My name is Trigger!

Norfolk Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fort Collins, Colorado - Trigger
Photo 1 - Norfolk Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fort Collins, Colorado - Trigger
Photo 2 - Norfolk Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fort Collins, Colorado - Trigger
Photo 3 - Norfolk Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fort Collins, Colorado - Trigger
Photo 4 - Norfolk Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Fort Collins, Colorado - Trigger
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All Aboard Animal Rescue

Facts about Trigger

  • Breed: Norfolk Terrier Mix
  • Color: White - With Gray Or Silver
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Male
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Important Note

Trigger is best friends with Baby. Please adopt both of them so they can stay together!
These poor sweet babies have been so hard to adopt out since we would like them to go together. They have lived together their whole lives and were surrendered to a kill shelter when their owner passed away. They are great sized dogs at 30 and 40lbs. They have hair, so would be a good option for someone looking for a non-shedding dogs. They are both very sweet and friendly. They are house and crate trained, but do not need to be crated. They walk well on a leash and have been learning basic obedience in their foster home. They do well with other dogs and go to the dog park frequently. Baby has a spunky side and is the tougher of the two. Trigger is more of the lover and he always wants to please his person. They just love to be where their person/people are and are pretty mellow dogs overall. These sweet pups will be available at our adoption event this coming Saturday 1/7 at Petco 2211 S. College Ave from 10am-1pm. If you are interested in this friendly girl, please submit an application through our website Please feel free to email with any questions

Notes from their foster:
Overall Impression:
Both dogs are very sweet, well mannered, smart, loving with children, gentle, completely house-trained, non-destructive, low shedding, eager to please, and will be easy to integrate into a family. Baby and Trigger are excellent watch-dogs. As far as dogs go – these two are very easy to handle with a basic understanding of training and commands. Trigger will bond very closely to you and Baby is just happy to be loved.
Home Enviornment:
They are very well behaved, no major issues here. If fact, they are a joy to have in the home. Trigger waits for the opportunity to be in your lap. His only desire is to be in the same room, cuddle, tuck his head under your chin, and fall asleep in your arms. Baby, wants to be in the same room, but will pick a nice warm spot on the couch, watch you, and then jump in your lap for a pat, kiss, short cuddle, and then she will go back to her spot on the couch (while keeping a close eye on you). Read notes on Trigger’s separation anxiety.
Things they love:
• Both love to go on car rides. If you leave the car, Trigger will jump out to be with you – so don’t leave the windows fully down.
• Brushed – they love to be brushed! LOVE It.
• Walking – Both work together very well on walks and don’t pull on leashes when they are reminded. You can walk them side-by-side without drama.
• Dog bones – Nylon bones are the best. Avoid Raw-hide bones - it induces possessive behavior.
• They want to sleep on your bed – not in. And prefer to relax on the couch. I haven’t tried to keep them off furniture because I want to pet them while I relax.
• Baby likes to be in the front seat of the car. Trigger will try and get her to share the seat. If Trigger sits on Baby’s head or steps on her, she will growl, to let him know “This is my spot”. I call her “my little rattlesnake”… It is just her way of letting Trigger know not to sit on my head.
After being with them for over a month, Trigger has (curable) separation anxiety. Trigger will need to be crated (XL Crate) with Baby to help reduce his panic. Trigger has NO separation anxiety when I leave him in the car (He used to freak out, but now patiently waits). It is only in the house. Baby seems to be fine waiting for you in the home. You should keep crate time down to short periods, and extend it as they adjust. Don’t expect to leave them in a crate for a full work day or longer than 4 hours. Start Crate training while feeding him in the crate and you are inside the house.
Baby and Trigger need to warm up to strangers – but they do like people and love children. The key is get as low as possible, don’t make strong eye-contact, offer a treat, be patient, and then they will be your best friends. Tall men with hoods and coats will have to take a few minutes with positive re-enforcement. At the dog park, Baby and Trigger bark at someone, I tell them to leave it, and they will move on. Each day they get better at understanding how to play with other dogs and greeting strangers.
Dog Park:
They both love the dog park, but I suggest putting them in the small-dog area first, to get acclimated to the park energy, and after about 5-10 minutes, let them in the main section. Besides barking at men, Baby and Trigger should not be allowed to “gang-up” on other dogs. They play a rough if they are both allowed to wrestle with one dog. The key is to Stop it before it starts. They play fine with other dogs when separated.
They both like to meet new dogs, but don’t expect Baby to take any guff from an overly playful dog.
Commands: Trigger is always keen to please – Baby (I think it is the Basset Hound) will hear you, but that doesn’t mean she listens to you.
• “Sit” (Trigger/yes) - (Baby/Sometimes)
• “Stay” (Trigger/Yes) - (Baby/ yes/Sometimes)
• “Get-Back” (Trigger/Yes) - (Baby/Yes)
• “Lets go” (both/Yes)
• “Get-In- the car” (Both Yes)
• “No” (Both)
• “Get-in-the-Back” of the car (Trigger Yes)
Off-Lease Commands:
Both dogs do NOT run off. They do well off leash on my mountain property. It took about 3 weeks for me to trust them. I only have horse fences and they can easily run under them. Once they understand where their home is, I can open the front door and they stay within about 30 to 50ft of me. I use a strong command voice and they do listen. Until you establish vocal leadership – they may decide that they are going to make their own decisions as to where they want to go. Be firm and do not yell in a panicked or angry voice.
• “NOOOOO” - Loud Guttural sound (AAAH) and then “NO” …They will stop and turn around
• “Come” or “Come-on” – (Both Yes)
Food: I feed them Fromm Classic from Poudre Pet Supply. They are not overly food driven, but always will take a little human food when given. I have not seen them try and get into the garbage. They are NOT food aggressive / Possessive and can share as needed.

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