My name is Off-Site Foster 1611-0729 Little Birdie!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Off-Site Foster 1611-0729 Little Birdie
Photo 1 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Off-Site Foster 1611-0729 Little Birdie
Photo 2 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Off-Site Foster 1611-0729 Little Birdie
Photo 3 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Off-Site Foster 1611-0729 Little Birdie
Photo 4 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Off-Site Foster 1611-0729 Little Birdie
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I'm being cared for by:
Virginia Beach Bureau of Animal Control

Facts about Off-Site Foster 1611-0729 Little Birdie

  • Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
  • Color: Black - With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 10932375

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Quiet in her cage, Little Birdie sat and eyed me as I walked down the aisle.  Was it her turn?  I could see the wheels turning in her head wondering if it was possibly her turn to go outside.  She sat and she stared as I put my card on her clipboard and attached my leash to the harness, all the while she was still and quiet.  When she heard the cage door handle click, that was it!  Her personality leaped up and off the small blue bed in the back of her cage and jumped right at me as if she were shouting YES YES YES IT'S MY TURN!  She wiggled and spun around in excitement not able to contain her happiness so it took me a few moments to get that harness around her tummy although truth be told, she is a little round-ish in that area!  When harnessed up we headed outside.  We were able to pass the other dogs' cages without incident probably because Little Birdie was so ready to get outside to potty!  We think she is potty trained, one possible reason for her excitement at the least!  While outside she was not too bad on the leash although when we saw another dog on a walk, she stopped and stood very still and stiff, like she was a pointer giving her owner the lowdown on some prey.  Because of her body language, I did not let her get close to the other dog who seemed to not care too much about Little Birdie.  I walked along and she tried to stay in close proximity to the other dog but I made her move.  I took her body language to mean she may not have been nice to the other dog.  This being said, right now I do not know how she is with other dogs so if you have a resident dog, please bring him or her in for a meet and greet so we can see how they do together.  Many times we do find out our shelter dogs just have no manners because they were never taught the proper way to meet or play with dogs.  When we get more information, we will definitely update her info here.  Until then, better to be safe than sorry and get your resident dog in for a meeting!  With people, Little Birdie can be timid.  Maybe I should change that to read, with certain people, Little Birdie can be timid!  She was fine when I took her out and that was really my first meeting with her!  We did pass a couple people in the hallway and she was confident enough to sniff them and let them pet her but she was not overly excited or warm and friendly.  With this girl, it takes a little time, just a little though!  As I mentioned before, Little Birdie was pretty good on the leash, she pulled a bit so practice will make perfect with her!  And she could definitely benefit from daily walks or runs!  Daily exercise makes for a tired dog which is always a good dog!  Out in the barnyard she ran around a bit sniffing her new surroundings.  It may take her a little while to get used to all the new smells and environment of a new home.  But who needs to rush?  Patience is a virtue and a little patience given to this girl will enable her to gain the confidence she needs to become well rounded and to lose that timid-ness.  She did not automatically chase after the tennis balls but eventually got to where she seemed to really want to get them, enough to jump right up on me before I threw them and to almost roll in a circle trying to grab at the balls when running as fast as she could!  Literally, she almost did somersaults when chasing and trying to grab the balls!  So funny!  That motivation transferred over to a SIT which she did immediately when I asked while holding up the tennis ball.  I would throw the tennis ball and off she would go!  She didn't exactly get the 'retrieval' part because every time she chased the ball and picked it up, she returned to the far side of the yard next to the fence, not to me.  Didn't I mention practice earlier?  A little practice and good treats will probably be the ticket!  When a caretaker walked into the yard to play with us, Little Birdie was immediately drawn to him!  No timid-ness there!  She did jump up on him in excitement when he was holding the tennis balls a couple times but like I said before, with CERTAIN PEOPLE, Little Birdie may be timid.  With this man, she showed no signs of it!  She heard a dog barking and got quite stiff.  Another sign I might take as not so good with other dogs so I reiterate my encouragement to bring any resident dog in for a meet and greet so we can see how they are together.  Little Birdie may just be a human's dog and not so much of a dog's dog...and that's ok!  We are not sure how she does around children yet but because of the excitement and jumping we have seen in her in situations at the shelter, she may be best with older respectable children.  Little Birdie is waiting in the big adoption room at VBACAC.  If you don't see her, just ask to visit w/ her!  Her id number is 1611-0729.

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Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center has wonderful pets available for adoption.  As of December 6, all animals are now at the new shelter at 341 Birdneck Road.  The former shelter on Leroy Drive is now closed.  If you have lost a pet, please visit the shelter in person and often as lost animals arrive everyday.

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Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center, 341 Birdneck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451        Phone 757-385-4444 (x 2)

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Act quickly to adopt Off-Site Foster 1611-0729 Little Birdie. Pets at this Shelter may be held for only a short time.

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