My name is Nyle!

Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Nyle
Photo 1 - Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Nyle
Photo 2 - Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Nyle
Photo 3 - Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Nyle
Photo 4 - Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption in Fargo, North Dakota - Nyle
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4 Luv of Dog Rescue

Facts about Nyle

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Color: Unknown
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 9970948-3385


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Name: Nyle
Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Age:  1 Year
Size: Large   66 lbs.

Adoption Donation:  $180 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.  
Other:  Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Older/considerate children only



Nyle is a handsome, young, energetic dude!


Foster Home Feedback

10/11/16 Volunteer Feedback:  I had the pleasure of watching Nyle last weekend when his foster was out of town. I had previously met Nyle before he had a foster and was at the shelter,  so seeing him in a home was great!  He really showed what a wonderful dog he is when he is able to be in a home environment. During the weekend I was watching Nyle, he got to interact with my two dogs. Nyle did so great with my two dogs even though one of them keep growling at him most of the time, which as soon as this happened, Nyle just backed off.  Nyle did not react aggressively towards my dogs at all and just wanted to play with them. 

Nyle is such a well-mannered dog, he doesn’t jump up on the couch or bed. He kennels without any issues, and he is a good listener. Nyle’s favorite thing is to play catch. He drops the ball for you so you can throw it again...he really loves balls.
In the house, Nyle just wants to be where you are; he will follow you around the house. He is also great at cuddling. Every time I sat down on the floor to pet Nyle, he came right up and sat on my lap and just loved being petted.  Watching Nyle over the weekend went great and Nyle is truly a wonderful dog that needs someone that can understand his needs.  He is such a fun dog and will be an awesome best friend to a lucky person. 

9/25/16: Mr. Nyle is easily the most intelligent dog I have ever encountered, he is so task driven and pays such close attention to his "job" of playing with, squeaking and retrieving balls of all sorts.   A few weeks back he was evaluated by an out of state canine center to see if he would be a good candidate for training as a "working" dog in search and rescue or things like sniffing drugs/explosives...and he did so well he was accepted!  However, it soon became apparent that although Nyle loved working...he did not love and was very stressed being subjected to a constantly changing environment and it was decided he would do best in a home setting, and I was happy to drive 1,000 miles to bring him back!

Nyle is such a good dog in our home...he is excellent with his little fluffy foster brothers.  He sleeps quietly on our main floor in his kennel even though the rest of us sleep upstairs.  My husband can even go downstairs, put the coffee pot on and then go back upstairs and get ready for work and Nyle just continues to quietly lay there.  He knows that I will soon be down to release him from his kennel, go outside and then serve breakfast.  In my home outside is playtime and Nyle will retrieve for as long as your arm holds out.  He knows there are no balls allowed in the house and when he is ready to come in he will 'knock' on the door and drop whichever ball he has in his mouth.  If he isn't ready to come inside when I do, he will curl up on a dog bed in the garage and keep an eye on the shelf where the arsenal of balls is kept on the off chance I will come back out and throw some more!  He has mastered patience. 

Nyle is a quiet dog in the house, rarely barks and when you tell him the house rules, he doesn't forget.  No counter surfing, getting into waste baskets, or chewing on anything other than his bones or Kong and then only in his kennel.  He is also quiet when in the backyard.  He doesn't bark at the neighbors or their dog thru the fence.  We do a lot of walking and he is a dream on leash.  Tonight a gray squirrel scampered on the sidewalk for about half a block right in front of us and although he was alert and watching it...he didn't bark or strain on the leash to go after him.  A gentle reminder of "leave it" was all he needed.   And when we go by homes with dogs who bark at us he doesn't react either.  The leave it command is one he has mastered.  You should also know he loves car rides and is a great traveling companion and when he was introduced to the lake he absolutely went nuts with joy splashing and swimming! 

For all of Nyle's wonderful attributes, he has one area he struggles with and that is: he is wary of strangers (especially men)...and he does not want strangers to lean over and pet him.  So Nyle needs close supervision when meeting new people.  All it takes is a few treats and some limited activity like taking a walk with him or throwing the ball and he is soon your friend and once you are his friend, you are his friend forever.  Nyle is openly affectionate without being bothersome.  I never tire of him coming and laying his beautiful head on my lap, looking at me with his soulful and trusting eyes.  I feel so loved and I'm pretty sure he knows that love is returned. 

Nyle has been good with the older children he has been introduced to.  But having said that, Nyle's dream home would be one without a lot of people coming and going, so a home without children might be best.  He will also need a 5-6' board/plastic fence as he easily mastered climbing chain link and opening even heavy metal gates at the shelter...I told you he was smart!  

