My name is Scooby loves people!

Belgian Malinois/Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy for adoption in Sacramento, California - Scooby loves people
Photo 1 - Belgian Malinois/Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy for adoption in Sacramento, California - Scooby loves people
Photo 2 - Belgian Malinois/Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy for adoption in Sacramento, California - Scooby loves people
Photo 3 - Belgian Malinois/Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy for adoption in Sacramento, California - Scooby loves people
Photo 4 - Belgian Malinois/Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy for adoption in Sacramento, California - Scooby loves people
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I'm being cared for by:
Manhatten Animal Rescue Sanctuary

Facts about Scooby loves people

  • Breed: Belgian Malinois/Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn - With Black
  • Age: Puppy
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: huge boy
see adoption process at
follow steps
see many videos and slideshows there as well
please read his full bio
before you contact us

Scooby just turned 5 months old and a big boy, weighs 51 pounds at 5 months old
most likely will be in the 90 to 100 pound range
once full grown

knows sit and lay down
working on leash training doing super

be ready to put training and effort into him now as a puppy
as we are doing
so he can blossom into a great adult dog

he gets along great with the fosters dogs they both are older
so can only tolerate him so long
they do run and play together
there's a male and female dog
however we think Scooby would do great as only dog as he likes to hog the spotlight
or in a dog experienced home another large breed active dog

PLEASE no small dogs or old dogs at home
that would be too much for them
Scooby is a lot of dog and will require a experienced handler

he is crate trained for when you must leave a few hours
(after he has settled in)

He's good in car back seat but of course at his young age will have to be reminded
and foster mom likes him next to her in front seat

LOVES to speak to you and learning to be quiet when it's time
he's a vocal dog so please only apply if that is a trait you love
that is not something to be completely trained out as that is natural to him to talk to you

grew up with kids ages 2 to 10
if kids prefer over 12 years, old enough to play and understand
being kind and respectful
but adult home peferred as any Shepherd person knows they are a herding breed
and he used to like to herd the kids
and when over excited does puppy nipping
we are working on that and you will need to continue

loves to explore nature
chew on sticks and his big nayla bone that will come with him
Loves sand running, laying, digging in sand
loves to wade in water
explore nature

loves to play fetch and started to bring the ball back

Scooby was never in a pound
we know his history since a baby pup

looking for a big fenced yard, ranch style or small farm ideal
as a companion and protector for your family and home

if acerage looking to have a secure fenced in area/yard until old enough and trained
to roam a large acerage
for his own saftey
a stable home owner over the age of 28 years
someone home during the day that has time to spend with him
eager to teach him new things as he drives on mental stimulation
as well as physical activities
Scooby is a very active puppy so please be active

his neuter is scheduled for April 18th
we can hold for perfect approved applicant with hold deposit

Scooby is very well cared for looking for someone that can take over where we leave off
with the best care, love, training and leadership
and good structure

he's not a beginners dog
someone that has raised at least one pup and who has had a few large breed dogs themselves in their lives
not a childhood dog
A equally smart human
and someone with lots of love
a fair leader
that truly understands dogs
without crazy expectations but one that knows to guide and teach in a quiet respectful way

he has been fine meeting fosters cat
but you must have a dog savvy cat and know how to train and teach a dog to be ok with your cat
as dog react differently to each cat in different homes

Scooby loves his people
He's a great pup with lots of potential

Scooby is learning how to socialize in public
He's not a dog for beginners but shepherd experienced folks that are good leaders that keep up on socializing and training
Continue where we leave off
Scooby would make a great country dog to help you do work on a ranch or farm as well as protect his family
as long as there's lots of interactions not just in a fun way but a fun learning/training way

He's only 5 months old but shows some protection qualities one looks for in a shepherd but not aggressive to any people but his large dog big bark he already has can scare the timid

Though Scooby gets along with fosters dogs he still has a long ways to go to learn how meet and greet strange dogs
He gets over excited and barks at them with his huge bark

with the right handler and training he should overcome that in time as he's young enough yet

he already knows sit and lay down
Sits via hand signal too
Learning not to be as vocal
When it's not needed
Learning not to jump up when excited
Since he's only a pup yet he still has lots to learn but his main learning is being out and about and greeting other dogs without barking at them
He does bark at people too but when he meets them he's all over for pets love and treats
unless you live in the country where it would not matter

His previous owners kept him at home so he just started to be out after we got him 2 out of 3 vaccines
the last one due a week after his neuter
Scooby is a unique pup looking for a unique great person
young retired country folks?

adoption fee, references, fenced yard, pics of home, someone home during the day

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