My name is Theo - Only $45 adoption!!!!!!!

Chihuahua/Terrier (Unknown Type, Small) Mix Dog for adoption in Litchfield Park, Arizona - Theo - Only $45 adoption!!!!!!
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I'm being cared for by:
Safe Haven Animal Rescue of AZ

Facts about Theo - Only $45 adoption!!!!!!

  • Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier (Unknown Type, Small) Mix
  • Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn - With White
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: A555140
Only $45 adoption!
We just rescued this sweetheart from the euthanasia list. The picture posted was taken at the shelter. New pictures & a more detailed adoption profile will be posted in the future as we get to know this pet if it is not adopted beforehand.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the pets at Safe Haven receive basic training when they come to us. Adopters will be given a list of words that your new pet knows at the time of adoption. What each pet learns depends on how much time I have had to work with them, & if that pet has any additional issues that need to be focused on first.

Additional notes:
- This pet is recovering from spay/neuter surgery
- Fearful, needs to be worked with.
- This pet has an upper respiratory infection (URI). I would say that 8 out of 10 dogs that come from the big shelters have one when they come to us. A URI is the same as you or I having a common cold. It is not serious at all, & they just need extra time to recover from it. It is not contagious to humans, only to other dogs. So if you have another dog in your home, we would need to wait to do a meet & greet until he/she gets better.

Age/Birthday: 6 yrs.

Weight at last Vet visit: 11 lbs

Adoption fee is only $45 & includes:
- Initial Vet check
- Spay/Neuter surgery
- Up to date on Vaccinations
- Microchip
- Collar with ID tag
- Harness *
- Voucher for a future Free office visit to the Vet
- 50% off any Optimum Wellness Plan
- 30 days of free pet insurance (in case something comes up after adoption)
- Other surprise goodies from Safe Haven
- Other coupons from Partners
- Available Paperwork: Spay/Neuter records, Vaccination records, Vet records, Micro records, Recommendation list, etc...
- Continued Support: Safe Haven will be there for the lifetime of your new adopted pet. If you ever have questions or concerns, we will always be there to help. Our goal is for you & your pet to live happily ever after!

If you are interested in adopting this pet, please fill out an application
After we receive your application, we will contact you so you.


* Safe Haven STRONGLY believes that collars should only be used to hold their ID or as decoration. A dog can slip out of collar. Which becomes a problem if your dog gets lost, or you are trying to restrain your dog, & it comes off. Also, attaching a leash to a collar puts pressure on the neck, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, & could hurt them. For these reasons, Safe Haven includes a harness with every dog adoption to ensure the safety of the dog, as a harness is more expensive than a collar & some adopters will not buy them for this reason. A harness distributes the weight on the chest & shoulders. It also has a handle on the back that you can grab if need be, without hurting your pet (EX: Dog falls off your boat, just grab the handle & pull your pet back in with no harm done. With a collar, you would have to strangle your dog when pulling your dog in). Also a dog cannot slip out of a harness if it is fitted correctly, so it is much easier to restrain them & they will never loose their ID if they get lost.

Q: Is this pet still available?
A: Status is posted in the original post on the Facebook page for Safe Haven Animal Rescue of AZ at . It will say the status in all caps at the very top of the pets post. Once on the Facebook page, type the pets name in the search box to easily pull up all the posts on that pet.

Q: I don't see a phone #. Will someone please call me?
A: Everything needed is online. I have found that online is the most efficient way to get all the work done. In the past, when I posted my #, my phone rang off the hook all day. So I spent the whole day on the phone, with not much work to show for it at the end of the day. Again, everything needed is online.

Q: How do I adopt this pet?
A: Your first step is to fill out an application.

Q: Can I adopt if I live out of state?
A: Out of state adoptions are welcome. Additional fee applies. Fees start at $195 for transport + the adoption fee. All transported pets come with a collar with ID attached, harness, and leash. Plus all the other things listed above that regularly come with adoptions. If it is a long trip, they may come with a carrier with padding, health certificate, bowls, and of course food for the trip. It just depends on the pet, and the mode of transportation. Feel free to e-mail and tell me what dog you are interested in and your address, so I can give you a more exact quote.

