My name is BUBBA!

English Setter/Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania - BUBBA
Photo 1 - English Setter/Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania - BUBBA
Photo 2 - English Setter/Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania - BUBBA
Photo 3 - English Setter/Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania - BUBBA
Photo 4 - English Setter/Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania - BUBBA
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I'm being cared for by:
Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue

Facts about BUBBA

  • Breed: English Setter/Australian Cattle Dog Mix
  • Color: Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White)
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 16-118
Gender: Male, neutered
Age: estimated age 5-7 years
Size/Weight: 61 lbs.
Color: Blue-speckled tri-color
Breed: (Best guess) English Setter/Australian Cattle Dog mix

General Foster Comments: What happens when you mix a floppy-eared setter with an Australian cattle dog? It’s the Better Setter! Though we love our crazy English Setters, having a mellow mix breed has been a nice change of pace! Bubba (named at the shelter) was found as stray in Ohio and was not claimed. He was on the euthanasia list and so he was pulled into Above and Beyond to save his life. And what a great life it is! He’s a fantastic dog—happy, mellow, and affectionate. He may be just the dog you didn’t know you wanted when perusing the English Setter site! He’s got a thick, beautiful coat and a lovely foxlike tail. He’s got nice manners, enjoys his bowl of food, has no interest in table scraps, rides well in the car, likes to play with tennis balls and ropes, and gets along well with everyone!

Socialization/training: Bubba knows “sit” and comes to you when called. He chases birds around the yard occasionally, but with his mix, he’s probably more of a herder than a birder.

Good with Children: Yes! Bubba is a friendly fella. He likes kids and goes to lay down next to the boy’s bed at night when he’s tired. He’s in a foster home with kids in grade school and high school. Please see behavioral section for more details for homes with small children.

Good with Dogs: Yes! He’s very friendly with other dogs in the house and neighborhood dogs as well.

Good with Cats: Yes. He is mostly indifferent to cats after the first sniff-over. The resident cats walk by him and step over his legs when he’s sleeping. He growled at one cat who was trying to eat out of his bowl when he was eating, but she got the hint and that was that.

House-trained: Yes. Before his neutering, he did lift his leg to mark a few times, but has not had other incidents.

Crate-trained: No. Bubba does not like being in the crate. He sleeps in the master bedroom at night on the floor and often moves to the cool tile. He was contained in a laundry room when home alone, but figured out how to open the pocket door to let himself out. Since he didn’t destroy anything, he has been allowed free roam when home alone.

Leash-trained: Yes. He’s a very easy walker and does not pull! He is able to be walked by a child who weighs less than he does!

Activity Level: Moderate. He’s playful when engaged, but very mellow in the house. He can run surprisingly fast outside and barrels at you when called!

Fence: Not required, but always helpful. He doesn’t have much vertical, so any fence should be fine. There’s a chance he could be a digger if left out alone, though we’ve only seen him bury treats in woodchips with his nose! He could probably be easily trained on an electric fence. The joy of a setter-mix is that when his foster family is working outside, he can be trusted off-leash if someone is keeping an eye on him. He will trot down the sidewalk, but mostly just lays down near his people.

Behavior: Bubba is a big sweetie! He loves affection and getting scratches and pets. If you sit on the floor, he becomes a lap dog. He generally does not jump up. The only concern with Bubba is how he expresses affection: he likes to gently put people’s arms and dog’s snouts in his mouth. He does not bite down when he does this and he is clearly happy as can be, but nonetheless, we are trying to break him of this habit. He stops doing it when he sees a water squirt bottle, so he’s figuring it out. Though he’s clearly doing this in a friendly manner, we are recommending he not go to a home with small children as it might scare little kids. He shows no signs of aggression.

Medical History: Bubba has been fully vetted and recently neutered. The vet said he appears to be healthy and fit. He had a little clicking in his back left leg that could turn arthritic someday but not abnormal at his age. (Join the club, Bubba.) He had a faint positive test for Lyme’s, which means he was exposed to it at some point in the past and has antibodies present though he shows no signs of illness now. His side teeth are in great condition but his front teeth have been worn down from chewing (probably in a kennel). His weight was spot on. Bubba was injured at some point; his nose bones were broken and apparently healed without vet intervention. We’re not sure how and Bubba’s not talking; it looks like he had a car door or trap close on it or perhaps he was struck with something heavy like a metal pipe. Whatever it was, it could not have felt good. His breathing, smelling, and eating seem unaffected and he shows no sign of pain when his snout is handled.

Foster Location: Madison, Wisconsin.
In most cases, volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue is not a shelter, but a group of volunteers who are committed to finding excellent homes for the dogs in our program. All of our dogs are living in foster homes in states across the country. Often times a dog is not geographically close to where an adopter lives. When possible, transport assistance is provided at no cost to the adopter. Our transports are coordinated by the Above and Beyond ES Rescue Transport volunteers and driven by volunteers. For more information and to complete an application, please visit the Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue website,

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Mission Statement

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue's goal is rescuing English Setters in need of new homes. While in our care the dogs will be vetted, spayed or neutered, and evaluated in foster homes, where they can learn love and
stability and we can determine which type of home would work best for each dog. Once adopted Above and Beyond volunteers will be available for the dogs and adopters for each dogs life, with advice and support. Our mission is
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Each home will be carefully screened to determine whether an English Setter is the correct choice. Home visits will be done as well as reference checks, no dog will be placed before it's time. Every dog rescued by Above and Beyond English Setter rescue will remain in our care until the correct match is found for that dog. English Setters in Above and Beyond's care will never be warehoused. Each dog will live in a home situation (no kennels or living outdoors) as either the ONLY foster dog or one of 2 foster dogs, so a true evaluation of each dog can occur before adoption.

We also will assist shelters housing English Setters by courtesy posting the dogs they have available and if the shelter agrees we will speak to potential adopters about the breed and help with screening.

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Our Adoption Process...

When an application is submitted, you will receive a phone call and an initial interview. The next step is to check your references. Then a home visit will be scheduled, if you are approved through each of the prior steps. Every dog in A and B's program is available until an approved adopter speaks for that dog. No one can speak for any dog until they are approved and we do NOT hold dogs for anyone. We have had people who were disappointed that they did not get the dog they initially applied for, but the ones who hung in there with us would not change a thing now that they have their A & B Dog.

Please Note:
1:You must be at least 21 years old to apply to adopt an A&B Setter.
2: Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
3: Proof of heartworm preventative and testing is required (via vet records or receipts) for current dogs and recently passed dogs.
4: Signature is implied and assumed on e-mail & online Adoption Applications.

Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue's adoption fee is $300.00 for dogs one year and older, $395.00 for puppies and dogs under one year. We have made every attempt at keeping our adoption fee the lowest we could despite the rising costs associated with spaying and neutering, immunizations and other related routine care. In some instances our adoption fee’s never comes close to the care associated before an adoption of one of our dogs takes place. We do feel however that our adoption fee is still less then if the adopter had to pay these expenses out of their pocket. Also remember we include the first year of complete pet recovery protection for your dog with your adoption fee through Pet Shepherd.

Above and Beyond does have dogs in various areas of the country. Do not be discouraged if you are not in our core areas of PA, NJ, MD, DE, NY.See the link below for more information. Seniors and Special Needs dogs are usually less.