My name is Cisco!

Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Santa Rosa, California - Cisco
Photo 1 - Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Santa Rosa, California - Cisco
Photo 2 - Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Santa Rosa, California - Cisco
Photo 3 - Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Santa Rosa, California - Cisco
Photo 4 - Australian Cattle Dog Mix Dog for adoption in Santa Rosa, California - Cisco
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Herd It Through The Grapevine

Facts about Cisco

  • Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix
  • Color: White - With Black
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 10831608

Cisco is approximately 3 years old and weighs 45 lbs. He is a charming, incredibly loving, smart, silly, playful and sometimes pushy cattle dog, who adores human attention. Cisco’s natural core personality is a submissive, goofy, impish guy with a fun loving sense of humor. He loves cuddling, and often wakes up his foster mom in the morning with a sweet cuddle and kisses. As a cattle dog, he quickly bonds with “his” people and dogs and wants to be right next to them all the time. He is very responsive and super obedient, with an overwhelming desire to do the right thing and please.  He is easy when handled ― and allows his fosters to touch his ears, face, and paws easily. When petted, he relaxes and often lays down for belly rubs (which he loves).

However, he is also a work in progress. Due to his unknown traumatic past, he can be extremely reactive when first encountering some dogs and people. Once he gets over his initial reactiveness and figures out that he is safe, he is fun and super loving with people and other dogs. For this reason, he is only available to adopters who have extensive experience working with reactive dogs.

It is clear that before we rescued Cisco, he was never exposed to or learned things that most household dogs know from an early age. We do not believe he had ever been walked on leash before coming to us. He tends to wander from side to side, but is learning how to walk nicely on leash. He will tug hard when he reacts to another dog or sees a squirrel, but he is mostly gentle and easygoing on leash. Cisco, also did not know how to play with toys when we first rescued him, but now he has his favorites. Initially, he was nervous about getting in the car, but he has learned to enjoy car rides to fun destinations. He will ride  nicely in the backseat or in the front as your co-pilot. Cisco has two HITTGV fosters working with him.  As he is being exposed to positive and fun new experiences, and is learning new things, his fosters can see his confidence grow each day.

After being reactive when he first met his fosters’ dogs, and was nervous about his male foster, he settled in to great relationships with both foster people and their dogs. Cisco does have a difficult time when seeing some dogs and people during walks, and we have opted to use a soft muzzle for him, because in his panicked response to seeing unfamiliar dogs, he sometimes reacts by pulling and snapping indiscriminately, and may accidentally bite those standing nearest to him. His fosters are working with professional trainers, and are making progress in reducing Cisco’s reactiveness.

At his foster home, Cisco has shown great manners in the house (he’s house trained). He is very observant, and a super smart, quick learner, and quickly learned several basic commands―sit, stay, off, leave it, etc. He now sits patiently before he gets his food and to have his leash put on. At mealtimes, once he’s done eating, he waits politely for his foster sisters to finish eating before he goes over to lick and polish both their bowls to a high shine. He has a crate that he willingly goes into when told “in your bed.” He will sometimes take naps in it on his own.

He loves to engage his foster sisters in play with them, but he doesn’t show any possessiveness over toys or other resources. He can be pushy with other dogs, but in a friendly, cattle dog way. He is mostly submissive with his foster sisters, but will sometimes take toys away from them. He would need to be paired with a happy, tolerant dog who wouldn’t mind this, as he learns more manners.

Our boy is full of personality. He has a cheerful and goofy sense of play. He enjoys both roughhousing and gentle play with each of his canine foster sisters. He loves wrestling and playing “bitey face” with other dogs, and shows very good bite inhibition. He will sometimes playfully (not hard) grab their legs or tails in his mouth. He is a bit klutzy, and his comical nature, makes his fosters laugh throughout the day. Cisco enjoys carry his foster mom’s socks around the house - he doesn’t chew or destroy them, just likes to parade around with them. He requires daily exercise, but once he gets it, he is generally relaxed and calm for the rest of the day. He seems to have a little separation anxiety, as he does not like to be left alone.

Cisco IS an adorable and loving young dog, with one major issue. He requires a patient and knowledgeable adopter who can gently train him, while building his trust and confidence, and discouraging his reactive tendencies. Every meeting with new dogs and people, needs to be a positive one, to help teach him that life is good and not to react to other dogs.

If you are interested in meeting Cisco, we ask that you first complete our adoption questionnaire (online form or download a hard copy), which is the first step of our pre-adoption process. At our website (, please click on the Adopt tab near the top of the page, and scroll down to find the online form. You can also email us at if you have specific questions about Cisco or our process.

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