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Border Collie Dog for adoption in Plymouth, Indiana - Corey
Photo 1 - Border Collie Dog for adoption in Plymouth, Indiana - Corey
Photo 2 - Border Collie Dog for adoption in Plymouth, Indiana - Corey
Photo 3 - Border Collie Dog for adoption in Plymouth, Indiana - Corey
Photo 4 - Border Collie Dog for adoption in Plymouth, Indiana - Corey
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I'm being cared for by:
Come Bye Border Collie Rescue - Northern Division

Facts about Corey

  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Color: Black - With White
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 10198059
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Corey is an active 2 1/2 year old male BC. He is being fostered in Champaign, Illinois area  If you would like additional information on Corey, contact For additional information on adopting Corey or any of the other CBBCR foster dogs, go to the CBBCR website at

Corey update 3/6/17


Corey continues to impress and is currently rocking his Sub-novice Obedience class. He LOVES to do obedience work and has particularly excellent heeling. He has added many elements including front, left and right finishes, pivots, 270- and 360-degree circles, sit-down-sit, sit-down-walk around, rocket-like recalls and an amazing moving back-up in heel position. We are also working on some jumping. The first weekend in February, he ventured to his first trial (and his first hotel stay) and nailed both. He was amazing in his focus on me in the strange facility and strange environment – he never batted an eye! There was one brief loss of focus when a car sped by a window alongside where we were in the ring but otherwise he intently ‘watched’ me – he earned 2 legs toward his WCRL Level 1 rally title with two perfect scores of 210, winning both classes, and 3 legs toward his C-WAGs Zoom 1 title with scores of 100, 100 and 95 out of a possible 100, winning all 3 classes.  He is a natural competitor and what a showman!  On 3/6, on another long trip away, Corey won his class with a score of 209 of 210 in his third Level 1 rally class, earning his RL1 title in the Award of Excellence range.  He is a great little traveler and has done well on a number of 3-5 hour car rides. He never misses a step in a new environment, eating, drinking and pottying without concern, even at a busy trial site with lots of new and excited dogs. Other handlers are very drawn to him and comment on his precise work style and his ‘ideal size’ as well as good looks.


We have made lots of progress on Corey’s impulsiveness although he still tends to jump up when he gets excited at praise when doing something new. This seems to disappear when he walks into the ring – he transforms into Mr. Cool-Calm-and-Collected. His retrieve game has developed nicely and now is a reliable game for spending some of his energy. He has a new favorite toy – a large Kong Wubba. This is an especially good exercise tool because he likes to grab it by the tails and go to war with shaking it – he thunks it hard against the sides of his chest as he does so and seems to enjoy the game all the more when the toy ‘fights back’ like that, even during the super cold weather when that Wubba is frozen solid - seems like it would hurt but Corey thinks it’s great! He also has developed a great tug, another good exercise option for BOTH of us! I’m developing Popeye arms…


Corey now eats ‘in the crowd’ with my four dogs – I don’t usually do this with foster dogs but I guess I just got lazy. Meals with my dogs are very exciting times, not only because my dogs love to eat but also because they are asked to do exciting fast things (weave poles +/- jumping) to earn their dinners. Once Corey learned that all the dishes weren’t for him (took 1 meal), he just went and sat by the first weave pole to wait his turn (5th) to eat, watching (maybe counting!) as each of my dogs flew through the weaves and then, in turn, received their bowl of food. Corey now is required to work for his dinner, too, beyond just the quiet waiting in the midst of wild activity which he was doing – he currently performs jump-tunnel-jump for his dinner, finishing the second jump and running back to sit quietly at his post by the first weave pole!


Corey is a performance to working level dog in his activity level and generally not a good fit as a family companion dog. He will need moderate to high levels of continuing mental as well as physical workouts to be happy. He loves obedience, never seeming to get bored by even long training periods, and has real talent for it. He has speed, maneuverability and a nice blend of independence and handler responsiveness for agility. He will likely enjoy any active sport where he has to think as well as act. Another playful dog companion in the household is recommended. 


Corrigan, Corey for short, is a 2-1/2 year-old neutered male smooth-coated border collie mix, black with a partial (right-sided) white collar, a white snip on the top of his nose that broadens at the forward edge to meet a figure-8 of white which travels along his bottom jaw, white down his chest and belly, white tip of the tail and 4 white feet. He stands approximately 17-18” at the withers and is a healthy lean weight at 33lb. Corey has a very sleek, easy-care coat and an athletic build, neat little erect ears, and an alert but friendly expression. His ‘J’ tail has a perky right hand twist at the end and he carries his tail up over his back when he is excited or interested in something, which is much of the time!  Corey has irrepressibly good spirits and an infectious enthusiasm and zest for life. He is a ‘glass is half-full’ kinda guy and travels through the world with indefatigable happiness which he gladly shares widely and at every opportunity. I am totally smitten with this dear sweet vivacious little boy!

