My name is Woodstock aka Val!

Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Buckeystown, Maryland - Woodstock aka Val
Photo 1 - Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Buckeystown, Maryland - Woodstock aka Val
Photo 2 - Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Buckeystown, Maryland - Woodstock aka Val
Photo 3 - Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Buckeystown, Maryland - Woodstock aka Val
Photo 4 - Labrador Retriever Dog for adoption in Buckeystown, Maryland - Woodstock aka Val
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I'm being cared for by:
Lab Rescue LRCP - Frederick MD

Facts about Woodstock aka Val

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Color: Black
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 160453
WOODSTOCK aka VAL is a 14 month old neutered black male Lab who weighs 78 pounds. Woodstock is a beautiful young boy looking for a family to show him the love and affection he deserves! Woodstock and his sibling Cara (not bonded) were surrendered to the shelter at 8 months of age. Woodstock is a sweetheart but was not socialized as a puppy. He is desperately in need of a calm environment, with dog savvy people who will offer the time, love and patience he needs. In the proper setting with the right people, Woodstock will thrive, blossoming into a wonderful, loving companion. He previously lived outside and had very little attention. He has been in the shelter for quite some time. He needs to go to a home with another dog that can make him feel comfortable and show him how to be a dog. He enjoys playing with younger and playful dogs. No cat history so he is unknown with cats. Woodstock needs to go to a home with another confident and playful dog to show him the ropes. He needs a fenced-in yard, not invisible fence No kid history so approved for kids 10+.

Update: Woodstock's resolution is to get adopted in 2017. He's not asking for much: another playful dog, a female only household, a yard with a physical fence, and a patient and loving family who will continue helping him come out of his shell. Woodstock will develop a strong bond with his family and his canine siblings. He is a shy kid who wasn't socialized when he was young, so he continues to discover the world around him. Right now we're working on going for short car rides every day so that eventually we can go hiking and enjoy it. This is a very loving dog. Very loving. He's so sweet and gentle and I love him and the daily moments when he can act like a balanced dog and not worry about startling noises, or maybe someone hurting him. He always does zoomies at night around the living room. And then he turns in for the night. He responds when the senior canine play bows to him and for a few minutes everything is just perfect. Woodstock also knows the commands, sit, shake, down. He's very smart and beautiful!

Update: Woodstock is still wishing for a forever family. He would love the opportunity to play with young and energetic dogs. Woodstock is housetrained and crate trained. When it's time to be quiet, he will sleep on a dog bed or the couch and wait until it's time to play again. He loves food and he is much more sure of his surroundings. In the right family, he will be a great addition.

Update: Woodstock is much happier and confident than he was when he first arrived at my home three months ago. He continues to look for a patient and loving family to give him the time and space that he needs to feel confident. He is a bit unsure of new situations and people, but he will not run and hide in a corner anymore. Woodstock is excellent with the cat, the two resident dogs, and also the resident 10 year old child, but sometimes he's still unsure around the husband. He will do best in a female household. He loves to run around the yard, but when he's inside, he will find a spot next to me while I work. At night, he loves to snuggle on the couch and melts for belly rubs. Woodstock is still waiting for his perfect family.

Update:: Woodstock is enjoying a cool and crispy morning and channeling his inner peacefulness. This kid continues to come out of his shell every day. He now enjoys lounging on the couch by himself and doesn't have to be glued to his foster mom at all times. His confidence keeps building up. He is looking for a female only home with a fenced-in yard in a very quiet neighborhood or rural area. His ideal family will also have another playful and energetic dog willing to run around the yard with him. He takes treats very gently, is house trained and sleeps in his crate at night. Good with cats.

Update:: Woodstock loves to run around the yard. He is very comfortable around me but still hesitant around my husband, even though he takes treats from him. He will be happiest in a home with females only. He is a sweet boy with a lot of love to offer. He is a puppy at heart and loves socks. Loves to eat socks, so they need to be put away. This week he learned the "sit" command. Woodstock continues to come out of his shell!

Update:: Woodstock continues to amaze us. He is becoming more confident every day. Even though he has puppy moments, for the most part, he's very calm and will take a nap next to you while you work or watch TV. Last night he felt brave enough to climb on the couch and paw me for more head scratches. He plays with both resident dogs and would do best with another young and playful dog who can keep up with him. Woodstock is housetrained and sleeps in his crate at night, or when nobody is home. He is great with the cat, too. He does better with females, and it takes him longer to bond to males, but eventually he will come around. This pup has so much potential and will flourish with the right loving and patient family.

Update:: Foster pup Woodstock continues to come out of his shell. Things take time, but when he discovers them, he loves to go back and do them over and over again. This is Woodstock chasing resident 10 year old Shadow. They do this every morning when they first go out. Once a day. Every day. Woodstock would love to chase a younger pup all day long! Watch him here:

Update: Woodstock is the sweetest and most gentle puppy. He continues to come out of his shell and to show that he's a puppy at heart. He loves to run around the yard early in the morning. He gets the best zoomies while foster brother tries to keep up with him. He likes squeaky toys and takes treats with the softest mouth. He's looking for a quiet family where not many people come and go since he still gets startled by noises. This brave kid has a lot to offer to someone who will be patient and kind. Once he trusts you, he's the best snuggler.

Update:: In just a little over a week, Woodstock has made great strides. It took him 5 days to feel confident enough to accept treats from my hand. He went from looking sideways whenever he was approached to coming when called and rolling over for belly rubs. He is braver and happier every day. Woodstock will go into the crate when you tell him: "Go to bed" and sleeps quietly through the night. He can be startled by sudden movements or loud noises, but for the most part, he's doing great and enjoying being a puppy. Here's a short video of him:

Update: Woodstock is having a great first day in foster home. No accidents and slept crated all night without a single peep. This morning he was feeling well enough to do a playbow to the resident 10 year old Lab. He also feels safe around the confident 15 year old female canine. He completely ignored the cat when they met yesterday. We'll see what today brings. He won't take treats from my hand yet, but he'll eat them as soon as I put them in front of him on the floor. His safe spot is the hallway outside the laundry room and that's where he likes to hang out. He will need a patient family with a playful dog to show him the way. Woodstock has so much potential. Love him!

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