Pit Bull Terrier Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Stella - WAITING 263 DAYS FOR HER FOREVER FAMILY!
Photo 1 - Pit Bull Terrier Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Stella - WAITING 263 DAYS FOR HER FOREVER FAMILY!
Photo 2 - Pit Bull Terrier Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Stella - WAITING 263 DAYS FOR HER FOREVER FAMILY!
Photo 3 - Pit Bull Terrier Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Stella - WAITING 263 DAYS FOR HER FOREVER FAMILY!
Photo 4 - Pit Bull Terrier Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Stella - WAITING 263 DAYS FOR HER FOREVER FAMILY!
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Grey Face Rescue


  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
  • Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn
  • Age: Senior
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 10676595

Stella, 7, is as sweet as can be and probably the snuggliest, most affectionate pitbull we've ever met! And that’s a tough contest! She gets along with people of all ages – everyone who meets her absolutely LOVES her. The vet who has taken care of her begins every phone call with us by saying, “She’s such a nice, nice dog.” Stella would be a GREAT companion for any family – she would do well in either an active or laid-back home and is perfectly happy going on a long walk OR falling asleep in your lap. It doesn’t matter to her what you’re doing, as long as she is with people. Stella can get a little nervous when left alone, but this is totally manageable since she crates just fine and has medication to help calm her in these situations as well. 

She needs some help, though! She’s been with us for nearly 9 months with little to no interest from homes that would be a good fit given her background. Although she’s a total lover, we understand where people could be hesitant to adopt. You see, Stella has had some unfortunate encounters with other dogs and cats that have left her unsure and nervous at times around them; therefore, we will only adopt to a home without any other animals (cats or dogs). Some may look at this as being a negative but it only means that Stella has more love to give to her humans! She’s SUCH a loving goober, and we truly hate to think this is what’s keeping her from finally finding her forever. She’s a beautiful girl and a big goofball – she’s got a lot of love, life and laughs left to share with someone. She likes bananas and carrots and will happily accept any attention. Her favorite things to do in the house are giving kisses and cuddling!

Stella’s past wasn’t her fault. Her forever is out there. Please help us spread the word so her new family can find her. She’s been waiting too long.

  • Weight: 62 lbs.
  • People-friendly: Stella LOVES people, especially kids. 
  • Dog-friendly: Stella has had a couple of dogs pick on her in her life, so she is also a little unsure at times with them. She needs a home where she can be spoiled solo. 
  • Cat-friendly: No cats, please.
  • Potty trained: Yes! Is crated while her foster is at work and has no issues at night holding it until morning.
  • Crate trained:  No messes and goes in without a problem.
  • Known medical issues: Just needs regular walks and playtime to help her lose a bit more weight! Can exhibit some separation anxiety, which she receives medication for and does great. 
  • Does she like or get any special treats?: She LOVES bananas and carrots.
  • She likes: Attention!
  • She hates: The vacuum cleaner
  • Favorite thing to do in the house: Cuddle!

Stella's adoption fee is $175. Discount available for seniors (65+) and veterans. All Grey Face seniors receive an exam, vaccinations, blood work, a microchip and are spayed/neutered before leaving our care. Fill out an adoption application at

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Grey Face Rescue & Retirement focuses on dogs age 7 and older. We accept all seniors into our rescue and hospice care. We don't discriminate against specific breeds, medical conditions, behaviors or history – we believe all senior dogs deserve a second chance. Our volunteers work tirelessly to match each of our seniors with a specific foster for their continued care. We also seek special and educated adopters to give our seniors their forever homes. We're a 100% volunteer-run organization and rely heavily on our dedicated volunteers and fosters to help keep our organization humming, as well as on generous support and donations from the community.

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Please understand that our organization is completely run by unpaid volunteers, who dedicate their free time to help the dogs. The entire adoption process takes time; we are unwilling to sacrifice being thorough when the dog’s future is at stake. We thank you for your time and patience throughout our adoption process.

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If you rent your home, we will contact your landlord to make sure you are approved to have a dog in your home. We also ask about any breed or size limitations.

If your landlord does not allow for a dog in your home, your application will be denied at this point.

If you are adopting a bully breed, we will contact your insurance company to ensure there are no breed restrictions within your policy.

Veterinary Reference Contacted

Our volunteers will contact your veterinary reference(s) to determine if all your current pets are spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. If you don’t have any current pets, we will ask about the veterinary care that your previous pets received. If you have never owned a pet, we skip this step.

If your veterinary reference(s) cannot verify the spay/neuter and vaccination status of current or previous pets, processing of your application will stopp until you can provide this information.

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A Grey Face Rescue volunteer will contact you via phone to get to know you better and ask any questions they may have.

Meet & Greet

Our organization does not have a shelter where you can visit the dogs. Our seniors are all living in foster homes. We do NOT arrange meetings between interested individuals and our fosters until an applicant has been approved via the adoption process.

Once approved, a volunteer (usually the foster) will contact you about scheduling a time to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. This meeting may occur at the foster’s residence or your home.

Please know, just because you are approved as a potential adopter, this does NOT mean you are guaranteed a particular dog. Some dogs receive many applications, and so we may allow multiple applicants to meet with the dog before we choose the home that is the best fit for the animal. If a volunteer involved in the meeting between you and the dog does not feel you are a good fit for that animal, you may be denied adoption for that particular dog. However, you may be allowed to adopt another dog.


If you have decided on a dog that you would like to adopt, and we agree it is a good fit, you will be required to sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption donation fee and spay/neuter deposit, if necessary. At that time, you become the dog's owner.
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We will then provide:

A couple of cups of the dog food the dog has been eating.
A Grey Face Adoption tag
All medical and vet documents
A copy of the contract
A transition packet to help in the transition process, a letter from the dog's foster giving you more in-depth information about the dog's likes, dislikes, behaviors, etc.
Any specific toys or blankets the dog has become fond of while in the foster's home.

We have a two-week refund period, meaning if you decide the dog is not a good fit for your family and you return him/her within two weeks, we will return your adoption donation to you. The adoption fee will be deposited upon receipt and refunded only if the adopted dog is returned within this two-week timeframe (or any prior agreed-upon extension of the refund period).

If at any time you are having issues with the dog, please email or call your contact person and inform us. A volunteer will be in touch with you ASAP.

Post Adoption Follow-Up Visit

Our adoption contract allows one of our volunteers or a representative the ability to perform a follow-up visit. We may require such a visit if we feel that the terms of the adoption contract are not being met. Grey Face Rescue is committed to the life, health and well-being of every dog we place for the remainder of that dog’s life. Should the adoption not work out or if you need to rehome the dog, we require, by contract, that the dog be returned to us. Please notify your rep ASAP if this applies to you.