My name is Nalani!

American Staffordshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Perry, New York - Nalani
Photo 1 - American Staffordshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Perry, New York - Nalani
Photo 2 - American Staffordshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Perry, New York - Nalani
Photo 3 - American Staffordshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Perry, New York - Nalani
Photo 4 - American Staffordshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Perry, New York - Nalani
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I'm being cared for by:
Going To The Dogs Rescue

Facts about Nalani

  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Color: Black - With White
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 10353584


Ready to Apply?  

You will want to have your veterinary and/or personal reference information handy, as well as landlord information if you are a renter, to fill out the application completely.


• We will not pursue an incomplete application
• Once complete, you can speed up process by contacting your vet's office and giving them permission to release information. We may dismiss the application if this is not completed.
• Volunteers handle dozens of applications at a time so we do not guarantee contact with everyone. We try our best, but we are working around jobs, kids, and of course, dogs.
•Adoptions generally take longer than 4 days to process but there is no set time frame. We do the best we can as a non-profit, so please be patient.


Nalani is a girl that came to us with a litter of puppies from a kill shelter.  She is a doll who has been brushing up on her obedience and manners now that her puppies have left the nest.  This beauty even comes with a freedom harness, martingale collar, and double clip leash (valued at over $60) to help you transition to a new dog without the additional cost.  

She would do best in a home with no young children or small loose pets (cats, rabbits, etc.).  She has been around some dogs but can be selective depending on the other dogs personality.  

Nalani is spayed, microchipped, heartworm negative, and vaccinated all as part of her $100 adoption fee.  

Adoption Procedures:

Once we receive a complete application, we will do reference checks and set up home visits/meet and greets which can take more than a few days.  We are volunteers with full time jobs and families so we ask for your patience.

A few requirements of adoption are:

*We currently do not adopt out of state (or more than 3 hours away) unless the dog in question has limited options and has been waiting for an extended period of time in our rescue. In most cases of puppies, we have so many applications it makes little sense to transport them out of area and use more resources up to do so. With that in mind, we have limited our out-of-state options to those who have less applicants coming in.

*Your current pets MUST be spayed/neutered.  This would negate our entire mission statement if we did not ensure the safety of all of our dogs and ensure that we are helping to END unnecessary euthanasia due to over breeding/overpopulation.  We have made exceptions for severe medical conditions or age that would be too risky.

*Dogs are individuals and have specific needs. We evaluate each of our dogs and develop adopter criteria for each one in order for adoptions to be successful — for life. These are often non-negotiable if listed on the dogs individual profile.

Some requirements that may be listed are as follows:

• Homeownership vs. renting

• Fully-fenced yards vs. non- fenced; invisible fence is never allowed

• Training with a professional force-free/positive reinforcement trainer

• Cohabitation restrictions (cats, dogs, small animals, young children, etc.)

• No indoor smoking (all adoptions)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  I applied to adopt a dog but we have an invisible fence not a solid fencing, can we still adopt?

-unfortunately invisible fencing is not full proof fencing and does not protect your own dogs from other loose dogs entering your property.  Many dogs get out of invisible fencing and then are too afraid to return back to the yard, and there are just too many concerns with their safety to put them at risk.  Click on article below for more information.

Why Invisible Fencing isn't a good solution

2. Do you negotiate on your adoption fees?  If I want to take the dog to my own vet for spay/neuter can I get a discount on adoption fees?

-Unfortunately 80% or more of our dogs cost hundreds more than we actually adopt them out for.  When a dog has a major medical concern the rescue pays out of our adoption funds to get the dog the necessary help it needs to get it to an 'adoptable' status.  We rely heavily on donations and adoption fees to be able to care for these dogs who otherwise would have died, so we are insistant on our fees staying the same in order to continue rescuing future dogs.  Without the set fee we are unable to rescue, and cannot afford basic care on dogs.  Please understand that very few dogs (even ones that are free to us) are not free....our vets may provide a SMALL discount, but it still cost on average $300-400 to get a dog fully vetted.  Our adoption fees are always under this, so as you see it is a loss.  If you choose to use your own vet to spay/neuter, we allow that within 30 days of adoption; however we are unable to provide adoption fee discounts due to the reasons stated above.

3.  Can I meet the dog before the home visit?  Why Can't I take the dog home the day I meet them/fill out an application?

-if you wish to meet a dog before the home visit, our suggestion is to attend an adoption event if they are going to be in attendance.  The rescue has had numerous situations where people that are not serious about adoption have requested visits to see the dog and then never fill out applications, or set up home visits.  We have made the decision that if you take a few moments of your time to do those steps first, it shows your commitment to the dog and we then will proceed to meeting the dogs.  This cuts back on many wasted hours for our volunteers who drive all over free of charge to do these meets/home visits.

The rescue must be very careful about our adoption process.  Unfortunately we do see dog abusers apply, people that have no funding to care for a dog, hoarders, etc. and it is the rescues sole responsibility to ensure the safety of our dogs.  We want to be sure that our dogs are going to a home that they will always be provided for and will not be returned.  Because of this, we do not allow the dogs to go home upon first meet at an adoption event.  We must proceed with vet references and home visits first.

4. Can we adopt more than 1 puppy from a litter?

-No, here is an article explaining our position clearly : LITTERMATE SYNDROME

5. Why does it matter what type of training we use and who we take our dog to train with?

-Because Training is an unregulated field, sadly many individuals who have had no formal training or keep up on updated standards and practices, this could be potentially dangerous to our dogs.  Using inhumane methods such as choke chains, shock collars, prong collars, and 'alpha' or 'dominance' based theories are outdated, debunked methodologies that can cause physical and psychological damage to our dogs.  Although you have committed to caring for your dog, if you have caused irreparable damage by using these tools and then return the dog we are responsible for this and are not willing to see this done to our dogs.  Instead we are able to provide you with a list of excellent recommended trainers who not only are humane and kind, they are always continuing their education to be the best at what they do.  Professionals like this are sometimes the best for even the easiest of puppies in order to create a success story for you and your family. 

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Statement

American Animal Hospital Association Guidelines on Behavior Management

About Going To The Dogs Rescue

About Our Rescue Group...

Going To The Dogs Rescue is a 501c3 all breed rescue dedicated to helping homeless pets find Forever homes. We are dedicated to finding the right match that we feel will be in the best interest of the dogs we have saved.
We rescue locally as well as out of state as needed. We never euthanize for space or lack of applications. We will keep a dog for a year if that is what it takes which sets us apart from many shelters and rescues in our area.

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Our Adoption Process...

Our adoption fees range anywhere from $100-400 depending on age, and costs involved in rescuing the particular animal. Puppies cost more because, well, they cost more! They are susceptible to more diseases, need more vaccines, and have more needs. We generally do not recover 100% of what we pay to care for these animals, so please keep this in mind when looking at our fees. If you were to get a "free" animal you would EASILY spend $400+ just to get the dog "up to date" on all medical procedures our rescue dogs already have! Plus you have a limited guarantee on major medical issues on dogs you adopt through us.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in adopting a dog, you MUST fill out an application! We do NOT consider you for adoption until this is done. We dont want to waste your time, and the dogs time and we have this adoption procedure in place simply to prevent this. We appreciate your understanding in this procedure!
Go to and the homepage on the left has a link to our adoption application.