My name is Copper!

Coonhound/Doberman Pinscher Mix Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Copper
Photo 1 - Coonhound/Doberman Pinscher Mix Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Copper
Photo 2 - Coonhound/Doberman Pinscher Mix Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Copper
Photo 3 - Coonhound/Doberman Pinscher Mix Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Copper
Photo 4 - Coonhound/Doberman Pinscher Mix Dog for adoption in St. Cloud, Minnesota - Copper
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I'm being cared for by:
Grey Face Rescue

Facts about Copper

  • Breed: Coonhound/Doberman Pinscher Mix
  • Color: Black - With Brown, Red, Golden, Orange Or Chestnut
  • Age: Senior
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 11159769-17-0007

Copper is an affectionate, gentle girl. Overall, she’s a quiet, polite pup who’s happy to show you an array of tricks. She's even got a Denver-the-guilty-dog "smile" going on at times. You'll know she's happy when her tail is wagging, which is pretty much all the time. She's a mix of coonhound, lab and doberman – an all around perfect combo! 

MORE ABOUT COPPER (comments from her foster)

  • Does she like or get any special treats? She likes any treats!
  • Potty trained:  Yes!
  • How long can she hold a bladder: The longest I’ve left her outside of her kennel is 8 hours (while I’m asleep).
  • Dogs: She needs a slow introduction if there will be other animals in the home. She is used to living as a solo dog, but will play with others really well around the yard! She may pester other animals in the home since she really likes her people’s attention. She doesn't care about people or other dogs on walks.
  • Cats: We recommend a home without cats for Copper.
  • Kids: Copper doesn’t like the active energy that very young kids can show, so she will do best in a home with older children (12+).
  • Does she show any food aggression: She will need to be fed separately from other animals, in a different room preferred.
  • On leash/walks: She likes to smell everything and will walk toward a scent she likes but once she feels the tug of the leash, she stops pulling. She does really well on walks.
  • How does she do on car rides:  She does really well, mostly just looks out the window or lays down to snooze.
  • Going in kennel/crate – and does she mess in it when you are gone:  When I tell her “kennel time” and we start walking downstairs, she goes right into her kennel without any issues. She hasn’t gone potty in the kennel at all.
  • How does she do when meeting strangers:  Glutton for cuddles. She does just fine.
  • Is she a barker, and what prompts it:  She barks when she’s in the kennel and doesn’t want to be, and she barks at other dogs barking when she’s in the backyard, or when she sees people and she’s in the backyard.  If I tell her to stop, sometimes she listens and sometimes she doesn’t.
  • Noticeable shedding:  She’s the only animal in the house that DOESN’T seem to shed!
  • Health concerns and how easy are they to manage:  Copper is in good health!
  • Exercise needed: She likes walks and doesn’t seem to get bored of them if they’re long and she also loves to play in the backyard with my dog. They run laps/circles around the yard after each other.
  • How well does she handle stairs?:  Good, but does them slowly.
  • Would you recommend a fenced-in yard:  Ideally, yes, so she could wander around and relax in safety.
  • Favorite thing to do in the house:  Cuddle with humans and sleep.
  • Favorite toy:  She seems to take to stuffed animals.
  • How she shows a quirky side:  When she’s got a little sass in her, she lifts up the right side of her mouth like Elvis in a playful manner (when she wants you to rub her belly or when she’s about to talk). It makes me laugh every time. She is also a face-licker.
  • Knows any tricks: She sits, lays down, and sometimes will shake for me. I was told that she has a lot of tricks she knows and we’re still learning them.
  • She likes:  Tummy rubs and cuddles.
  • She hates:  Other animals getting attention in front of her.
  • What she needs to work on, and how are you helping to overcome it:  Not to be so snippy toward other animals. Sometimes she gets a little pushy with the cat still but I will reminder her to be nice (saying “Copper, be niceeeee) in the “mom” tone and she will back off.
  • 2-3 words to describe the ideal family:  Cuddly, playful and attentive.
  • Is there one word that overall describes her personality?:  Bubbly.
  • What’s the best thing about this pup?:  She loves to love and be loved.
  • How would her perfect day go?:  Wake up around 6 to get fed and drink some water, run around in the yard for a while, take a long nap, go for a walk, take another nap, eat again, and then she seems to get really mellow and not want to do much around 7:00 through the rest of the night.
  • If she had a theme song, what would it be?:  “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea
  • Why should someone adopt this dog?:  She really is an amazing dog. She’s fully potty trained and spends her days seeking love, playing, and sleeping/cuddling. Other than snippiness toward my animals at first, we’ve literally had zero behavioral issues. She just wants to be your best friend.
  • Anything else you would like to add?  Since her happiness/attitude does seem to be dependent upon the attention she gets from her human, I’d recommend someone that has the time to love her and play with her and take her for walks; not someone that is busy and not home much. She does best when everything is calm and loving.

Copper's adoption fee is $175. Discount available for seniors (65+) and veterans. Adoption fees help pay for the dog's veterinary exam, vaccinations (rabies, distemper and bordetella), HW test, blood panel, a microchip and spay/neuter if needed. You can apply to adopt her at

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