Giant Schnauzer Dog for adoption in Lenoir, North Carolina - NINA (1849-OP) OWNER PLACEMENT IN NEW JERSEY
Photo 1 - Giant Schnauzer Dog for adoption in Lenoir, North Carolina - NINA (1849-OP) OWNER PLACEMENT IN NEW JERSEY
Photo 2 - Giant Schnauzer Dog for adoption in Lenoir, North Carolina - NINA (1849-OP) OWNER PLACEMENT IN NEW JERSEY
Photo 3 - Giant Schnauzer Dog for adoption in Lenoir, North Carolina - NINA (1849-OP) OWNER PLACEMENT IN NEW JERSEY
Photo 4 - Giant Schnauzer Dog for adoption in Lenoir, North Carolina - NINA (1849-OP) OWNER PLACEMENT IN NEW JERSEY
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I'm being cared for by:
Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas Inc


  • Breed: Giant Schnauzer
  • Color: Black
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 10840689-1849-OP

I am  an owner placement located in New Jersey.  When I am adopted SRC will arrange for me to be micro-chipped.  Currently I have all my vaccinations, am spayed  and SRC has a copy of my medical records to confirm that these things have been done.  I have had  HW tests and my yearly examine is due in late December so this will be taken into account with my tax deductible donation which is requested.  You will be given a tax letter for the exam and the vaccinations if I am adopted prior to the time my exam is due.

 (1849-OP) NINA's  Story

NINA with this unique identification number: (1849-OP) is an Owner Placement posted by SRC.  Nina will stay with her family until she is adopted yet SRC will pre-qualify any applicants interested in her adoption.

NINA (1849-OP)


SRC would like to introduce NINA(1849-OP) , a lovely ebony Giant Schnauzer female who was born June 5, 2009. She turned 7 last June and and she weighs between 70 to 75 pounds according to her vet records.  For most of her 7 years the family she is with now has loved and cherished her beyond compare.  Initially she was given to another family as a “thank-you” for purchasing her father who came from a reputable blood line and was trained for special protection.  The original family loved her dad however they really did not have much use for NINA so she was neglected and basically treated as an after-thought.  The neighbors however noticed her and saw what a precious girl she is.  Evidentially NINA ended up coming home with them to stay.  These people are compassionate animal lovers.  The mom volunteers at the local Humane Society so many of their family companions were animals in need of their help.  NINA fit in beautifully in this home and has been so happy there. 


It is said that all good things come to an end and unfortunately for NINA this seems to have happened.  Her current mom and dad love her beyond compare. They worked with her on commands such as “sit and down”.  She is leash trained, house trained and  able to be left alone in the home with no damage done whatsoever.  She is an indoor dog, spayed, up to date on vaccines, crate-trained and raised to love everyone – even cats!   No dental procedures have ever been done for her. NINA has been given ample attention from her humans so she walks well on a leash and has been socialized beautifully.  Naturally like any Giant Schnauzer she is somewhat hesitant with any new person she meets yet when she gets to know them then they become her best buddy!  She loves toys and attention from her humans best of all.    Everything in Nina’s life was going so well until that night when life suddenly changed:


As usual close to bedtime it was  also potty time prior to settling in for the night so NINA’s mom took her out into the fenced backyard and NINA  went  to the far end of the fenced yard.  Suddenly her mom saw what appeared to be a dog so she called to it and it started to come to her  but then NINA moved and it immediately turned and fixated on her. It ran towards NINA and starting scuffling with her. Her mom ran over, grabbed NINA  around the body and tried pulling her away from the animal,  which then released NINA and starting biting the woman’s forearm. When her fiancé heard the screaming he ran out, grabbed a shovel to beat the animal off so it ran away. NINA  was not injured except for a few scratches   but her mom was a bloody mess and had  to go to the emergency room immediately for  a tetanus shot and then a full series of rabies shots over the next few weeks.  NINA's mom also received stitches and was in a great deal of pain from the attack and getting thrown around in the scuffle. The “animal” was not a dog but a coyote who was seen in that neighborhood days before.


