My name is Skylar & Skeeter!

African Grey for adoption in St. Louis, Missouri - Skylar & Skeeter
Photo 1 - African Grey for adoption in St. Louis, Missouri - Skylar & Skeeter
Photo 2 - African Grey for adoption in St. Louis, Missouri - Skylar & Skeeter
Photo 3 - African Grey for adoption in St. Louis, Missouri - Skylar & Skeeter
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I'm being cared for by:
St. Louis Avian Rescue (STAR)

Facts about Skylar & Skeeter

  • Breed: African Grey
  • Color: Unknown
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
Skylar and Skeeter are beautiful, social Congo African Greys. They have lived just about all of their lives together. At first, they lived in separate cages that were side by side. For the last 5 years, they have lived in a cage together. They do not seem to be interested in breeding, although Skylar has layed an egg before. Their owner had serious health issues and was very sad to have to surrender them.

Skylar is quite the talker. Some of her phrases: Momma gotta take a nap, momma gotta go potty, momma gotta go to work, Be right back, Skylar's a bubble butt, bird brain, carrot, Harriet and the list goes on and on. She is hesitant to step up from inside her cage but will step up from outside of her cage or from her carrier. She goes into a carrier well if needed. She bends her head down like she wants to be scritched but doesn't seem to really want to be touched. She enjoys hanging out with Skeeter or on my shoulder or the top of the cage.

Skeeter talks a bit but not nearly as much as Skylar. He is a good eater and will eat just about anything he's offered. Birdy Bread is one of his favorites. He steps up well and also goes into a carrier nicely He likes hanging out with Skylar or with me. Neither bird is comfortable being touched much, at least not so far.

Both birds like to hang out on my shoulder or like to go in and out of their cage. They will go to most people that are confident around birds of this size. They are very well socialized. Skeeter is the most outgoing. Skylar is a bit more reserved and needs a little time to trust new people.

Skylar and Skeeter share a large cage together (30" x 40" x 72"). Both are in full feather although Skeeter has a history of some plucking when he was caged separately from Skylar or when stressed. He pulled several tail feathers the first week after he was surrendered but has been fine since then. They will need to be adopted together as they are quite bonded to each other (like siblings) . They are very entertaining and social and seeking a forever home. Could it be yours? If you have large bird experience and are interested in adopting, click on the Adopting link to complete an application.

Hatch Date: Approx 1994
Skylar is Female
Skeeter is believed to be a Male
Adoption Fee: $1200 for both (cage not included)


About St. Louis Avian Rescue (STAR)

About Our Rescue Group...

While the public has become more familiar with puppy mills and the issue of dog and cat overpopulation, most people are not aware of the plight of homeless companion birds. These animals are victims of over-breeding just as other pet species are, and despite the illegality, many are still wild-caught. In addition to the problems faced by homeless pets of all kinds, birds have the added "burden" of longevity. Parrot species can live thirty, fifty, even eighty years. This increases the likelihood that a bird will have multiple homes in his or her lifetime.

STAR is a 501(c)(3) charity formed to address the issue of homeless birds in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our volunteers foster a variety of bird species, with the eventual goal of placement in forever homes. We also strive to educate and instruct the public in not only the care of companion birds, but in the appreciation of wild birds as well. We have volunteers who can speak to children and adults on a range of topics.

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One important factor to take into consideration is if you smoke. All animals are negatively affected by tobacco smoke, but birds in particular are susceptible to its effects. In addition to breathing and overall health problems, many birds will obsessively preen in an attempt to rid themselves of the smoke, and the result can be severe feather plucking. If you or another household member smoke, we will not approve the application, and we recommend you not adopt any animal.