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Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Glendale, Arizona - LOKI
Photo 1 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Glendale, Arizona - LOKI
Photo 2 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Glendale, Arizona - LOKI
Photo 3 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Glendale, Arizona - LOKI
Photo 4 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Glendale, Arizona - LOKI
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For Adoption By Private Owner (Glendale, AZ)

Adoption fee: $20
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Facts about LOKI

  • Breed: Domestic Mediumhair
  • Color: Tiger Striped
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 22978
  • Hair: Medium
Loki is a great cat. He is not your typical cat, as he loves to play with our small dog! He loves attention, toys, and getting pet. He's alright with getting brushed gently, and isn't declawed but he allows us to clip his nails! He pretends like he's a tough guy, but he's actually surprisingly sweet. When he arches his back up and comes at you sideways, he's actually enticing you to chase after him and play with him. He loves being rolled onto his back and talked to in a gruff playful voice, which is usually what dogs like...this is why he's not typical. If you keep his nails clipped, you may just think you own a dog. The only cat-like things about him are his need to be up high and fed at specific times of the day (he will meow to remind you, lol). That part of him will always be cat-like. 8am and 8pm, every day is feeding time. He also does like to climb up on high things like TV stands and end tables. If you are OK with that about a cat, then you'll love Loki.

Here are a few things you should know about him:

1. Loki is 4 years old, and was rescued from certain death as a kitten. He was a stray who was emaciated and had a damaged eye. He had to have emergency surgery to remove his left eye, which now has a cyst. The vet says the cyst isn't a problem for now, but to keep an eye on it for the future in case it gets larger or infected. It has been fine for a long time.

2. Loki has a crooked tail. As a result of something that happened to him as a kitten, or a possible birth defect, his tail is in a zig-zag shape. Nobody knows for sure. It does not cause him any discomfort or balance issues.

3. Loki is NOT declawed! We clip his nails once a week.

4. Loki HATES water. He will NEVER let you bathe him. I have only given him 2 baths as a kitten, but once he was grown he would no longer allow it. He is very clean since he licks himself daily, and will allow you to hold him down and wipe him with pet fur wipes, but you have to be sure of yourself. Loki is a cat with claws, but you can do it as long as you are confident in your cat dominating skills!

5. Loki is a character. Like a lot of cats, he demands attention at times. He will walk in front of your TV screen if you haven't fed him or if he is in a randy mood.

6. Loki has very beautiful and soft striped fur, with patches of white on his face, stomach, and paws. He has gray and black tiger stripes.

7. Loki does tricks for treats! I would have to show you what he does, but I taught him at a very young age to do a few things.

8. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Loki has never been around children or large dogs. We also do not allow him outside, and he is NOT chipped and needs vaccination updates. I would suggest not letting him outside, as he originally came from the country where there were no roads near his home. If he were to get out, he may get hit by a car since he doesn't even know what a car or a road is!

Loki is VERY loved, and I feel very bad about giving him up, but I am confident I will find a GOOD and LOVING home for him. If Loki interests you, and you have a budget that allows you pay vet bills in the future, then Loki is the cat for you. He may not need anything for a while when it comes to his cyst, but there is always that possibility. He is okay with being in a cat travel crate which I will include with his adoption, along with his hooded litter box and whatever litter and food that I have left when he is taken.

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