The attack obviously traumatized NINA profoundly because she has been acting very scared and skittish around the other dogs and her behaviors became different. Since this happened in November, she seems scared, depressed at times or  anxious at other times. On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, two of the other family dogs were playing, as usual while NINA was just sitting and hanging out, as usual. The two dogs were making the playing noises and wrestling around so the mom started to play with them too. As soon as she started tussling around with them NINA’s demeanor immediately changed and she latched on to the mom’s leg, When she was pushed away, NINA bit her forearm. This behavior caused chaos in household so now all the canines are walking on eggshells.  No doubt NINA over-reacted to try to defend her mom from yet another injury and this brought back traumatic memories for NINA.


After giving this situation much thought and with much love, her family believes that NINA would be better if she were removed from this environment where she would not be reminded of the trauma she experienced.  The coyote is still in the area so that is a very real threat and this family only wants what  is best for their beloved girl.  She must be  adopted by an adoptive  applicant who is very familiar with this unique canine breed and there may not be small children in the adoptive family because NINA is a good size Giant so when playful it is possible she could knock them down without meaning to hurt them.


Although NINA is currently up to date on vaccines right now, she is due for her check up the end of December so that will be taken into account in reference to her requested donation.  NINA is an OWNER PLACEMENT which means that she will be stay with her current family until placed.  SRC has a copy of her medical records which confirms that she is up to date on vaccines, is HW neg and is spayed.  SRC will provide a micro-chip for her to be chipped once she is adopted.  Your approval notification will be discussed with NINA’s family and they will make the final decision as to which family will be allowed to adopt her.



Tax-deductible donation requested at time of adoption for this dog is $250


 This dog is being placed through our OWNER PLACEMENT PROGRAM. It is still our worthy mission to assure that each dog goes to a loving and stable home whose family members will treat each rescued dog that SRC helps as a beloved member of their immediate family.  The location of each dog is listed at the bottom of its bio.

BEFORE meeting an SRC dog, you must be approved to adopt. Our downloadable Adoption Application is on our web site at and can be submitted via email or fax (1-910-401-1317). You may request an Adoption Application at email address:

Upon receipt of your application, a vet reference check and home visit will be done. The entire process normally takes approximately  seven days, depending on your location.

Please plan on welcoming your new dog into your home within two weeks after approval. We do not hold dogs, and we adopt them out on a first-come, first-serve basis based on a completed adoption process.

SRC does not  adopt this  dog to families with children under ten years of age. This is for the protection of the dogs and for the protection of the children.

Procedures will be explained to you at the time of approval regarding donation and contract. Your donation goes forward to help incoming rescued dogs.

Here is a break-down of the average expenses spent on SRC dogs to assure they remain healthy and happy as they are prepared for adoption:

Office Visit $45-60; Fecal $14-44; Rabies $14-24; DHPP $14-24; Bordetella $14-24; Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrliccia Testing $30-45; Heart-worm Preventative $26 per month; Spay or Neuter $200-$400; Total Basic Vetting $347- $817; ADDITIONAL VETTING: Teeth Cleaning $200 - $500; Blood Panel $80 -150; Cherry Eye $300-$500; Urinary Tract Infection $60-100; Heartworm Treatment $300-700; Luxating Patellas $1,800 per leg; Cruciate Surgery $1,200 per leg; Entropian Surgery $250-$500; Demodectic Mange $100 per month; X-Ray $80 - $110; Ultrasound: $300; Cataract Surgery $1500 - $3000; Boarding $300 per month per dog

 SRC wants to thank you for your interest in our dogs.

About Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas Inc

About Our Rescue Group...

Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. (SRC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization -- all of our adoption donations go back into helping care for other rescues. We are a group of volunteers whose area of operation is within the areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee. This non-profit organization's sole purpose is to prevent cruelty of animals specifically canines by rescuing them and secure loving, permanent homes for displaced Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers and to help educate the public about their breed traits and health and nutritional needs to assure their future needs..

Federal Tax Id #27-0061326

SRC applied for incorporation on June 18, 2003 and approved by the N.C. Secretary of State on July 8, 2003.

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"Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2214 . The license is not an endorsement by the State."