Q: Where is this pet?
A: This pet is being fostered in a private home.

Q: I like what you are doing & would like to help. Would you be open to a partnership?
A: Absolutely! I am open to anything that helps care for the animals &/or saves more lives! Please e-mail me at and give me details about what you have in mind.

Q: Can I sponsor a specific pet?
A; Absolutely! Taking care of each pet gets expensive, and we are so grateful for any monthly donation towards the Vet care, food, treats, toys, gas for running them to the dog park ect...
To sponsor a specific pet, please click on this link You can pay with your PayPal account, or you can pay with a credit card. Please put the name of the pet you are wanting to sponsor on the invoice. Being a sponsor, you will get the inside track on updates on how they are doing, and what home they ultimately end up going to!

Q: How can I donate?
A: First, THANK YOU! We rely on private donations to help fund all the costs for these wonderful animals. So your help means a lot! To donate, please click on this link You can pay with your PayPal account, or you can pay with a credit card.

About Safe Haven Animal Rescue of AZ

About Our Rescue Group...

or Click here to fill out our online Adoption Application.

Safe Haven Animal Rescue of AZ is a small no-kill animal rescue. Safe Haven's main focus is to save dogs & cats from certain death by taking pets off the euthanasia list at kill shelters. We do not take in owner surrenders.

With the exception of adopting straight off the euthanasia list through the new "E-list Adoption Program", we stop taking in (fostering) new pets around May, work on getting the remaining pets that are here adopted, take a much needed summer break, then start taking in new pets again in the Fall.

Safe Haven is run by volunteers who work in their free time, outside of their regular jobs, in order to help these innocent animals. Please be respectful of that.

Safe Haven also plans to work to get the laws changed in AZ to stop cruelty, & also educate the public so that overpopulation is never again a reason that an animal is killed.

Safe Haven was started because Maricopa County has the second highest kill rate in the whole country for killing sweet, loving, adoptable pets for no other reason than pet overpopulation. With rates increasing as the economy drops. We could no longer stand by & watch!

Safe Haven is working on several new programs. So our animal intake is minimal right now. Please bear with us!

Goals for this year:

- Apply for a name change. We are getting confused with other rescues who also have "Safe Haven" in their names. A name change will also allow us to expand & set up childrens' programs.

- We are currently working to fix up a new property, where we will be able to expand & take in more pets.

- Expand our volunteer programs.

- Set up an ongoing yard sale to raise money to help pay all the bills!

- There will also be 2 new food programs for:

1: Free pet food for low income families who are struggling to feed their pets. (This will also include farm animals...)

2: Free regular food for low income families who are struggling to feed their children.

You can contact us at

Come Meet Our Pets...

Safe Haven is available by appointment only.

Safe Haven is run by volunteers who work in their free time, outside of their regular jobs, in order to help these innocent animals. Please be respectful of that.

You can contact us at

Our Adoption Process...

You'll notice our adoptions fees are much lower than other rescues. Adoption fees are posted in the Title & also in the body of the pets adoption profile. Lower adoption fees are only because our main concern is finding a good home, & not recouping all the costs we have incurred to save that pet. The more homes we find, the more we can save!

We have 2 types of adoption programs.
1- E-list Adoption Program: Through this program you are adopting straight off the euthanasia list at one of the big shelters. Details about the program are posted in the pets adoption profile. All adults, no matter the breed are $25, and all babies under 12 months, no matter the breed, are $35.
2- Regular Adoption: This is for dogs and cats we have pulled off the euthanasia list, worked with, and a full, very detailed adoption profile will be displayed so you know all about them. Adoption fees vary through regular adoption.

To adopt through either program, your first step is to fill out an application.
- To fill out an application: