My name is Luseigh!

American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Princeton, Minnesota - Luseigh
Photo 1 - American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Princeton, Minnesota - Luseigh
Photo 2 - American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Princeton, Minnesota - Luseigh
Photo 3 - American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Princeton, Minnesota - Luseigh
Photo 4 - American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Princeton, Minnesota - Luseigh
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I'm being cared for by:
Ruff Start Rescue

Facts about Luseigh

  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
  • Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut - With White
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 10306743-D160612
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Lucy is beautiful dog with soulful eyes and an amazing personality!  She has wonderful manners and is easy to please.  She is NOT a high energy dog and wants nothing more than to crawl into your lap while you read a book or watch TV.  Any time you sit down, she'll be there.


Lucy wants a quiet home where she can have her family all to herself without a lot of traffic through the house, children or other animals.  In the event that company comes over, she is happy to hang out in a bedroom where she can nap or gnaw on a bone. Lucy plays with some dogs well but not others so she would like to be the only animal.  She needs a fenced in back yard where she can keep you company while you garden or fill the bird feeder.  She is quick about doing her "duty" outside and wants to come right back indoors to you.



The story of Lucy is still being written.  I only have the beginning to share.  You have to write the rest.



I've made  a bit of a den under an abandoned trailer and my puppies are big and hungry.  There is a human and her human girl puppy know that I'm here.  They call to me but I'm afraid. Sometimes humans would touch me with kindness when I was a puppy myself but more often they were cruel.  I don't have much strength left. I was starving before my puppies were born but now it's all I can do to keep them warm and fed.  When I die, my puppies will starve.  What am I going to do?  I'm too tired to hunt.


The humans are coming back every day.  They call to me and keep saying "Lucy".  Is that my name?  I've never had a name before.  They bring food and water.  Is it a trick?  I think it might be.  If they catch me, my puppies will die and who knows what will happen to me.  I know enough to stay under the trailer and only come out to eat and drink after they leave.  I really need to eat but it might be too late for me.  I'm emaciated.  I'll eat every last morsel of food and do it quickly.


Today something new happened.  Some more humans came outside my den.  They don't yell at me or throw rocks but they scare me.  All humans scare me. They brought a weird box and I can smell the food they put there.  I want that food and I hope they leave soon because I'm still so hungry.


OH NO!  I went in the box to get the food and the door closed.  I can't get to my babies.  A truck came almost right after I got trapped and now they are looking for my babies under the trailer. The human and her young one are here also.  Everyone is speaking kindly to me but I have to scare them off from my puppies.  Just like my name now is "Lucy", some of these humans are named "The Retrievers".  What does that mean?  I don't know but I am watching the young human bring out my puppies one by one and hand them to The Retrievers.  I bark and tell them not to touch my pups but they don't listen.  They pick me up in my box and load me in a bigger box that moves.  I'm so scared but I can smell, see and hear my puppies.


We are brought to a building and a person in a white, clean jacket tries to get close to me but I'm not about to let that happen.  A new man has come.  He speaks softly to me and has a nice feeling about him.  We wait here quite awhile before the person in the white jacket gives up and the humans decide that I will go back to this man's house to "decompress", whatever that is.  


This man keeps wanting to just hang out with me.  I've got my puppies with me and he brings me food and water.  He says that we are going to be ok but someone called THE VET needs to touch me so I can get the right medicine.  Nobody touches me.  At first.  



This man's name is Chris.  He moves slowly around me and I let him touch me on our second day away from the trailer.   This is nice and I lean my head in to his hand.  Pretty soon he starts petting me all over as he talks softly and admires my beautiful puppies.  Before long, I let Chris take me for a little walk on a leash and I give him a kiss for showing me such gentle kindness. We take a ride back to THE VET, and I'm pretty scared but Chris says that he won't let anyone hurt me and I believe him.  I'm starting to feel better in all kinds of ways.


Chris brings me to a new woman and her human boy puppy.  I'm scared again.  I have my own room and these new humans bring me food, water and medicine that tastes a lot like peanut butter.  I love that.  But it takes a few days before I want to be touched again.  I start with the mom but the little human is pretty scary.  He comes in to my room, stays on the other side of my kennel and reads to me.  I like that.  After a couple of days, when I come into the human part of the room, he sits on the couch.  I come up to him and smell him, then scurry back to my room.  I do this a couple of times before I hop up on the couch next to him and let him touch me.  This is how I meet all the new people now.  They sit on the couch and I get to come out of my room to meet them when I feel like it.  Nobody makes me, I get to do it at my own pace.  Now I have human friends!  Some of them live here and some come to visit.  I'm so excited to see my new friends and my feet do a little happy dance.  My friends bring something called "toys" that they want to share with me.   What are this things?  I don't know.  My friends invite me to play but I don't know what that is.



This chapter is unwritten but I have a general idea of what it will be like.  I will meet a new friend and that friend will become family.  My family will always be considerate of my needs and understand that new people scare me but I will approach them when I am ready.  They will be full grown humans because the small ones can be kind of loud and unpredictable.  My family will feed me, take me for walks and I will teach them this thing called spooning.  They won't let anyone hit me, yell at me or throw rocks at me.  They won't take me to dog parks because I won't know if I need to protect myself from these new dogs and the stranger humans.  My family will remember that there once was a time when every day was a struggle for survival so they won't put me in any situations where I am afraid or feel that I have to protect myself.  My family will teach me to play.  My family will send pictures of me to my foster mother because she loves me and will miss me.  My family will mean everything to me and we will love each other until the end of my days.


To make this happen, my family has to find me and fill out an application.  Are you my family?  I can't wait for you to find me!!






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