My name is Aurora!

Collie/Husky Mix Dog for adoption in Pueblo West, Colorado - Aurora
Photo 1 - Collie/Husky Mix Dog for adoption in Pueblo West, Colorado - Aurora
Photo 2 - Collie/Husky Mix Dog for adoption in Pueblo West, Colorado - Aurora
Photo 3 - Collie/Husky Mix Dog for adoption in Pueblo West, Colorado - Aurora
Photo 4 - Collie/Husky Mix Dog for adoption in Pueblo West, Colorado - Aurora
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I'm being cared for by:
Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue, Inc.

Facts about Aurora

  • Breed: Collie/Husky Mix
  • Color: White - With Gray Or Silver
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 10712127
 Aurora is a lovely young adult "combo dog."  We are guessing that she is a combination of a Husky with a dab of rough Collie.  She seems to have inherited the best traits of both breeds......the gentle nature of the Collie and the inquisitive nature of the Husky.  Aurora is a happy dog but somewhat independent unlike the herding breeds that will be constantly underfoot. She is about 2 years old and has been spayed, completely vaccinated and microchipped with a Home Again chip.  She is also heartworm negative and has great baseline bloodwork.  A six foot fence is a must for this pooch.  She can sail over a 4 or 5 foot fence like a deer sails through the forest.  Someone spent a good deal of time with this pooch earlier in her life.  The shelter was surprised that her owner did not come looking for her. (I am always surprised that owners are not pounding on the doors of municipal shelters, desperately looking for their beloved pets.  We certainly would be, wouldn't we?  Aurora is housebroken and has some basic obedience knowledge but could certainly use more.  She loves to play with toys and will play fetch forever, bringing the toy back to her human. Other dogs are all new potential friends but she has the Husky trait of not being safe with cats in her home.  Another young companion dog of similar size and energy will help make the rest of her life enjoyable.  And she needs people around her a great deal of the time to channel her energy constructively.   She eats with gusto which is good because she needs to gain about 10-15#, from 46# currently.  I had to confer with my "husky buddy" Karen about traits that are not unusual for that breed.  Huskies tend to be thinkers and she may test the boundaries of her surroundings such as the height of a fence or a gate or what may be on the kitchen counter that looks yummy. Countertops are no match for a determined Husky following her nose. She also might love to chase the water from a garden hose or splash in a wading pool in warm weather.  And Aurora has already shown off her singing voice as she howls at sirens and yet does not seem to be much of a barker.  Without a completed adoption application, we can't begin to consider Aurora as a potential next best friend for your family.  We also realize that she is gorgeous but if your family does not meet her needs, you will not be considered.  We hate to disappoint potential adopters but with us, it is doggies first.  

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Collies and shelties want to be with "their people" and are meant to be inside dogs. They would be miserable left outside. We are seeking adopters who want their dog to be an indoor family member.

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We do not adopt out dogs that will be given as gifts.

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Both collies and shelties can be barkers. If this will be an issue for you or your neighbors, please give this consideration.

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