My name is Boomer (please read description for details)!

Shiba Inu Dog for adoption in Los Alamitos, California - Boomer (please read description for details)
Photo 1 - Shiba Inu Dog for adoption in Los Alamitos, California - Boomer (please read description for details)
Photo 2 - Shiba Inu Dog for adoption in Los Alamitos, California - Boomer (please read description for details)
Photo 3 - Shiba Inu Dog for adoption in Los Alamitos, California - Boomer (please read description for details)
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I'm being cared for by:
Saving Shibas - CA Chapter

Facts about Boomer (please read description for details)

  • Breed: Shiba Inu
  • Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut - With White
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 11057306
Please contact Masako ( for more information about this pet.Send us an application for this cutie!

Hi, I'm Boomer. Chances are, you have been searching for a Shiba Inu that was young and healthy and looking for a home. You preferred to get a rescue because you want to help out a needy pup down on his luck. Luckily, my photo popped up and you felt like it's a dream come true! A gorgeous male Shiba Inu, only 8/9 months old, no major health issues and my only downfall is that I'm extremely, super active and the descriptions pretty much define most Shiba puppies anyway. Well, all of this is partially true about me. I'm a good looking boy and don't have major health issues and I don't have allergies. I'm super playful and love to play chase with the ball. I weigh just under 30lbs, and I'm microchipped, current on vaccines and already neutered. You are probably thinking 'It's my lucky day - this is the dog for me!' and you quickly open your email to send the rescue a message - you want this dog to be put on hold for you and HOPEFULLY he's still available. (Or, you even quickly complete an application questionnaire so that you can meet Boomer this very weekend!) Well, before you move to quickly, please read on. There's more to me than what meets the eye.... I'm kinda like a bad posting. I might look good in a photo and on paper, but when you meet me.... ummm... well.... let's just say the chemistry is off.

So, let me just start off by telling you all of my faults: I'm not good with other dogs or cats. In fact, I want to attack all of them - even if they are sweet, old, dog friendly and even ignoring me. I don't know what happens to me, but I go a bit crazy and attacking the animal that is nearby becomes my number 1 mission in life. And if I cannot reach that animal, sometimes I transfer my anger to you or whoever is nearby, or whoever is holding the other end of the leash. I'm a jerk - in the biggest way. I'm a nervous guy and strange environments make me anxious - but I don't just pant and pace. I'm more vocal about it - I cry, BARK LOUDLY and whine and then I throw a tantrum. I get a lot of exercise to help 'drain' me, but I still manage to muster enough energy to freak out at least 3-5 times daily about many different things (i.e., not going for a walk at my usual time, not getting fed exactly at the same time every day, not getting treats when the other dogs get theirs first...) I haven't spent very much time with younger children and so they are mysterious to me. Since I have some pretty bad habits already, nobody really trusts me to spend time with young kids - and that's probably for the best. Since I'm such a jerk about other small animals and various dogs, who knows how much of a jerk I can be to younger children. Plus, I'm already a jerk to grown up adults, too.... I'm sort of an equal opportunity nightmare. I also LOVE to jump! And this means that I love to jump on people, love to jump on the tables in the home, love to jump on countertops, and if you get mad at me to get down, I also love to run around the house and grab things that I shouldn't get a hold of - like shoes, books, magazines, newspapers, phones, etc and then pee in the home because it's all so exciting! Every now and then, I also get super excited in the middle of the night - like about 2-3 AM and like to do the Shiba zooms. And, I'm super selfish about it because I don't care if you were sleeping! I'm having fun!!!!

So, you are probably thinking my name is based by some Oklahoma Sooner fan - but really, 'Boomer' is short for Boomerang. I've been everywhere, and in every home! I've traveled quite a bit in my short amount of time here. I guess I've been too much to handle for most people - and so as a result, I've been able to see most of California, from the inside of a car. Oh - by the way, I love also roaming around in the car - climbing over seats and disrupting the driver and all the passengers. I love to smear my nose everywhere and sometimes whimper as we ride along. I get super excited about the car rides but everyone says I'm pretty annoying. I also figured out how to unlock the door and to almost get out on the freeway! WHAT AN ADVENTURE that would have been...! Unfortunately, there was screeching and an emergency stop on the side of the road to get me all settled again. My life is super exciting all the time.

I also get anxious about being left home alone. While I'm crate trained, I hate being left behind. So I bark, cry and whine. And then I bark loudly, and cry and whine - Loudly. And then I start to dig and thrash in the crate. And I may even pee and poop in the crate. Until you come back - and sometimes, you might have only been gone 5 minutes to run to the store. Like I said, I'm a jerk.

Finally, the last 'bad' thing is that I'm a demanding dog. Literally - I am demanding. If I don't get to go for a walk, I will mouth and nip you. If you tell me to do something like sit or shake - I will snap at your face because I don't like to listen to you give me commands. I love to "garden" and will help you dig out holes so that you can plant large 100 year old sequoias in your yard.

Now for the good news: I'm a super smart boy. I learn quickly and I'm eager to please. I'm a mostly happy guy and it takes a day or so for me to warm up to new people. I love going for walks. I would probably love going on hikes. I run about 4-5 miles a day. I have a voracious appetite and will eat most anything that is put in front of me. I love playing with toys and balls. I love to play chase.

Now, if you've read all this and you think that you have the calm, patient demeanor and have the knowledge and training background to be able to work with me, my people would love to hear from your people! Please complete an application.... See ya soon!!!! Or not..

The Shiba-Inu is a primitive breed, and a living national monument in their native Japan. They are not very affectionate dogs, but are extremely loyal to their family/owner. Similar to the Japanese Akita because of their appearance and fierce loyalty, Shiba-Inus are a great breed to adopt because they are small-sized dogs that are smart and loyal. They are also known to be escape artists and door-bolters. Adopters who have previously owned or are accustomed to this breed will be considered.

If interested in adopting Boomer, please complete an app:

Adoption Fee $350.00

About Saving Shibas - CA Chapter

About Our Rescue Group...

Saving Shibas Inc., a California corporation, is a small canine rescue specializing in the Shiba Inu breed. Our dogs are rescued from shelters, neglect, abandonment, and homes in distress. We ensure that each dog that is rescued is neutered/ spayed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and evaluated. The dogs are placed in our volunteer’s homes, where they are cared for in a home environment, integrated with families and other pets (as applicable). The dog’s health, temperament, behaviors are all evaluated and documented during a period of approximately 10-16 weeks. In some cases, the Shiba Inu may be put on a training program with an IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) accredited dog trainer for behavior modification. Only after the dog is properly evaluated, and all medical needs are addressed will the dog be placed in the appropriately fitting home for both the dog and the adoptive family.

All of our dogs are adopted out with an "ok" from our vet stating that they are healthy and have no illnesses.  They go to their homes with bedding, a 5lb bag of food, toys, all of their vaccines and spay/ neuter already performed.  They are also microchipped.  Forever homes will need to register the microchip and get their new pet licensed in your county.

The adoption donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law since we are a registered 501c3 charity.  Please complete an application at:

Our Adoption Process...

We have a written questionnaire, conduct interviews, and complete home checks prior to adoption. For an adoption application, please click on the link:

Depending on the medical needs of the pet, fees may range between $150-$400.