My name is Bella and Blanca!

Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium)/Dachshund Mix Dog for adoption in Sterling Heights, Michigan - Bella and Blanca
Photo 1 - Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium)/Dachshund Mix Dog for adoption in Sterling Heights, Michigan - Bella and Blanca
Photo 2 - Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium)/Dachshund Mix Dog for adoption in Sterling Heights, Michigan - Bella and Blanca
Photo 3 - Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium)/Dachshund Mix Dog for adoption in Sterling Heights, Michigan - Bella and Blanca
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I'm being cared for by:
Precious Pets Adoption League

Facts about Bella and Blanca

  • Breed: Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium)/Dachshund Mix
  • Color: White - With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: Foster: Gina
Approx. birthdate: October 2014. The following story and description of Bella and Blanca were written in the form of a letter from their original rescuer and foster person in Puerto Rico to the head of Precious Pets.

Meet the twins--Bella and Blanca.... They are inseparable and have been since the day we first met them.
These two have had an extremely hard life and lived on the streets for who knows how long until they found us. They still have ligature marks on their necks from being inhumanely tethered at some point.
They are reserved, but loving and easy to care for. I am heartbroken at having to let them go. My circumstances don't allow me to keep all 20 of these precious animals who have become my children. I need more than anything for them to be safe. They would certainly die if they stayed here in Puerto Rico. They deserve to be loved and nurtured.
Gina, if by some chance you cannot find a home together for them, please know that I will pay to have them shipped back to me. They would be lost without each other and I will figure something out.
Giving these two away is a heartbreak I cannot explain. Especially Blanca--my little tubby girl....
These two would show up on our block off and on for 3 months looking for food, and I honestly thought something was wrong with their legs because they were always crawling on their bellies submissively whenever we or our pack approached them. They were desperate for affection. And they were never, ever aggressive, even on first approach. Never.
Blanca was so desperate to be a part of our pack and would sleep under our truck on the street side. One night we heard her yelping in pain. When we ran out to see what was wrong, we could see that a car had run over her front paw. We took her in and she has been with us ever since. She is my little Buddah. I love her so much.
Blanca chortles when she is excited, and in the mornings she jumps up on the bed to say hello! hello! She is not a kisser but both Blanca and Bella will show their love and gratitude, once they feel safe. They are reserved but they wag their tails to let you know how they feel!! They eat out of your hand without ever snapping and Bella LOVES blue organic tortilla chips.
Bella is much more reserved than Blanca but she lets you know she is happy by her tail as well.
Blanca will growl if she doesn't want to be bothered by someone (one of the pack) and doesn't like anyone else eating from her plate (except her sister). They wait for their turn when we hand feed everyone, and do not jump up or snap. They wait for their name to be called and then move forward. They respond to gentle voices and loving confirmations that they are safe. They understand when they do something wrong.
They are not chewers or physically destructive. They love bully sticks, chicken tenders and love to chew on bones. We feed them chicken, liver, hot dogs, pork and gruel made from dog food, chicken stock rice and dry dog food. Dry food is out all day and Blanca and Bella many times prefer to eat that.
Cute warning....... They are very, very, VERY stiff when you pick them up they turn into plump little statues. It makes them more endearing to me...
They are cooperative when getting baths and will not fight or fuss. They like to stand up with their paws on the lip of the sink.
Blanca usually sleeps alone on a mat at night apart from all of us (in the living room), where Bella likes to sleep in the bedroom with all of us but prefers a quiet corner to herself. They don't jump on the bed like the rest of the crew, but they will come up when invited. I love the mornings when Blanca does come on the bed and snuggles into me to say she is grateful for another day.
They love, love love the beach! and are trained to come (when they feel like it) to a whistle. When at the beach they separate from us and explore for hours. We usually have to wait for them at the truck but they always come back happy and covered in mud!
They know their names and will come from another room when called. They both use the doggy door and are 100% house broken. They did grow up on the streets so they should not be left unsupervised with cats. We have 8 kittens roaming freely in the house now and another 10 outside and they are fine when we are home, but they have chased cats here when they first came to us.
These two need each other and always wind up doing everything together. They play tug of war, lay together and will always seek each other out for assurance that the other is close after they have been apart. Bella seems to be the older sister here.
They need a mellow, loving and patient household that will be impressed by their small gestures of love and appreciate that for them their small gestures are gigantic.
Please, please pass my contact detail on to their new family as I would love to know how they are and would be happy to answer any questions about my two special girls. I hope they will let me know how they are.....
My dream was to keep Blanca and Bella.... I love them so much... so very much. Now my dream for them is that they find safety and love with kind and loving people and that they somehow remember where they came from so they can appreciate more fully where they land.
Thank you Gina, for everything...
I will never be able to articulate how grateful I am for the kindness, devotion, compassion and stamina you demonstrate in helping these forgotten innocents. I am forever indebted to you.
Thank you Gina. thank you.
love, hugs and respect

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