My name is Tango ~ Blonde Bachelor!!

Pomeranian/American Eskimo Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Caldwell, New Jersey - Tango ~ Blonde Bachelor!
Photo 1 - Pomeranian/American Eskimo Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Caldwell, New Jersey - Tango ~ Blonde Bachelor!
Photo 2 - Pomeranian/American Eskimo Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Caldwell, New Jersey - Tango ~ Blonde Bachelor!
Photo 3 - Pomeranian/American Eskimo Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Caldwell, New Jersey - Tango ~ Blonde Bachelor!
Photo 4 - Pomeranian/American Eskimo Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Caldwell, New Jersey - Tango ~ Blonde Bachelor!
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I'm being cared for by:
The FernDog Rescue Foundation

Facts about Tango ~ Blonde Bachelor!

  • Breed: Pomeranian/American Eskimo Dog Mix
  • Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 10827985

Tango’s Woof-Facts

  • Male, Pomeranian (possibly American Eskimo Mix), 2-1/2 years old, 16 lbs.
  • Urgently needs foster home, currently in boarding (was in temp foster prior)
  • Super-smart; quick learner; walks with pride; handsome as heck!
  • Home with no children required. Only dog in the home preferred; if you have another dog, experienced dog owner is necessary. No other pets.
  • Needs to continue training for resource guarding and barking; FernDog trainer available to help


Quick Introduction to Tango

First thing: My handsome self urgently needs a foster home! Whew, just needed to put that on the table. So besides my Paul Newman looks, I’m incredibly smart. I’ve learned a number of commands in a very condensed period of time. I truly enjoy going for walks – I can be leash reactive (most-so with barker-type dogs; hey, we all have our quirks), but we believe it’s workable with more training, and we’ve already made progress. Despite that, I strut my stuff like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Believe you-me, I can even rival him on the dance floor – yup, I’ve been known to hop and dance, and I even know the command “dancing-dancing.” Might sound a bit 1970’s to you, but it’s actually for real! With adults that I know, I’m very affectionate, clingy and love to be held. It does take me a little time to become comfortable with someone new, so you’ll need to have some patience. There are other things I’ll need an experienced dog owner to work with me on, like resource guarding and barking, but those are only a small part of me. Deep inside, I’m a belly-rubbing lapdog who just wants to be calm, cool and collected, and I need someone to assist me in continuing my progress to get there. Please read on and let me know if you think you’re the one.

Tango’s Background

I’m originally a Rhinestone Cowboy – was born and bred in Tennessee (yee-haw!). Not sure how horseback landed me in this state, but I was adopted into a family through a Northern NJ animal shelter. It was going OK for a while, but then things weren’t working out. It was a high-energy household with young kids, two other dogs and two cats, and I was having guarding issues. The family decided they couldn’t keep me, and my fate was tested, right down to the wire – literally! Despite these circumstances, I thankfully ended up at the right place at the right time, and mutual animal rescue contacts got me into the FernDog family (whew—I dodged a Wild West bullet there for sure!).


Tango’s Typical Day

I’m boarding at FernDog’s super-fantastic veterinary partner right now. I get lots of attention from the animal-loving staff, but I’m urgently looking for a foster home, or my forever people, where I can lay next to you on the couch and get my much-needed belly rubs. As you know, I’m a work-in-progress (we all are in some way), so I also need someone who can show me how to behave in certain situations so I can become an even better me! When I was in a temporary foster situation, my foster mom worked with me on my tendency to be leash reactive, and I made incredible progress. She’s the one who also taught me those commands I mentioned earlier (like sit, roll, paw and more). Let me share other parts of our day with you: At about 7am, we’d go out so I could “do my business”; then I’d eat breakfast. She’d go to work, and her other-half would take me on a walk a few hours later. He’d then go to work, and I’d be gated in the kitchen with my stuffed Kong — which would keep me busy AND happy! When my foster mom got home about five hours later, we’d go for another walk and have dinner. Next up, dreamiest part of the evening: PLAYTIME (fetch with my squeaky toys is my fav!) and SNUGGLE TIME. I’m a man who loves affection, being held, and snuggling up right next to my people (I guess you can say that I’m very much in touch with my feminine side). After that, it’s the last potty of the night before bedtime, when I get my dental treat and my beauty rest (yes, I do have to work on being this gorgeous too – wink). When my foster mom had days off while I was under her care, she’d take me for long walks and even to the dog park – both of which were super fun and active.

