My name is Moon!

Great Pyrenees Mix Dog for adoption in Denton, Texas - Moon
Photo 1 - Great Pyrenees Mix Dog for adoption in Denton, Texas - Moon
Photo 2 - Great Pyrenees Mix Dog for adoption in Denton, Texas - Moon
Photo 3 - Great Pyrenees Mix Dog for adoption in Denton, Texas - Moon
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I'm being cared for by:
DFW Rescue Me

Facts about Moon

  • Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix
  • Color: White
  • Age: Young
  • Size: X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 10116614-GDP - 061116sim


Moon is a 3-year-old female spayed Great Pyrenees dog with a difficult past and a bright future.


Playful, cuddly, sweet, protective, loyal, goofy, intelligent, well-behaved, very tolerant and laid back once trust is established, healthy, independent, fluffy, loves walks, chasing birds and hammocks!


Stoic, takes time to trust new people/animals (weeks to months), has fear aggression (can show aggression towards new people), is better with women than men, aloof.


Only dog or in a household with one other large/medium breed dog (no small dogs), no children, inside or inside/outside only (does not like to be left outside), let her adjust to you on her own time.

Moon's Social History:

Moon was rescued from a hoarding house in April 2016. She was emaciated, covered in scabs, and she had large areas of hair loss with inflammation/infection. Moon was placed in a rescue group foster home and immediately taken to a vet (spayed, microchipped, treated for skin infection, etc). However, Moon was deemed 'unadoptable' after biting her foster mom 1 week into her new journey. The rescue group placed her at my clinic (Premier Vet Care Animal Clinic) for 10 days of rabies quarantine followed by euthanasia. However, in just first few days of her boarding period, Moon worked her way into our hearts.

While staying with us, she was excellent with the staff, who went very slowly with her. She was in no way outwardly aggressive, but we used caution in handling her anyway. After her 10-day period, I could not euthanize this big polar bear dog. Instead, I took Moon home to start rehabilitation and a behavior modification plan.

Moon is diagnosed with severe 'Fear Aggression' with new people and an underlying “Anxiety”, mild “Neophobia” (likely due to her poor exposure as a young dog), and moderate “Dog Aggression” (when instigated by another dog…this is very much dependent on the other dog. Just like with people, she also needs time to adjust to other dogs before meeting them directly- via walks, etc)

Regarding her “Fear Aggression” with people, she feels threatened by new people more easily than most dogs with a lower threshold of tolerance for allowing a new person into her personal space. When threatened, dogs respond with either a 'fight' or 'flight' response. In Moon's case, her instinct is to 'fight' (she will not show signs of “flight”, such as backing off, cowering, etc), which manifests itself as lashing out at the person by whom she feels threatened. However, being a stoic breed, Moon’s signals that she is feeling fear are very subtle and difficult for people to read. Additionally, she has a short fuse, which means that she goes from comfortable to uncomfortable very quickly. Thus, it is best to not push her in any way but to instead allow her to just sniff and get used to you on her own time.

Her aggression can seem unprovoked and unpredictable to some. However, what I know about Moon is that she has no understanding of personal space, either her own or others. She will invade a stranger’s personal space (by sniffing their face, etc), thus making it seem as if she is okay with being pet. But then if pet, she may not be okay with that stranger being in HER personal space. Thus, we have been working on learning personal boundaries with others. Having her personal space invaded by others (whether an animal or a person) is a huge trigger to her EVEN if she is currently in THEIR personal space (confusing, huh?).

To help you understand Moon better though, do know that in my 10 months with her, from day 1 she has NEVER shown ANY aggression towards me. I can now do ANYTHING with her without fear of aggression. We have 100% trust of one another. However, it took me 1-2 months of just sitting allowing her to sniff me/feeding her/playing, then another 2 months after that before we had full trust. If I felt any tension from her, I would get up and walk away. Once established, though, the loyalty that this dog brings to a relationship is boundless and strong. I trust her to protect me, to listen to me, to be there when I’m sad, to play with me, etc. She is a great dog, but she requires patience and understanding.

Moon is very smart and she has made leaps and bounds in her social and emotional progress. In her time with me, she has bonded with my husband and myself, she now listens to my recall, is very attentive (where before she was aloof), sits to say please, has a better understanding of personal space, can be out when visitors are over (wags her tail and sniffs without any aggression, though they are reminded to just ignore her and not push her), can be around our other three dogs with monitoring (they have had a few minor incidences because one of our dogs is dog aggressive and instigates, but it is all talk), has improved on her leash walking, does well with our cat, snuggles and gives tons of kisses, and is now great with my husband.

Although we know that Moon feels threatened easily by new people and has a low threshold of tolerance for them, we also know that once given the chance to get used to a new person on her own time WITHOUT that person getting into her face or in any way pushing her, Moon will bond and is an extremely sweet, protective, loyal, fun dog.

Thus, Moon needs a home with someone that is patient and understands dogs. Someone who wants a big, lovable, loyal, teddy-bear type dog, but is willing to give her the time she needs to be comfortable.

Moon's Medical History:

Moon has been spayed, fully vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and has had a full bloodwork panel run in the last year. The bloodwork included a chemistry panel, .

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The adoption fee for all of our dogs is $250.00, which includes vaccinations and spay/neuter.

Moon is participating in the DFW Rescue Me Guest Dog Program, so ongoing care and custody are provided by their foster, not by DFWRM.

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