Corey was surrendered by his previous owner to a Kentucky kill shelter, from which he was rescued by Come Bye. He is super smart and exceptionally clever at problem-solving. He is a super sweet fellow who LOVES to learn and is highly motivated by verbal praise, petting or food rewards; of these, he responds most to verbal praise. He takes treats politely and is exceptionally good at maintaining a sit for a treat reward. He knows ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘kennel’, ‘wait’ and ‘uh-uh’ and has learned to wait at doors.  He readily hops up on platforms or tables or climbs a step-ladder when invited by me indicating with a pointing finger where I want him to go. He is physically quite bold and will try anything…and not just once! At first, when going down cement stairs as we leave work, he would get to the end of the lead, turn around, face me, and jump backwards down the flight of 5-6 steps, landing gracefully to stare encouragingly at me as if to suggest I could likewise be much more efficient in my travel. (We have since worked out a more traditional manner of descending steps and he is happy to comply with the ‘rules and guidelines’ once he knows them!) He has tremendous body awareness, especially of his back end, and can back up in a straight line almost as fast and far as he goes forward. He routinely jumps from a standstill up into the dog tub at work, which is a regular bathtub set on a 2-1/2 ft high base…he completely clears the edge to land lightly in the tub center without skidding or bumping the back wall. With his physical capacity and aptitude for learning, I am certain he would be an awesome tricks dog. Some of the acrobatics he displays in play with other dogs are quite remarkable! And is he FAST! By far the fastest and most maneuverable dog I have seen. I think lure coursing would suit him quite well and I am certain he would give the whippets a good run for their money!

Corey is a VERY active high-energy dog. If you envision sitting on the couch snuggling with your dog while watching feature length films, this is NOT the dog for you: Corey considers “snuggling” to be a verb, and in the active tense, and will roll, rub and root with delight at the personal attention of a good snuggle. Given adequate exercise, he will settle in the house and typically stretches out to quietly rest on the floor when I am working at the kitchen counter or at the computer. When I stop to sit down, he is into action to ensure I am not burdened by relaxation. He has, however, now learned to be able to nap and allow the rest of us to do so, too and most recently started to cuddle quietly when ‘spooned’ in my arms.

Initially, Corey had ZERO interest in toys though on a good day he might chase after a ball thrown the first time to see what it was. We have worked successfully to build an interest in toys and his favorite is tennis balls. He now has a very nice retrieve with sustained interest in playing fetch which will be a good foundation for further development of toy drive and has started to tug with me with a tug-rope toy. He will now go find a toy for self-entertainment when he has worn out his welcome for play with the other dogs (who demand some down-time). At first, he was not much for chew toys but now enjoys Flexichews as well as rawhides, cow ears and sweet potato chews.

Corey is generally very confident and socially and environmentally stable though he is sometimes a titch wary of unfamiliar large-statured men until properly introduced.  He does not like lightening but does OK with thunder and fireworks (can still go for leash walks or go where he is asked to go and do what asked to do) but, left to his own determination, will curl up under my dog tub until a storm passes. Otherwise, pretty much nothing fazes him. Au contraire – he is fascinated with the busy-ness of life whether rural or urban. If he encounters something new, he immediately wants to investigate it, with appropriate initial caution (horses, cows) as warranted. He loves to adventure through tall grass and LOVES water – he will make a bee-line for creeks or ponds, especially in warmer weather, and delights in splashing around a while before being off to resume more investigations. He LOVES to chase things and, given his head, I am pretty sure he could catch them all. His favorite appears to be bees – it is clear from how he goes about chasing bees that he is well-aware in advance that he will be stung but that is absolutely no deterrent (this provides pertinent insight into his general character!). He is also particularly excited by cars with loud mufflers or larger vehicles pulling squeaky trailers. He has made GREAT progress in self-control around traffic but will need continuing support.

Corey is naturally very conscientious about hot-weather safety  and LOVES shade – he will automatically plop down in any shade he encounters, parking there for a few moments as a matter of principle even if he is not really hot (and, of course, he is never tired!), then pop up to resume his venture. He is learning to maintain attention to his handler in the fascinating outside world and does. Corey is an absolute slave to scent and, captivated by an interesting odor, he remains virtually oblivious even to what would usually be the most seductive chase object. He has a nice deep tracking nose and intent focus on odor trails with easy-to-read body language when following scent.

