My name is Buster and Bandit!

Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix Dog for adoption in Germantown, Ohio - Buster and Bandit
Photo 1 - Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix Dog for adoption in Germantown, Ohio - Buster and Bandit
Photo 2 - Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix Dog for adoption in Germantown, Ohio - Buster and Bandit
Photo 3 - Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix Dog for adoption in Germantown, Ohio - Buster and Bandit
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I'm being cared for by:
Adopt A Pit Rescue

Facts about Buster and Bandit

  • Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix
  • Color: Black
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Sex: Male
Remember when you were a kid and you would beg your parents to let you get a puppy? "I will take care of him!" you promised, daydreaming about you and your fluffy friend romping in the yard. Going for adventurous walks, showing and teaching him about this big, beautiful world. Proudly showing him off to all your friends. Keeping his bowl full of delicious kibble and laughing when he dunked his nose in the water dish. Washing his soft fur and brushing it gently afterwards. Cuddling up next to him at night, your tiny arm around him as you both drifted off into sleep.

After months of begging, one year it would be THE Christmas. You'd walk downstairs early morning, before the sun had reached the horizon. You'd pull the ribbon on a brightly colored package and the top of the box would pop off, and out would bound that little puppy you'd been wishing and praying for. He'd lick you right in the face, and from that moment on, you'd be friends for life. And you'd keep that promise to care for him always.

When Buster (the little black long-haired Chihuahua) and Bandit (the Jack Russell Terrier) met their children for the first time, they probably imagined a lifetime of love, too. They wanted to kiss their faces, snuggle in their arms. Learn and grow together. They trusted their children to take care of them. To provide a safe and happy home for them. But there were no snuggles and kisses. No warm or loving touch. Instead, Buster and Bandit were met with cruelty and violence. These children found amusement in harming their pets. They thrashed them with sticks. They pelted them with rocks. The smacked and punched them. They laughed and VIDEOTAPED their actions, proud of the fear and terror in their little dogs' faces. Finding joy in their suffering. For HALF A DECADE these dogs lived this nightmare. Every day. No escape. No adult, apparently, to tell these children no.

With little else to cling to and nowhere to hide or get away from their abusers, Buster and Bandit relied on one another and found comfort only there. They bonded strongly and their love for each other helped them get through 5 years of abuse. They had never known anything else. Never known kindness. They were never able to relax in their home because when the kids got bored, or angry, they took it out on Buster and Bandit, and recorded it so they could relive it later.

Until one day, someone (a hero) stepped in after seeing this documented atrocity and reported it. Adopt a Pit (also heroes) stepped up to get these poor boys into a foster home immediately and away from their captors. We imagine that first night away from that house is the first time those dogs slept soundly in their entire lives.

This is where you come in. Yes, you, or someone you know who fits this bill: overflowing with kindness, patience, love, and a desire to help the voiceless. A desire to change the lives of two very special dogs. A hero who declares, like we did when we were kids, "I will take care of him, I promise!"

Do you have a quiet, peaceful home where there's a bit of room on the couch for a pudgy little Chihuahua (13lbs) and his Jack Russell brother (17lbs)? They won't take up much space, and they will warm up a spot for you. Can you show them that sticks are not for hitting but for playing fetch or throwing into a warm, crackling fire on a cold winter night? That rocks aren't for bruising but are for crunching under your feet as you walk up a gravel driveway after a nice, relaxing walk on a crisp autumn afternoon? Can you show them that a camera isn't for documenting and reveling in pain, but to preserve photos of those you love. To take silly dog selfies. To show all your friends around the world how cute your dogs are when they sleep? (You know, how their little feet twitch when they're having a sweet dream? How sometimes they make the most adorable little dreamy noises?)

Do you know kindness? Do you know how to show it and spread it? Because Buster and Bandit have known little, and they crave and deserve it. They are eager to please and rejoice in praise and gentle pets and sweet strokes once you have earned their trust. Their favorite place is on the couch, together, with you, snuggling. They rely on one another for confidence. After all, they were there for one another when nobody else was, so they are a package deal. They may be best as only dogs, but could enjoy the company of a low-key, older, submissive canine friend. They would do very well with a fun and purring feline friend. They warm up to women quickly, but men may take a bit longer, but compassion knows no gender. Children, for obvious reasons, are very terrifying to the boys and they should not be expected to overcome that.

Buster and Bandit are both housebroken, and crate trained. They like to be near one another at all times, so they enjoy the closeness and security of being crated together. Bandit has a slight limp due to abuse and past trauma, but it's all healed up but for a bit of arthritis in his knee. Nothing that will hinder pampering and adoration, or enjoying that aforementioned warm fireplace and that brisk, beautiful stroll through town or a hiking trail.

As we move into the holiday season (it's close, we know) let's give Buster and Bandit a REAL Christmas morning. The one where you open up your door and home to two teensy canine brothers, and your face is greeted with licks and kisses and snuggles. You can be a holiday miracle to this little duo and give them everything they imagined and wished for all those years ago. A family who loves them, a couch or nice recliner where they have a special spot. Silly sweaters with snowmen on them and a holiday card sent out to loved ones where these boys are featured prominently as part of a loving family.

Let's work together and give these little dogs some good memories. Such great and fantastic memories that those first five years...maybe they start to forget them. It's time for a new life for Buster and Bandit. Will you apply to adopt them today? If so, please visit and fill out the application or to inquire about additional information.

Thank you so much for reading about Buster & Bandit, and sharing their story.

Buster and Bandit are both heartworm negative, neutered, up to date on all vaccinations and heartworm/flea preventative, de-wormed, and microchipped.

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