My name is Castiel!

Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair Mix Cat for adoption in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Castiel
Photo 1 - Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair Mix Cat for adoption in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Castiel
Photo 2 - Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair Mix Cat for adoption in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Castiel
Photo 3 - Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair Mix Cat for adoption in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Castiel
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I'm being cared for by:
SCAT Street Cat Rescue Program Inc.

Facts about Castiel

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair Mix
  • Color: Brown Or Chocolate
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: 35374177
  • Hair: Medium
This handsome green-eyed, brunette cat-chelor is on the prowl for a special forever home. He may have a little more to love, but to Castiel it's just more love he has to give.Castiel is a sweet two-year-old tabby from up north who found his way to Saskatoon last year with his rescuer and eventually to SCAT.He is an excellent snuggler, and he wants to snuggle almost all of the time. He feels like a plush warm water bottle. He is especially cuddly at night. He thinks he is a much smaller cat than he is, and sometimes turns out to be right, fitting into things (shoeboxes, gaps in doors, refrigerator shelves) he doesn't look like he can fit into. You'll be amazed at how much cat can fit in what you thought was a small pot!Castiel is a master of slapstick comedy in general. He doesn't seem to understand how linoleum works or that his tail is connected to the rest of him. At times, he can be shy and sensitive. He's nervous in crowds and would prefer to be looked at, not touched right away. It doesn't take him long to come around, but he needs his time. We call this his ‘sensitive artistic soul'.Something about him inspires nicknames, a small selection of which follow: Tootsie Roll, S'more, Sweet Caramel Boy, Cuddly Buddy, Squishy Baby, and for some reason Chicken Gravy.Despite the name, he wasn't familiar with the television show it came from. We're trying to get him to watch it on Netflix with us, but he doesn't seem to be playing attention. Castiel is a sweet, friendly cat that would fit in any home looking for a cuddly lap cat with many years ahead of him. He's young enough to still play like a kitten, and old enough that he can also sleep the day away. We couldn't recommend him for all lap cat lovers enough. Castiel will climb you (gently, claws in) to give you a hug and nuzzle your face at the end of a long day. His purr makes him rumble when you pet him. He is also, frankly, adorable.Estimated date of birth of Castiel is May 16, 2015.Just a few more questions! How is your foster cat with...?Other cats? (Check one)Enjoys all other cats Enjoys some other cats Tolerates other catsBullies/dislikes other cats Has not met another cat Not sureAdditional Comments: He's still in quarantine. So far, they swat under the door, but he doesn't hiss back when my cat hisses at him. I think he thinks she's playing. Dogs? (Check one)Enjoys all dogs Enjoys some dogs Tolerates dogsBullies/dislikes dogs Has not met a dog Not sureAdditional Comments: I haven't seen him interact with a dog yet, but he is curious about their barking.Other animals you may have in the home? (Check one)Enjoys all of them Enjoys some of them Tolerates themBullies/dislikes them Has not met any Not sureAdditional Comments: No other animals in home.Kids? (Check one)Enjoys all kids Enjoys some kids Tolerates kidsBullies/dislikes kids Has not met a kid Not sureAdditional Comments: No children in home.Strangers? (Check one)Friendly with strangers immediately Warms up to strangers quickly Warms up to people once they are known to themOnly seems comfortable with foster parent Is not comfortable with foster parent Not sureAdditional Comments: He is hissy with strange people, and has taken a swipe at one of our guests. We would recommend telling his potential adopters that he need respect and space from visitors at first, and that they should wait for him to approach them. Our less pet-enthusiastic friend who let Castiel come to him had him snuggled in his lap by the end of the night. Cas just needs to make the first move.Other information: Would you say your foster cat is...? (Check one)Independent A mix of independent and needy NeedyAdditional Comments: He is needy, to the point where it has been difficult keeping him in the foster room because he hates being separate from people when they're nearby. It's almost like separation anxiety in dogs. He yowls and runs in circles all night, trashing the room and scratching at the door. It has been getting better with Feliway and time, but he does not do closed doors well. This cat wants to be a constant companion, so for someone who wants their cat to be basically their best friend he is perfect. Neediness doesn't have to be a bad thing, some people want to feel needed.(I say ‘like' separation anxiety in dogs, because when we actually are out of the apartment he just sleeps. He only makes a big deal if someone is around to hear it.)Would you say your foster cat is...? (Check one)Very Vocal (chats all the time) Vocal when they want something/are playing Rarely VocalAdditional Comments: See above.Actually, he is also vocal at times while being petted, but it's restricted to meows and chirps. Most of the time he's quite quiet.What would you say is the most funny/unique thing about your foster cat?He is so, so funny. He makes me laugh all the time, and I don't know what it is exactly-a combination of his sweet little face and his uncanny ability to do a harmless pratfall at least once a day.What would you say are your foster cats "bad habits"?Definitely the hissing at strangers and the need for closeness. Otherwise Castiel has model manners for a cat. He prefers horizontal scratching surfaces so we'd recommend a carpet pad style scratcher to his forever home, with some catnip rubbed on it.What are your foster cats favourite toys? (Check all that apply)Balls Mice Feather WandLaser pointers Catnip Other: Please specify belowAdditional Comments: He is surprisingly agile and really enjoys playing. With some control of his diet and regular play I think he could slim up in no time.He is also a fiend for catnip. He likes to rub a catnip pillow on his face for minutes at a time and then roll on the carpet. He doesn't like to be petted much at those times, I think it's too much stimulation.What is your foster cats favourite spot(s) to be petted? (Please write in) Ex: ears, head, belly, etc.Where does your foster cat like to sleep? (Please write in)On the bed. When we swap him and our resident cat into different rooms so Castiel can get used to her smell and vice versa, he reliably jumps up on the bed and sleeps there. It's a surprisingly logical choice for a cat to make.

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