My name is George!

Weimaraner Dog for adoption in Birmingham, Alabama - George
Photo 1 - Weimaraner Dog for adoption in Birmingham, Alabama - George
Photo 2 - Weimaraner Dog for adoption in Birmingham, Alabama - George
Photo 3 - Weimaraner Dog for adoption in Birmingham, Alabama - George
Photo 4 - Weimaraner Dog for adoption in Birmingham, Alabama - George
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I'm being cared for by:
Weimaraner Rescue of the South

Facts about George

  • Breed: Weimaraner
  • Color: Gray/Blue/Silver/Salt & Pepper
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 10205902
***If you are interested in adopting or fostering a Weimaraner from Weimaraner Rescue of the South, please submit the appropriate application at Once received, a WRS volunteer will be in contact with you.***
Handsome George has spent almost two weeks in his foster to adopt home and he is doing GREAT! George has been very well behaved and has demonstrated very good house manners. We're pretty sure his foster parents are smitten with him, as we all are! He's even getting along well with the resident cat! WOW - go George!10/31/16
Look at that big smile on George's face! That's because George has gone on trial with a potential adoptive family! Let's send this sweet boy pawsitive thoughts that all goes well and this will be his happily ever after home!
WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! George is now officially off all restrictions and ready for a foster or forever home! After his successful visit with his surgeon, George got to visit Hollywood Feed and get some special treats for being such a good patient! This is the same store where WRS will be holding its second Annual Holiday Photo Sessions on Nov. 19th and 20th. If you're in the Birmingham area, plan on visiting us for your family photos that weekend!
All right folks, we're hoping the FOURTH time is the charm for sweet George! He has one more appointment with his surgeon this morning and we're hoping that he will FINALLY be fully released of all restrictions and can then run and play like a normal dog! The last four months have been pretty grueling on precious George, but his leg is doing great and his surgical site is finally healed! Through EVERYTHING, George has been a great pup, patiently dealing with the poking, prodding, confinement, etc. Please send positive thoughts; George certainly deserves them!
Update! 1.5 weeks to go and then he's all clear for foster or adoption!!!
Please send George your pawsitive thoughts and support! He has another appointment with his surgeon this morning and we hoping and praying that he will finally be given the "all clear" from his ACL surgery and will be off all restrictions. If you remember, George had to have a second surgery to remove the surgical hardware because it was bothering him. He's been doing very well since then and we know he's more than ready to run and romp like the sweet weim that he is!
George had his second surgery on Monday, removing the surgical hardware that was implanted during his first surgery to repair his torn ACL (George was hit by a car prior to rescue). George's ACL has healed very nicely, but the hardware was bothering him and George had a non-healing lick granuloma on the surgical site. George will be on exercise restrictions for two more weeks, but then he will be ready for a forever home! Here he is post surgery, a bit woozy, but in the home stretch of his journey to good health!
Look at George go! It's been almost 3 months since George came to us and had reconstructive surgery on his torn ACL (he had been hit by a car prior to rescue). George visits his surgeon next week and, fingers crossed, he will get the "ALL CLEAR" and will be medically discharged. George has been a trooper throughout his ordeal and we're so happy to see all the progress he is made. If you are interested in adopting George, or any of our rescue dogs, please submit an application at
George wants everyone to know that he has had the best week in his foster home! His foster mom has an awesome fluffy dog bed that he loves to lay on and he is enjoying his strolls through the neighborhood as he rehabs his injured leg. George enjoys meeting new people, especially children, and can be quite the charmer! George is not a fan of the crate, but he's gradually learning to tolerate it. Despite George's rough life before rescue, he's very sweet and affectionate. George has a few more weeks of exercise restrictions and then, we hope, his surgeon will clear him for adoption. If interested in adopting George, please submit an application at
Here is George, relaxing in his first night in his foster home! I think he really likes it! George will continue his rehab work for the next few weeks and we hope to have him medically cleared for adoption after his next appointment with his surgeon, which is in four weeks.
It's been 7 weeks since George had his ACL repair surgery and he is doing GREAT! Even better news? George is meeting a potential foster home tomorrow. If all goes well with the resident dog, George will be spending Saturday night in a home. George is still on restricted activity - no rough housing or running just yet - but we're thrilled with his progress thus far. Even George's amazing surgeon has been impressed with how much range of motion he has already recovered and we know he will continue to improve as he continues with his rehab work!
Look at the happy face! This is the best we've seen George yet as he continues to recover from his torn ACL surgery. George is now cone free, gaining some weight, and putting more weight on his recovering leg. George has another appointment with his surgeon on Wednesday and we're hoping that George will be cleared for his rehab work! Please continue to send pawsitive thoughts for George!
George continues to make great progress with his post-surgery recovery. Look how much taller and straighter he is standing in that second photo! George's lick granuloma is slowly but steadily healing. Just as importantly, if not more importantly, look at the change in George's expression from earlier photos. George is no longer scared and nervous around our volunteers; he looks forward to their visits and is very quick to get attention and affection. While George still has several weeks of recovery ahead of him, we're still extremely pleased with his progress!
