My name is Bambi, Mackenzie and Perdita!

Rat for adoption in Belton, Texas - Bambi, Mackenzie and Perdita
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I'm being cared for by:
Pawsome Exotic Small Mammal Sanctuary and Rescue

Facts about Bambi, Mackenzie and Perdita

  • Species: Rat
  • Color: Brown Or Chocolate
  • Age: Young
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Short
Mackenzie, Bambi, and Perdita were part of the large litter that was surrended to us on 8/21/2015. Their mother was fed off not long after giving birth to them. We took in the litter and handraised them from four days old. Today, they are all happy and healthy and ready to find their new homes.

Mackenzie is extremely calm and laid back. She likes to cuddle more than explore. Bambi is hyper active, but has her moments where all she wants to do is sleep in your shirt. Perdita is a good mix of her two sisters. They get along well, Bambi and Perdita are the closest. If you're interested in Mackenize, Bambi and Perdita, please fill out our adoption application here:

Their adoption fee is $20. For more information, email us at


About Pawsome Exotic Small Mammal Sanctuary and Rescue

About Our Rescue Group...

Pawsome is an in-home rescue and sanctuary for small exotic mammals such as rats, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedgehogs, gerbils, sugar gliders and more. Originally founded in 2012, we focus mainly on animals that are deemed "not adoptable" due to issues such as aggression, genetically damaged, old, or sick. If an animal cannot be adopted out due to medical condition(s), age, or veterinarian/animal behavior specialist discretion, they will spend the rest of their days as a permanent sanctuary residence.

We are promoters of proper and holistic pet nutrition and care. We work closely with many veterinarians to insure our residents are getting the best care possible. All of our animals are fed fresh mostly organic meals daily and our carnivores are fed a strictly raw meat diet. We pride ourselves with our custom to the animal diets prepared in our kitchen with ingredients sourced locally or grown organically in the USA.

To raise funds for veterinary care and other rescue expenses, we sew custom cage accessories and travel/bonding pouches for almost any size animal. We've had many different customers ranging from the smallest mice to a beautiful young kangaroo joey! Our hammock business is Nekko's Critter Cozies and you can find it on our website or linked below.

Contact us
(254) 247-8231

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Adoption Application:

Nicole Scially - Founder and Co Director

Christine Mazzullo - Co Director

Come Meet Our Pets...

Please email us to schedule an appointment. We do not have a rescue facility. All our animals are in personal homes, so we do not have set business hours.
We do have bonding sessions with our animals to ensure they are a good fit with you and your family. We also will help you introduce animals to resident pets when adopting rats, mice, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.

We hold adoption events at our local feed store in Belton and at some locations in Austin. We have events almost monthly and you can find all the information including times, dates, and animals that will be with us on our Facebook page:

Our Adoption Process...

To be considered for adoption you need to:

-Be at least 18 years old
-Pass home inspection
-Have basic knowledge on the type of pet you’re interested in adopting.
-Understand Pawsome reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any animal.
-Pawsome has a life time return policy. If, for whatever reason, you no longer want the pet you adopted from us you must return them to us.
-Have a vet prior to adopting an animal and if not we have a list of approved vets for you.
-Provide your vet information for our records
-Your vet is required to notify us if you: miss appointments, refuse vaccines or treatment, if the animal looks mistreated, or if they haven’t seen the animal in a year.
-Pawsome has reserves the right to repossess the animal if we feel the animal is not being treated correctly or to our requirements.
Potential applicant searches our adoptable animals and fills out an adoption application listed online. A Pawsome representative then reviews applications and emails you back within 48 hours. Additional information may be requested through their email.

Adoption Process:

​After the home visit is completed and approved, payment and signature of adoption contract are completed. Our adoption fee ranges from species and whether they are spayed/neutered. *Adoption fees are non-negotiable*. Once payment and adoption contract are received and completed, you can take home your new pet(s)!

We do not rush adoptions. This is for the benefit of the animal(s) and the potential adopters. Depending on your situation, the animal(s), and our availability an adoption process can take a few days to over a week. Our rescue is CLOSED to the public to prevent any illness from being brought in. If you wish to meet the animal(s) before adoption, we can arrange a Meetup. This can happen in your home during a home check, at an adoption event, at a foster's home, or another location.

Adoption Fees:

We adopt out all our rats in pairs, unless there are resident rats they will be added to or they are listed as a lone rat. Our rat adoption fee is $10 for a single rat or $15 for a pair. The adoption fee for a spayed/neutered rat is $50 each.

We adopt out all our hamsters as single pets, not matter the species, as they are strictly solitary creatures. Our hamster adoption fee is $10 each.

We adopt out all our degus in pairs, unless there are resident degus they will be added to. Our degu adoption fee is $20 for a single degu or $25 for a pair.

We adopt out all our guinea pigs in pairs, unless there are resident guinea pig they will be added to or they are not bonded to anyone. All our adoptable rabbits will be spayed and neutered. Our guinea pig adoption fee is $50 for a single guinea pig or $80 for a pair.

We adopt out all our rabbits in pairs, unless there are resident rabbits they will be added to or they are not bonded to anyone. All our adoptable rabbits will be spayed and neutered. Our rabbit adoption fee is $50 for a single rabbit or $80 for a pair.

We adopt out all our ferrets in pairs, unless there are resident ferrets they will be added to. We will not separate ferrets that are bonded. All ferrets will be spayed and neutered. Our ferret adoption fee is $100 for a single or a pair.