My name is KEVIN BACON!

Pig (Potbellied) for adoption in Elyria, Ohio - KEVIN BACON
Photo 1 - Pig (Potbellied) for adoption in Elyria, Ohio - KEVIN BACON
Photo 2 - Pig (Potbellied) for adoption in Elyria, Ohio - KEVIN BACON
Photo 3 - Pig (Potbellied) for adoption in Elyria, Ohio - KEVIN BACON
Photo 4 - Pig (Potbellied) for adoption in Elyria, Ohio - KEVIN BACON
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I'm being cared for by:
Multiple Breed Rescue

Facts about KEVIN BACON

  • Species: Pig (Potbellied)
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
Kevin was born May 2014.

Kevin Bacon is a Potbellied Pig who has found himself homeless. With tears in their eyes, mom and daughter came to us asking if we could help find him and his BFF Porkers a new home. An unforeseen circumstance requires them to be re-homed.

We will adopt to an inside or outside home but must have Potbellied pig experience/knowledge and live where pigs are allowed. No renters will be approved.

Kevin Bacon and Porkers can be adopted together.

age: 3 years old

adoption fee: $75 or $50 if adopted with Porkers

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We are all volunteers who do the best that we can with the limited funds and resources available to us. We give the potential adopter as much information as we can, including copies of all vet records but we normally do not know the history of the animals, as they are strays at the pound or taken by a humane officer from poor living conditions. Very rarely do we have owner releases. Most dogs in our program were minutes away from being put to sleep so the pound could make space for more strays.

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Adoption Application

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Please make sure you completely fill out the application before submitting it to us. Missing information will delay the process and false information will result in your application automatically being denied.

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We do not ship dogs; we require that the applicant come to meet the dog and us before an adoption will be finalized. We adopt out to renters, to those living out of state but at this time we are unable to adopt out to someone who rents AND lives out of state. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our goal is to place dogs in happy, forever homes where the adopting party and dogs are both winners.

*Name of dog interested in:

*Will the dog reside in your home? Yes___ No____
*If No please explain:

*When are you looking to bring in a new family member? (Ex. ASAP, 1 week, 1 month)

*Do you have a trip planned; are you moving; having construction done on your house; etc. that will cause a delay in bringing home a new family member?
*If yes, Please explain.

*Your name:





*Home phone:

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*Name, gender, occupation and age range of adults in household (18 years or older, include yourself):

*Age and gender of children in the household (anyone 17 years or younger):

*Do you plan on having children in the next 5 years? Yes___ No____

*What will happen to the dog if you have children or children move into your home?

*Are any members of your household allergic to animals? Yes_____ No___
*If you answered Yes to the above question, please list the type of animal allergic to.

*Are there other visitors to your home, human or animal, with which a new dog will have to interact? Yes___ No____
*If Yes describe who/what:

*Do you live in a House, Apartment, Trailer, Other (please describe)?

*Describe your property (busy street, acreage, etc.):

*Do you own or rent, or are currently in the process of buying your home?

*Do you live in a neighborhood that is part of an association? Yes___ No____
*If yes please provide contact information of the association:

For Renters only:
*Name of landlord:

*Landlord’s phone number:

*Please tell us what type of pets, how many pets and if your landlord has breed restrictions:

*How long have you lived at this address?

*Do you plan on moving in the next few years? Yes___ No____

*What will happen to your pet if you move?

*Do you have a completely fenced yard suitable for a dog? Yes___ No____
*If Yes, describe type:

*Do you have a kennel run or tie out for a dog? Yes___ No____
*If Yes, describe type:

*If no fence, how will you handle exercise and toilet needs?

*Do you plan on crating your new dog? Yes___ No____

*How many hours a day must the dog be alone?

*Where will the dog be if left alone?

*Are you planning to enroll the dog in obedience/training class? Yes___ No____

*Who will be the primary care giver for the dog (name of person)?

*Describe a typical day in the dog's life with you and in your home:

*What activities do you plan with this dog?

*Do you intend to keep this dog primarily inside or outside?

*Where will the dog sleep?

*Why have you decided to adopt a dog?

*Why did you choose this dog?

*Please tell us what the 5 most important traits in a dog those are important to you:





*Have you had a rescue dog before? Yes___ No____
*If yes, describe your experience:

*If yes, from what organization (optional):

*Please list the dogs and other animals currently in your home, including outside pets. We need name, age, gender, breed, how long you have owned. This question must be answered in full.

*Are the animals currently in your home neutered or spayed? Yes___ No____
*If No, explain why:

*Are the animals in your home current on vaccinations, heartworm prevention, flea prevention and rabies? Yes___ No____
*If No, explain why:

*How many animals have you owned in the past five years that you no longer own?

*Why do you no longer have them?

*Have you ever adopted a dog you were unable to keep? Yes___ No____
* If yes, please tell us what happened in detail:

*Do you plan on adding any additional pets to your home in the next 12 months?

*What would cause you to return a pet you adopted from us?

*Do you realize that a dog can cost in the upwards of $600 a year between regular vet visits and food. This amount does not include emergency trips to the vet office for those un expected situations. Are you able and willing to take on that financial responsibility? Yes___ No____

*Do you realize that owning a dog is a 15 - 20 year commitment? Yes___ No____

*Do you have a regular veterinarian? - please be sure to let your vet know we will be calling.



*Phone Number:

*Is there another name that the dog’s records may be listed under?

*Is there a second veterinarian that you use who may also have the dog’s records?



*Phone Number

*Please keep in mind that you are applying for a lifetime companion. Are you willing to make the investment in both time and money to care for and properly manage your new pet (this includes house training, obedience training, food, toys, methods of restraint, yearly license, yearly shots and visits to the vet, possible obedience classes, etc.) Yes___ No___

*Are you willing to keep your animal on flea/tick/heartworm preventative? Yes___ No____

*Dogs require yearly boosters, heartworm testing and monthly prevention for flea/tick and heartworm. They may jump on, knock over, and nip at small children if not handled or trained properly. You may need to take your puppy or dog to obedience classes if you are having trouble training on your own. Are you willing to deal with all of these issues and the expenses? Yes___ No___

*Would you be willing to consider a different dog if we feel this one is not a fit for you and your family? Yes___ No____

*Personal References
Please provide references not living in your home and at least one non relative:







I agree that all of the information I have given in this adoption form is true and complete. Please initial _________

I agree that this dog will reside in my home. Please initial _________

After adoption I agree to provide Multiple Breed Rescue with address, e-mail and phone number changes. I will provide the dog with adequate food, water, shelter, training, affection and medical care and the dog will not be tied out or left outside unattended for any reason. Please initial _________

I understand that the rescue is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits or physical condition of the dogs available for adoption. However, all information known about the pet is given to you prior to adoption. Please initial _________

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