My name is Sophia smart girl, loves every!

Shepherd (Unknown Type)/Basenji Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Sophia smart girl, loves every
Photo 1 - Shepherd (Unknown Type)/Basenji Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Sophia smart girl, loves every
Photo 2 - Shepherd (Unknown Type)/Basenji Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Sophia smart girl, loves every
Photo 3 - Shepherd (Unknown Type)/Basenji Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Sophia smart girl, loves every
Photo 4 - Shepherd (Unknown Type)/Basenji Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Sophia smart girl, loves every
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Save A Dog Today (Matchmaker&Adoption Center)

Facts about Sophia smart girl, loves every

  • Breed: Shepherd (Unknown Type)/Basenji Mix
  • Color: Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White)
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: family dog, loves kids
located in Redding CA
fully approved adopter picks up there
please read our adoption process at
and follow steps

Sophia had many outings since the first time and does wonderful​,​
anyone adopting this sweet smart beauty will be very lucky she will make a wonderful family member

Sophia is about ​9 ​

months old weigh in at about 55 pounds tallish (between 22-23 inches tall) and lightweight 
most likely will weigh under 65 pounds once full grown 
beautiful plush tail curls over her back fluffy like a racoon tail

She is a indoor dog with outdoor play and potty

Sophia loves water and chasing around the yard, she loves to explore nature and play with other nice dogs
ready for a life filled with fun. love and adventure with her great stable forever family

She lived in a home with a cat so could be worked with on that, she met a somewhat aggressive cat at petco caged and backed off

She grew up with kids
​while a pup​
that were 7 yrs, 2 years and 6 months old
​ ​
without any issues​, ​

we would love her to go to a home with an older nice child over 8 years

She LOVES other dogs​ ​

and always ready to play
dogs her size or larger
​ ​
never been around small​ tiny​
dogs as of yet

Sophia would love another playful dog at home her size her sweet nature none aggressive
if no other dog at home many weekly playdates would be fine

Sophia is
 very treat motivated
​, ​
she sits and lays down for a yummy​ treats and ​

willing to learn much more

she goes on hikes here with us
she is very good in the car on the ride relaxed and comfy enjoying the ride 
loads up easily too

She is great walking on the 16 foot retractible leash and a no pull harness

does not pull

Sophia thinks everyone loves dogs and wants to greet every person walking by
no fear of bikes, no barking or lunching at anything no aggression issue ever noticed
a human can take her food away (not that we want to do that) but had no problem
also the feet can easily be handled

Takes treats very gentle
takes treats gently

LOVES to give kisses and hugs but learning to only lightly jump up for hugs when asked

Sophia has average energy higher while young pup loves to play a few hours daily but not a hyper dog
she can go for long hikes easily and keep up​ ​

as well as jogging/running
but easily can just hang out too
after some exercise

She would love a more active home that likes doing nature things
or at least go for daily walks and possibly the dog park
unless there's another dog at home
she loves being around other dogs but has never had any bad experiences with dogs so​ ​

she's maybe a tad too trusty

she loves the chase game
​ ​
human or dog chasing her vise versa
she loves and her plush toys she carries them around
but most of all she likes a tight bond with her people
and bond for life

likes blowing bubbles in the water (baby pool) 

has a very soft coat specially her ears and head are super soft
her coat is medium length with an undercoat and very plush and healthy, doesnt seem to be shedding much
shiny coat, black with white markings as well as some brown mixed in like the rim on her ears
and eyebrows 
a very well taken care of pup looking for a super family that can continue where we leave off

Sophia met a 40 pound 6 yr old male dog at the park while walking she wanted to play had no fear nor aggression

just ready to play she has never has a negative experience from another dog so wants to play with all

she met a few other dogs while on her outings and the same
ready to play
she met toddlers and took the treats gentle from them
but she would jump on them so something she will need to learn
not to do which we are working on while time allows

On her outings we stop and sit inside or outside for 30-45 minutes she is fine hanging out with some little minute walks in between and cookies
for her age she's a very well behaved pup but she is a teenager right now
at her young age but no biggy for a dog experienced gentle and good leader

She loves french fries which she got 3 pieces as we do not feed junk but a few pieces now and then why not
only live once
She loves the real meat jerky treats best

Sophia was raised with love never traumatized (only when her sister was adopted leaving her behind
but she is doing just fine now but hoping for the right folks to find her)

We are looking for someone that is home during the day that is ready for a new family member 
another fun dog her size and energy be awesome

must be a home owner over the age of 26 years

adoption fee, references, fenced yard, pics of home

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