Recently, the FernDog volunteers took me to an adoption event. They noticed how I’ve improved with my interaction and play with other dogs. They also saw that when they’d walk me and call my name, I’d immediately turn my head, look at them and continue to keep my eyes right on them – and they liked that I now had that ability.

Tango’s Medical

Overall, I’m in great health. I just got my dental cleaning, so I have that Hollywood smile! I have a bit of a sensitive stomach, and I’ve been doing well on the new food I’ve been eating — Hill’s Rx Diet I/D wet food and Dry Grain Free Merrick. I’m fed twice a day, and dry food is left out for me. I’m not a typical dog when it comes to my eating behavior, I actually don’t wolf down my food – I graze. I actually find that to be chivalrous!


Living with Tango

An adult-only home is needed for me. And my being the only dog in the home is preferred (no other pets please, as I’m enticed to chase those little tykes around the house, like cats and ferrets). If you already have another dog but would love to have me as your foster or forever family member, you’d need to be a dog-savvy person. I’m OK playing with other dogs, but because of my resource guarding, we feel living with another dog would not be ideal. So how about this: We can go to a dog park (I like the small dogs section – big dogs are something I’m learning to warm up to), or we can make play dates with other doggies when we need our mutual dog-fix. Then you and I can go back to our “home sweet home” and chill. Couple more things: I’m not a big fan of car rides (but I’ll put myself in gear and go with it) or the sound of the dishwasher (boy, that thing makes a lot of noise – I guess it’s because it doesn’t like doing the dishes either).

Tango’s Foster or Forever Home

If you’ve read my story this far, I think I’ve peaked your interest! I know my handsomeness is irresistible! But we want to make sure that you understand physical attraction only can go so far. Will you be the one to give me routine, structure, and continue to teach me how to share my toys, not be leash reactive, and be a good Rhinestone Cowboy? Will you give me the forever loving care to help me feel cool, calm and collected? Hey, next thing you know, we’ll be doing our Pom-Pom Strut right to the Westminster Dog Show (woof)! OK, let’s not go that far, but I wanted you to know that I also have a sense of humor! Please make my dream of finding my loving and teaching foster or forever home come true as soon as possible. When you call my name, I’ll be there… I’ll make sure to turn around, look right at you, and continue in your gaze with my Paul Newman eyes, forevermore.

About The FernDog Rescue Foundation

About Our Rescue Group...

We are a small rescue that started in January 2013 after years of working for different rescues and decided to join forces to start our own rescue/foster program. With over 20 years of combined experience with animals (rescue, training, advocacy), we learned that many dogs are not properly matched up with the right families. We realize that no one is at fault here since the overpopulation of homeless pets is staggering and animal advocates what to spare these precious dogs lives by finding homes as opposed to being euthanized. We decided that we would do our small part and keep our rescue small so we can focus on getting to know the personality of each dog in our foster program, doing proper evaluations and temperament testing, putting each dog through any type of training services they may need, and completing a thorough screening for all applicants which includes a mandatory home visit all BEFORE the dog gets matched up with a compatible family. Our mission statements says:
The mission of The FernDog Rescue Foundation is to help dogs at risk by providing foster homes that will nurture their physical and emotional health, help locate the ideal forever homes for them while providing support and training to help assure that their stay in their new homes is permanent. In addition we focus on developing programs to promote pet adoption services and raise public awareness by providing community education of the issues surrounding animal rescue.

Come Meet Our Pets...

The FernDog Rescue Foundation does adoption events every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at Pet Valu in W. Caldwell NJ from 12-3p , the 2nd Sunday of the month at PetValu in Clifton NJ from 12-3p and every 4th Sunday at Petco in Verona NJ from 12p-3p.
All of our dogs are current on our website and our application can be found online as well.

Our Adoption Process...

The application is the first step in our adoption process. We will screen all applications through a vet reference check, 3 personal reference checks, phone interview and a mandatory home visit. An adoption donation is required of $300 (adult dogs), $350 (puppies), $200 (seniors/special needs), which covers the cost of spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccines and preventatives per the dog’s age, health check, fecal / deworming as needed and heartworm testing and treatment as needed.
Contract will be signed at time of adoption with a set of guidelines which include, mandatory microchip registration at time of adoption, agreement to return the dog to FernDog if care can no longer be provided at any time during the life of the dog, all animals will be treated humanely and live indoors and adequate medical care will be provided, etc.