My name is Sam - The Survivor!

Maine Coon Cat for adoption in Raleigh, North Carolina - Sam - The Survivor
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For Adoption by private owner (Raleigh, NC)

Facts about Sam - The Survivor

  • Breed: Maine Coon
  • Color: Tiger Striped
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Medium
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Important Note

Sam - The Survivor is best friends with Roxey - The Sweetie Pie. Please adopt both of them so they can stay together!

Sam is a sweet and easygoing Maine Coon cat. He loves being inside and enjoys going out to explore with his sister Roxey. Roxey and Sam are a bonded pair who have been abandoned by their previous owner. Luckily, their amazing neighbor has been caring for them. They are in search of a new family who will love and take great care of them. asked their caretaker to answer some questions. Below you will find a lovely description of Sam in his caretakers own words. They took a lot of care and time to create a perfect description for his new family.

Yes both cats have been fixed :)

Yes both have had shots in the past but are not current

Yes both are used to being inside pets-who do not use a litter box. They were trained to go outside to potty and play.

Good with Cats:
Yes but depends on the other cats, Right now both are skittish to other animals right now. Before their owner left town they liked to play chase with my kitty on occasion.

Good with Dogs:
Both tolerate small dogs but not big ones, unless they are very mellow.

Good with Kids:
Some--they are cats and tend to do cats things--like shy away from all people when they are first introduced to their environment. My previous neighbor had lots of people over the years come to visit. As far as I know the cats were not aggressive towards any humans

Activity level:
Both still have normal levels, except they have both lost weight. So they are not at the same activity of playing chase with my kitty when she is outside with them

Sam was 1 of 3 in a litter that showed up at our houses together. Their mother was killed and we took to feeding them. Back then my neighbor had a friend who was part of a local rescue group and got the coupons to have a local vet fix all of them and give them their shots. Sadly the other 2 ended up dying within a few months--and Sam was all we had left. He remained outside that first year until winter time, when there was snow or icy frigid weather and the next thing I knew my neighbor invited him in. And the rest is history. He would go out in the morning and in at night, unless there was bad weather--and he wanted to stay in.

A couple of times they have disappeared for an overnight out but not much until they were traumatized into being homeless. Unfortunately I have missed seeing Sam once or twice for 1-2 days and then Roxey disappeared for about a week--I almost went crazy being worried about her....then finally she showed back up.

Adjectives to describe him:
Sam is a main coon and even though he is male....he loves to fan that tail !! I love both of their voices.

Best qualities:
They are easy. Older, not getting into stuff. She had knick knacks all over the house and I can't remember the cats ever breaking anything. They do get along really good together, except now since Roxey is underweight, she is skittish of Sam at times although I can tell he is still looking out for her so nothing happens to her. If you leave them outside when you leave home, they will be there when you get home--probably ready to come in and eat.....Neighbor did feed them wet food in separate bowls--and water. but had dry food in 1 bowl. If really hungry they would eat some of the dog food :( They are usually really good about sharing food--they are not like the 2 other strays that are mean that have come to my outside recently to eat all the food that they can. Usually whoever starts eating first will only eat 1/2 of the food so the other one can have the other 1/2.

Favorite activities:
Sleeping, eating, laying on the railing of the deck and sleeping.

Cute/funny quirks?
The usual cat stuff--disappearing when you want them. In your face when you'd rather they not be. Laying in flower beds and pots outside. Looking for all birds outside to chase--At one time neighbor had bird inside in cage--and Roxey liked to walk around his cage and talk to him....but never tried to hurt the bird.

Special toys/treats:
Yes--normal kitty stuff. They do not really care for the "cheap" food that is not good for them. dry food--they like friskies-grillers. and temptations cat treats. and at feeding time split a friskies 5.5 can of food between them.

Sam is the vocal one and purrs really loud when you pet him, he's slobbered sometimes as well when petted.

What do you think the ideal home for these cats would be?
Someone newly retired or stay at home that can feed them a little extra at first to get some of their weight back on them. And can bond with them and let them know they are loved and going to get fed, and be let outside to go potty. And if Roxey uses the bathtub for potty not get upset with her.

Medical/behavioral needs:
They both need shots to be current, some extra food. Some reassurance they are in a safe place. Flea treatment. Sam's fur needs to be brushed.

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