do not sell our dogs, instead we ask for a reasonable donation so we can continue our rescue work. The economy is tough and we believe that those that have more should do more and those that don't have quite as much should do what they can.. every one can do something .!! And after all LOVE is free !! We are looking for our dogs to be loved and spoiled .