Check out George and how well he's putting weight on his injured leg! We're so impressed with his recovery and how strong and determined this boy is! George was happy to get some fresh air and spend time with our volunteers this weekend. Did you happen to notice the heavy callous on George's front right elbow? We don't know what George's life was like prior rescue, but we do know that callouses like that come from having to sleep on hard surfaces. We have promised George that his forever home will have lots of soft beds and couches for him to sleep on. If you're interested in fostering or adopting George once he is medically cleared, please submit an application at
We have some great news and some not-terrible-just-annoying news from George's follow up appointment with his surgeon. The great news is that George's knee is healing very well and his doctor was VERY impressed with how much weight George was putting on that leg! His recovery is going very well so far. The annoying news is that, even though George did get his sutures out, he still has to wear the dreaded cone of shame (and now a basket muzzle) because he has given himself a lick granuloma; we told him to quit licking but he didn't listen! Weims can be so stubborn! Anyway, to prevent infection and to allow it to heal, George has a couple more weeks in the dreaded cone. And for those who have suggested the soft cones, donuts, etc., George has proven himself to be quite flexible and determined and he can easily get around those.
George has a follow up appointment with his surgeon today. It's been two weeks since his surgery and so far, George seems to be doing well. While he hasn't been the most patient of patients, George's incision is healing nicely (it did take some convincing and more than one cone of shame to get him to leave it alone) and we're hoping he can have his sutures removed today. Please send George pawsitive thoughts and prayers. Even if today's appointment goes well, George still has several weeks of strict confinement and leash walks ahead of him as his surgically repaired knee continues to heal.
George got to go on a short (and very slow, very controlled) walk yesterday for a potty break. He enjoyed getting outside, getting some fresh air and spending some time with our volunteers. George's recovery will be a very slow process - the next 6 weeks will be nothing but short, slow walks like this.
Thanks to some pretty strong pain medications, George was able to get some much needed rest after his surgery. One thing we have failed to mention is that, despite all the pain that George must have been in with his injuries, he has been nothing but sweet, gentle, and affectionate with those who have worked with him. The key to his recovery over the next six weeks is to keep him as calm and inactive as possible. He will have a follow up appointment in two weeks with his surgeon for a progress check. We're almost halfway to funding George's surgery; we'd greatly appreciate it if everyone who is reading this post would donate just a few dollars to get us closer to our goal! Thank you!…
Here is George, recovering post-surgery. The soft tissue damage to his knee was extensive due to the traumatic nature of his injury, but George's surgeon is confident that he is capable of a strong recovery and regaining good use of his injured leg. George will be on strict crate rest/leash walks for at least the next six weeks. WRS is making today a $5 Friday to help fund George's surgery; we'd be honored if you would help us reach our goal!…
George is out of surgery and recovering. In the words of his amazing surgeon, "there was a lot going on" with George's leg and knee. The impact of being hit by the car caused a traumatic tear of his ACL and it required significant reconstruction. The knee cap was also repaired. At this point, George will need 6 weeks of strict crate rest and leash walking to let his injuries heal. On the positive, George's surgeon feels that he has an excellent opportunity for a strong recovery. While George won't be running any marathons in his future, he should regain good use of his leg. WRS would greatly appreciate if you would consider donating toward George's surgery; it was not an inexpensive procedure due to the extensive damage. If everyone who reads this post would donate just $5, we can fully fund his surgery in 24 hours. Thank you for your help!…
Update on George, our injured new intake. George is about 3-5 years old and Heartworm NEGATIVE (yay!!!). His road rash is healing well and his rear leg does not appear to be broken, but it is definitely injured. George has an appointment with the orthopedic specialist this Thursday, but initial exams indicate that he may have a torn ACL. We are making sure that George is staying well medicated and as comfortable as possible as he continues to heal from his injuries and trauma. Please continue to send George pawsitive thoughts!
INCOMING WEIM! This blue boy, now named George, has just been pulled from a Louisiana shelter, where he had been brought in as a stray who had been hit by a car. It appears that he has a broken right rear leg; we will get him evaluated as soon as possible. He also has some significant road rash on parts of his body. WRS wants to send a HUGE "thank you" to the wonderful Weim Wagon volunteer who is transporting George to safety and to get the medical care he needs. We'll share update as we get them.
***If you are interested in adopting or fostering a Weimaraner from Weimaraner Rescue of the South, please submit the appropriate application at Once received, a WRS volunteer will be in contact with you.***

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Our priority is to rescue Weimaraners who find themselves in animal controls and high-kill shelters in Alabama, Mississippi, and parts of Tennessee, Louisiana, and Georgia. All Weimaraners in our care are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any medical issues they might have including but not limited to heartworm disease, orthopedic concerns, and vision issues. Our efforts are funded by adoption fees and donations from "Weim-loving" people like you.

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ADOPTION FEES: EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2016 OUR ADOPTION FEE FOR PUPPIES 6 MONTHS AND YOUNGER IS $375 WITH A $100 REFUNDABLE SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT, $300 FOR ADULT WEIMARANERS, SENIORS AND MIXED BREEDS $225. This includes microchip, spay/neuter, and Heartworm prevention. All dogs have been fully vetted and treated for any medical issues of which we are aware.