My name is Meesha & Maya!

Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Greenwood, Louisiana - Meesha & Maya
Photo 1 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Greenwood, Louisiana - Meesha & Maya
Photo 2 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Greenwood, Louisiana - Meesha & Maya
Photo 3 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Greenwood, Louisiana - Meesha & Maya
Photo 4 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Greenwood, Louisiana - Meesha & Maya
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I'm being cared for by:
Rockers Rescue

Facts about Meesha & Maya

  • Breed: Domestic Mediumhair
  • Color: Tortoiseshell
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 10640154
  • Hair: Medium

So I have decided to call Meesha and Maya bonded. I am not positive if it is true... but if a family took just one it would have to be a test to see. They have been together about 4.5 years I'd say. They very much enjoy each others company and I'm honestly not sure how they would do around another cat. Meesha would probably do well but Maya would take adjusting. 

Basics and Vetting: Meesha is around 4 or 5 years old. She is a chunky black kitty. Maya turned 6 in July she resembles a Main Coon yet her mother was a Tortoiseshell. So she is a lovely mix of the two. They are to be indoors cats but Meesha, the black one, did use to be an inside/outside cat. She will still try to sneak out of the house if you don't watch her with open doors. Both are spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped under the rescue, and  had FIV/FeLV test done that was negative . They also get revolution regularly. Adoption fee $50 for the pair. 

Meesha: Black Domestic Short hair,12.4lbs last weight check, Meesha is a very friendly cat... she tends to enjoy playing in the bath tub from time to time (no water added haha)  She enjoys looking out windows and being a Use to sleep in bed with her owner at times then wander off to play in the tub some more in the night. She was found at an army base in NC. She was pregnant so her kittens were rehomed, she was spayed, and became an inside only cat. Whilst sometimes she will try to run out the door for freedom to roam she is monitored to be kept inside for her own safety. Meesha is a more laid back type cat. Good with children. At the vet she chilled on the counter, jumped in their sink, and tried to climb in their cabinets....shes a hoot!She is good around dogs but currently a "not so cat friendly dog" is in her home and she is stuck on the other end of the house. She comes out at night to play in the rest of the house. Due to having "fewer land to roam" she has gotten pretty chunky. 

Maya:    Tourtoise Shell and Main Coon Mix 11.4lbs last weight check, . Maya was born in a bush with her siblings on an army base in NC. She has beautiful fluffy hair that should be brushed every now and then to prevent matting. Maya likes to have her own places to relax... top of a cabinet... shes happy. Room with a castle just for her.... she will be the queen. If you tap your chest she will jump her front feet up on you to greet you. Don't think you're too special though..she is shy at first to new people. Lets say you have guests come over.... you will forget she existed then when things calm down she may be rubbing her beautiful fluffy self all over your guest. She use to sleep in bed with her owner at times.  I would say she is more of a shy type cat and come around when she is comfortable. If your home is dog free... she would probably be a lot more comfortable. 

While Meesha is child friendly...Maya here would rather be the queen and not deal with children. So she retreats to her castle when they come near. She prefers a more calm environment. Like I said...Queen Maya.... if you can make her a queen...she will be a very loving and beautiful one! 

Maya WAS adopted recently and returned after 3 days because she was scared and meowing. To me that is adjusting, but I am still not sure if she is bonded with Meesha. So whomever gets the pair has to understand MAYA WILL NEED TIME TO ADJUST TO A NEW HOME. Anytime they have moved in the past they had to adjust... They need to find a family that understand that and then can spoil them for life. 

I will tell their reason for rehoming to anyone seriously interested in the pair. 



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