Nyle is a work in progress but with love, patience and positive reinforcement training I hope he will come to realize he has nothing to fear from new people. He has had a tumultuous first year of life...somehow he ended up with animal control in Minnesota...and then when his time was up there 4 Luv agreed to take him so he would not be euthanized.  He resided in our overflow shelter for 4 months until finally getting into a foster home.  He is a wonderful dog and I know he will make some person or family a wonderful companion.  And until that time I will love him for you. 

8/25/16:  Finally Nyle has a foster home and I am so glad it is me!  This poor guy has been in the rescue for many months waiting for a foster and when a spot opened up at my home I knew Nyle was the one.  He has been a favorite of many building volunteers and with good reason.  He has such a positive attitude and just makes you smile when doing shifts at the shelter.  He has had many volunteers working with him on his manners and I am happy to report in the two days he has been here he has been P E R F E C T!!  This boy is sooooo smart, has tremendous energy when outside playing fetch, but then is quiet in the house.  He walks absolutely perfect with an easy walk harness and has no reaction to meeting other dogs, bikes, people or busy traffic.  Just calmly stays on task. Nyle has never barked on a walk either.  Tonight during our 10 pm walk, I was startled by a man coming around the corner of his house smoking...Nyle didn't react at all...just calmly continued walking. 

Squeaker balls are Nyle's favorite toys and I think he would play fetch forever.  I have a big evergreen in the corner of our backyard and if the ball goes in amongst the branches and is hidden...he will search until he finds it. 

When Nyle was at the shelter, he would get pretty excited when it was his turn for playing or walking and sometimes would jump up.  Here at my house, I am not seeing that at all.  He follows me around the house, but when it comes time to go outside to play or take a walk, he is very easy to get leashed up.  I am sure with each passing day, he will settle into a very easy routine.  Today, he rode with me when delivering Meals on Wheels and he was totally content riding in the back seat.  He never whined or was anxious when I left my vehicle to bring the meals inside to my elderly clients; he never barked at random people in apartment parking lots either.  Just quietly and calmly went along for the ride. 

Right now as I am typing, he was quietly laying behind me...and when I turned to see where he was his head came up...his tail began wagging and he came over and laid his beautiful head on my lap and looked straight into my eyes.  Then he calmly laid back down after a few moments.  A perfect way to end his second day at our home.  Stay tuned for more Nyle updates as we discover more about this handsome dude! 

6/14/16 Feedback from Volunteer and Dog Trainer: Nyle is a very energetic, smart and sweet dog. He is eager to please and picks up on positive reinforcement training quickly. He does well with other dogs and enjoys being with people. I have taken Nyle on a few field trips (coffee shop, car rides, pet supply store, a friend’s house and Island Park). He has done well in the different setting we have visited. 

He has been fearful during exams at the Veterinary office but we have been working on training to help him feel more relaxed during his exams. We are also working on his leash manners and other skills. He is doing very well and he is a lot of fun to be around.

Nyle is a young dog who would love an adoptive home that would be very active with him. I think he has potential to be a great running buddy. He loves to play fetch, go for walks and be with people. His adoptive home will get a 50% discount on a 6 week group Foundation manners /obedience class at Down Dog Studio or 2 free private lessons. Please consider giving Nyle a loving forever home.

6/1/16 Volunteer Feedback: Nyle is so much fun to have around! He is a goof and loves to make you laugh. He has quite a bit of energy, but will take it upon himself to tire himself out with some toys or a yard to run around in. He is a very happy go-lucky guy that always has a positive attitude. I can't wait to see him every week because he just brings a smile to my face. He also seems like he wants to please humans and will do what you ask of him. Whenever I come into the kennel room, he is sitting quietly at the door of his kennel because he knows I'll give him a treat (Or he's flopped half on his bed and half on the floor, taking a nap. It's hilarious). If you're looking for an energetic dog that's ready for a few adventures, Nyle would fit right in. He is such a goofy sweetheart! I promise you'll always have a good time with him around.

5/28/16 Volunteer Feedback: Oh Nyle, what can I say?! Nyle loves to play fetch! He is always up for anything when I have my shift at our building. He is also pretty smart, but does need some work on basic manners. He's learned how to open our gates, so we have to use clips on the gates to keep him inside his kennel. Nyle does have a lot of energy, so a very active home would be best for him. I would suggest no young kids as he is on the bigger size and with his energy he might accidentally knock them down.  Nyle is dog friendly and just a friendly guy in general but you will have to hold onto his leash tight if he decides he wants to greet somebody. I actually got him to run along side while I biked the other weekend. It was a challenge at first because he does like to pull but we worked as a team and got a good run out of him. 
Nyle will need some basic obedience work for sure. He also will require a lot of exercise to keep his energy level manageable. However, he is goofy sweet guy who is just happy. I would also suggest he would do best in a home that has worked with dogs and can continue to work with him, so he can become the best mannered dog you would be proud of to own. He is one of my favorites at the building. How can you not like him when he is so happy all the time?!


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