My name is Hope!

Siamese Cat for adoption in Mackinaw, Illinois - Hope
Photo 1 - Siamese Cat for adoption in Mackinaw, Illinois - Hope
Photo 2 - Siamese Cat for adoption in Mackinaw, Illinois - Hope
Photo 3 - Siamese Cat for adoption in Mackinaw, Illinois - Hope
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I'm being cared for by:
TLC Fosters

Facts about Hope

  • Breed: Siamese
  • Color: White
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: ps_14848960
  • Hair: Short


Hi! I am Hope and do I have a tale to tell you, sit back and relax.

Let me tell you a little about myself, I am quite young and beautiful. They say I am a Siamese mix with lots of beautiful colors in my coat and amazing blue eyes. My rescuers named me Hope and no one is changing my name.

I was dropped off in the country by some people who forgot to spay me and were aghast that I was with kittens. I simply do not understand how my “former owner” could let this happen to me. (rolls eyes)

However, I decided to make the best of my situation and I found a great barn and nice family to have my kittens on April 19th.  There are 4 super cute kittens if I do say some so myself. I have done my best to keep my brood safe in the barn but it was not all that easy. The owner kept me fed and watered and gave me shelter for me and my babies but wanted me and the babes to go to a rescue, who know what that is. I also loved the couple that helped me and thought we would be together forever since I followed the man all around the barn and talked to him but they had other ideas.

If the couple that owned the barn tried to gather me up to take me to the rescue, I quickly moved my babies to another safe and hidden area in the big old barn. At one point my white and yellow kitten got lost in all the moves but I finally found him after a day. Gesh, all this butting into my kittens business was wearing me out.

Saturday during a huge fundraiser, the Furenzy, I was taken to TLC Fosters. They quickly tucked me and the babies into a nice room with a heated floor to keep us cozy and warm. My babies and I are safe now and I have been promised by TLC Fosters that this will be my only litter of kittens.  I heard the nice foster mom say that we would be seeing Dr Stacie at Pekin Animal Hospital on Thursday just to get us all checked out. We have already been wormed with some gacky medicine, ewww and checked for fleas, as if I would let one flea land on one hair of my precious babies.

Stay tuned for updates from me, Hope on our adventures in this rescue, TLC Fosters.

Remember to spay and neuter and tell them Hope sent you ?


Guess who? It’s Hope. I am back to update you on our vet visit. We have news of names and sexes of my gorgeous babies too. I mean I knew what sexes my sweet babies were but these goofy humans had no idea until the vet visit.

My handsome sons are Renegade (orange and white) Fortuitous (tabby)

My beautiful girls name are Felicity (white tabby) Auspicious (tabby) 

From being outside Dr Stacie found 2 ticks that I was not able to get off the kittens as much as I tried.

Let me tell you people it is dangerous outside. Super glad to have a nice clean inside place for me and my babies. Dr Stacie took care of the ticks and no harm done. Medical for me and my babies is so helpful to getting us in the right path to better health.

My babies will be available in about 3 weeks old so get your applications in now. These little dolls will not last long. I will also be available about the same time to finally get my own forever home and no more unwanted litters for me. My sweet vet, Dr Stacie at Pekin Animal Hospital knew this was not my first unwanted litter. L Hope hangs head in shame.  

Remember to spay and neuter and tell them Hope sent you


Hope, back for my weekly update on me and my gorgeous family.


Renegade checking in with you.

 Me and my brother and sisters went on an adventure today. You will not believe this, our foster parents took us in the car without Mom. First time away from Mom (Hope) and it was very, very scary! We all were shaking and looking around and crying for Mom. We finally got to an office and there was already a room full of kittens and a nice lady. My foster Mom told us we were at a meet and greet for getting a furever home. I am not sure what a meet and greet or a furever home is but we all played and looked cute for the nice lady. You are not going to believe this but I am the first in my litter to get adopted. The nice lady is going to come to the house and look at my siblings for a second kitten. YEA! Two of us going together. I just wish one of us would go with Mom. Mom (Hope) is going is going to be so lonely without at least one of us to take care of her. My foster Mom told me, the mom cats, like Hope don’t get adopted and they have wait and wait for their furver home and that is just not fair cause Mom works so hard to take care of all of us and Mom is the most beautiful cat in the whole wide world. Mom even found me after I went on my big adventure in the barn and was lost for a whole day. It is no fun being on your own. Mom looked and looked until she got me safely back with my brother and sisters. Then we came to TLC Fosters rescue. WOW, what a difference a nice home, food, safe place to live makes. We are not in a cage either. We live with the foster family just like we are a member of their family too. Mom purrs and purrs and loves on our foster family. Our foster family says if anything ever happens we can always come back to TLC Fosters because they have our back for the rest of our lives. TLC Fosters even leaves their name on our microchip so if we are ever lost they can be called too. We got it made coming to TLC Fosters.

Renegade out, time for bed.


Auspicious reporting in from my TLC foster home I am sure you heard that Renegade was the first to be adopted. I have to tell you, I was shocked about Renegade when clearly I am the cutest, smartest, most graceful, amusing, playful, purfect and most outgoing of the group. Well, not including Mom (Hope) she is flat our gorgeous with her Siamese blue eyes and beautiful markings and sweet disposition. Enough about Mom, let’s talk about ME! I am still available and waiting for you to make me yours.

Here is the adoption application in case you are feeling lucky today.


A cat's eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world. - Irish Legend

Hope with my weekly update

My handsome sons are Renegade (orange and white) Fortuitous (tabby) are both adopted and going soon to a wonderful family that has adopted from TLC before.

My beautiful girl named Felicity (tabby, is also adopted.)  

That just leave me and my beautiful daughter Auspicious (white tabby) to be adopted yet. Fingers crossed we go to a home together.

The babies all had their first of 3 FVRCP (distemper) vaccinations and got microchipped today. Microchips are very important for all pets. TLC Fosters leaves their name on the microchip for the rest of our life because we are important to them.

 No TLC foster kitty is allowed outside ever, we are all inside only cats. Thank goodness because it is dangerous outside and I would know cause that is where I was living before TLC.

A cat's eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world. - Irish Legend



Title: And then there was one! Mom is all alone now. Hope here.

 My handsome sons are Renegade (orange and white) Fortuitous (tabby) are both adopted and going soon to a wonderful family that has adopted from TLC before. My beautiful girl named Felicity (tabby) and my beautiful daughter Auspicious (white tabby) was also adopted today. 

Now that the kittens are gone (sniff, sniff) I will begin my “me” time. I will be starting all of my vaccinations next week and getting my microchip and then schedule my spay, finally.  I loved all of my babies but no more litter for this girl. I will begin looking for my own home soon. I heard my foster parents saying the mama cats are always the hardest to place in a forever home. The plan to go with one of my own babies did not work. Sigh.


Here is the application link to apply.



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