My name is Peanut!

Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Columbus, Ohio - Peanut
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Columbus Pet Rescue

Facts about Peanut

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Color: Gray Or Blue (Mostly)
  • Age: Senior
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Short
Courtesy Post: If interested please contact Mark at 614-863-0669;

Peanut is a 17-year-old DSH. We acquired her in 2011 from a friend who was relocating from a rural area and needed homes for several indoor cats she could not keep with her. Peanut is somewhat dominating and overbearing to other cats; she was accepted as such in her previous home as she was the eldest among the indoor cats and had grown up in that household, but as the newcomer to our home she was in constant conflict with our other cats. We relocated her to my mother-in-law, who lived nearby and had no other pets at the time. (Her previous pet had passed a few weeks prior.) Peanut and my mother-in-law got along very well.

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law passed almost two weeks ago. We brought Peanut back to our home and secluded her in a bedroom while we tried to find a new home for her. We went to Michigan for the funeral over the weekend, and while my sister took care of our regular cats, we boarded Peanut with our vet, in part because we had noticed concerning symptoms we wanted checked out.

When we got exam results from the vet, she told us that Peanut had advanced diabetes. Finding a new home for Peanut was already difficult, but this made the possibility for finding someone to take her almost zero.

Peanut is still in good spirits and does not seem to be suffering (aside from being relocated and having lost her person), so we do not want to euthanize her if we have any other options. We simply cannot continue to keep her in our home, as the stress produces excessive undesirable behaviors from both Peanut and our existing brood of cats.

Because of the advanced stage of the disease, our vet believes that drugs and/or insulin would not significantly improve her prognosis or extend her life. At best it would improve her bladder control, but the cost of insulin is more than we can afford at this time. (Peanut is not the first diabetic cat we have cared for. We had a cat who passed from diabetes about seven years ago, and with treatment we were able to keep her around for almost three years after the initial diagnosis. But her insulin alone ended up costing more than $100/month, and we cannot currently spare that amount.) Peanut's only current treatment is prescription food (Science Diet m/d).

Comparatively, Peanut's minor medical issues are really minor. She suffered an injury to her left eye when she was young, and has little or no vision in that eye; this does not seem to impair her usual activities. Her claws grow rapidly and she does not do a good job of stripping the old sheaths, so they need frequent clipping to prevent them from growing into her paw pads. We have also recently noticed symptoms that suggest she may be losing some hearing, but we have not done any real testing of this yet.

We do understand that all of this makes Peanut a very difficult cat to place. Several of our friends are reaching out to try to find her a home, but so far there have been no takers. Her diabetes makes her undesirable for many homes, and her need to be a solo cat rules out many who otherwise would be willing to take her in. We strongly feel that euthanizing her before her quality of life declines is wrong, but we are running out of other options. Even secluded, her presence is causing the general stress level among our other cats to rise (they still remember her from when she was here the first time), and misbehaviors are increasing.

Peanut is a reasonably friendly cat; she gets very attached to a single person and takes time to accept another as a friend, but once she accepts a person she is quite affectionate and loving. She will generally do much better as a solo cat, and as such can be an excellent companion for an older person.

If interested please contact Mark at 614-863-0669;

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