Corey rides well in the car and readily jumps into his crate as soon as the car door opens. He has phenomenal crate manners (he may bark for a short time initially when left alone until he learns the routine of the household). For as busy and energetic as he is when outside of his crate, it is surprising to me how quiet and content he is in his crate, which is where he spends the night. Corey potties readily on or off leash and, though he will use the yard, prefers to poop while out on his leash walks, usually at the border between mown and taller grass. He respects my 5-foot fence but I am not confident that a 4-foot fence would be adequate in the face of an enticement (car, bicycle, bunny) on the other side. He is exceptionally good about being bathed but does not require much grooming. He has minimal undercoat and his coat naturally repels dirt and other debris: he can dive into a stand of tall plants and emerge completely clean as his short shiny hair immediately sheds any plant material. He is wiggly about having his toenails trimmed but allows me to do them single-handedly. He will automatically plop over on his side when coming inside to wait quietly while his feet are damp- wiped.

Corey is a tremendously cheerful dog and is very outgoing with a sweet and enthusiastic hello for everyone. He is good with other dogs (including small dogs he has met while on leash) and, as much as he likes to play with them, is very good to not react or pull toward other dogs when out on his walks. He is appropriate when saying hello to new dogs though he can be persistent and a bit pushy in encouraging them to play with him but will back down if the other dog objects - sometimes he will come back and pester until the other dog responds with a sharp reaction, then will acknowledge the rejection and leave them alone. When he and the other dogs are given rawhides, they all retire to the living room for a chew party and Duke usually takes up residence on one of the dog beds to enjoy his rawhide. He has not yet learned that leaving his rawhide to get a drink of water often means another dog steals his chew but he does not retaliate, just looks very hurt and disappointed until I reallocate the treats. He is fed in his crate but seems unconcerned when other dogs approach the crate while he is eating.  He eats dry kibble readily and, especially in the evening, is especially attentive to his person until his meals arrives, shadowing me even more closely as dinnertime nears.

Corey loves dog beds for purposes of play or as a place to enjoy a chew toy – he prefers to stretch out on a bare floor for purposes of resting but will now curl up in a bagel-type bed when we are settled in for our group naps.  He has developed a game of ‘bed tag’ with my younger dog in which they play tag back and forth across the beds, using them as home base for their wrestling. He also likes to play chase in the back yard with my two youngest dogs but is careful not to disturb my oldest dog, AKA the ‘fun police’, with his exuberance. As much as he loves to play with other dogs, he prefers human company to canine companionship and will leave even the most intense dog games say hello and get a good hug and body rub. If I am working, he stretches out nearby to keep watch for any opportunity to engage with me or at least keep watch as I work. He is extremely dedicated to his person and generally follows me wherever I move around the house – I never have to open a cabinet alone! Corey is very curious and likes to stay busy so he is glad to be ‘at the ready’ to join me in any chore. He does defer to the vacuum cleaner, however, tagging along safely tucked in behind me and conscientiously keeping an escape route open. He is also uncharacteristically cowed by me picking up anything like a curtain rod, yardstick, or short board, causing me to suspect he has in the past been whipped with such – so unnecessary! This is such an extremely smart, cooperative dog…yes, sometimes his exuberance gets in the way of him immediately understanding what is being asked of him but, with consistency, he learns quickly and learns WELL, readily adopting the behaviors desired by his person as his default mode.

Corey is a fun, fun dog – he wouldn’t have it any other way! – and has the physical and mental capabilities to excel at ANYTHING… with the notable exception of ‘couch potato’! He is a delightful little character and is guaranteed to make you smile with his sweet devotion, joyful antics, eagerness to learn and general enthusiasm for life. Though he has not shown herding tendencies, Corey is a very energetic and rough player with a tendency to jump up and bounce off of people in play and a tendency to put his mouth gently on hands or arms in a very retriever-like desire to hold things.  As a result, a home without children under 12 is recommended. Corey is looking for a very active home, preferably with another dog playmate for wrestling and chase games, and an adopter with the skills to help him continue to develop. He would likely enjoy agility, flyball, tracking, lure coursing and other activities where running and extreme activity are involved. He is a spectacular sport prospect for the right person who brings to the table patience, consistency, and the ability to appreciate and indulge the extreme athleticism and talent of this exceptional little dog.


Update 9/15/16


Corey just had his first day of class in the beginning obedience course at our dog training club and he was AMAZING!  He has tremendous natural ability to ignore distractions which is evident on his walks and such but was especially evident in that first class in unfamiliar surroundings, unfamiliar dogs (most of them young, rowdy and obviously new to training), lots of strange people, unfamiliar activities and it didn’t bother him a bit – he showed exceptional focus and, when a huge young unruly Aussie broke away from its owner and charged over to us, Corey not only didn’t so much as flinch let alone break his sit but he didn’t even break his ‘watch me’ except for a quick glance at the dog when it nosed him…and it’s the first time we have EVER done ‘watch me’! Or ‘maintain sit’ outside my living room! He learned everything presented that night incredibly fast and was eager for more. The instructor came up afterward to comment that Corey was a phenomenal performance prospect. Such focus, energy, athleticism, trainability and striking good looks to boot! Well done, Corey-Orey boy!


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