SRC fosters each one of our rescues in a loving family environment and spends many personal hours working with them to ensure that they are ready (both physically and emotionally) to move into his or her new forever home when adopted. Every rescue spends a minimum of two weeks in their foster home before being released for adoption. This allows the foster parent to give the new family a very good idea about the demeanor of their newly adopted dog, and to help them understand what to expect when taking their new family companion home. Each SRC dog is vetted by an SRC approved vet. The dog has been given a thorough examination, been de-wormed, been given all necessary vaccinations, been spay/neutered, micro-chipped and any other medical procedures deemed necessary by our vet have been done ( such as dentals, ear cleaning, nail trim, etc.) The micro-chip is done for their future safety prior to being adopted from our custody and SRC remains secondary after the adoptive parents register their micro-chip so that if they should become lost or stolen and the adoptive parents are not available, SRC would be able to claim the dog and hold them until we could contact the adoptive parents. SRC is committed to the full lifetime happiness and welfare of each rescue that comes into our custody whether it is a Mini, Standard, Giant, or "Honorary" Schnauzer. As of July, 2015, Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. has been in operation for has been a reputable and successful rescue organization for twelve (12) years now and our organization has placed well over 2500 Schnauzers and "honorary" Schnauzers plus made a large number of referrals that resulted in saving the lives of many worthy canines. In fact, our organization has even placed about 14 felines with courtesy listings and even one parrot, so our worthy mission is alive and well. We are most grateful to all those generous and dedicated volunteers that have put in so many long hours and have asked nothing in return except that these animals live and be happy! Bless them all.

Should you want to join our SRC family and help to save needy rescues. Also please keep in mind that our foster parents are given the first option to adopt their fostered canines before they are offered to other applicants. Please email the SRC Core Team for a volunteer application at one of these email addresses: OR

and one will be sent to you right away. These may now be downloaded directly from our website for your convenience.

Donate to Our Rescue Group...

Please go to SRC's main website and you will notice close to the bottom of the SRC Home Page a gold “donate” button just under “Please Help A Homeless Schnauzer”. Please click on that button and follow the secure link to make a credit card or checking account donation of your choice. Tax letters are available upon request. All these tax deductible donations are used to help incoming rescues with their medical needs. For your convenience here is the link to our website:

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SRC requires a completed adoption application as part of our approval process which also includes a vet and/or personal reference check and an informal home visit done after your application is submitted to our Placement Team for their review. Our approval process is conducted professionally and as quickly as possible.

SRC works diligently to match the right dogs with the appropriate forever homes -- there is a Volunteer Intake Coordinator that specifically works with this assignment to assure that our adoptions are successful and happy ones. All SRC members are volunteers and are unpaid for their services so that financial donations may go to the medical needs of our rescued dogs.

Applicant's specific questions may be answered as soon as the approval process is concluded. Contact is arranged with the rescue dog's foster parents after approval is received so that approved applicants may have any questions answered about the dog of their choice.

SRC also provides guidance for new adoptive parents upon request and is thoroughly committed to their worthy mission. Each dog in our care receives a thorough vet exam, de-worming, necessary vaccines, spay/neuter, micro-chip, and any medical needs addressed as necessary by our vet prior to being placed in loving SRC foster care for evaluation of a minimum of two weeks. The two week requirement assures that each foster family will be able to give the adoptive family a better idea of the demeanor of their new family companion when he or she is adopted.

A tax deductible donation according to the age of the canine adopted will be requested shortly before the time of the adoption of your selected rescue. This is NOT the purchase of a pet, this is a donation for the medical needs of future incoming rescues and is therefore helping needy canines that might otherwise perish without your assistance..

Our Adoption Process...

Please download an application from our website to begin the adoption process. Our approval process is done quickly by our Placement Team. This consists of you submitting an adoption application which may be downloaded from the Home Page of our website, or requested by email from our Placement Team @ our email address which is .

Then once the completed application is reviewed and accepted, a vet reference and an informal home visit are conducted, both of which must be satisfactory. After that you will be sent an approval and put in touch with the foster parent of the dogs you are interested in so that you may ask questions about the dog. If your situation fits well with that dog, then someone with our Core Team will help you finalize the adoption and you may make arrangements to pick up your dog! This process does not take more than one to two weeks at the most as long as we are able to get a home visit scheduled in your location.