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Faerie Tales Cat Rescue

Facts about Dalilah

  • Breed: Domestic Mediumhair
  • Color: Black (All)
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 1475622
  • Hair: Unknown

My name is Dalilah!

Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Jackson, Michigan - Dalilah
Photo 1 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Jackson, Michigan - Dalilah
Photo 2 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Jackson, Michigan - Dalilah
Photo 3 - Domestic Mediumhair Cat for adoption in Jackson, Michigan - Dalilah

Dalilah's Info...

I am already spayed, housetrained, a special needs pet, and up to date with shots.

Dalilah's Story...

This is Dalilah and unfortunately she is FIV+. This certainly isn't a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination however we recognize that her chances of finding a family of her own are diminished. We are attaching some links which provide information about FIV. It is not very communicable and can only be transmitted via a very deep bite wound or through intercourse. Dalilah has already been spayed and has a very gentle demeanor - so it would be extremely unlikely she could transmit to another kitty. 

Dalilah has had all of her shots and is spayed already. She is a beautiful medium haired black girl with pretty yellow eyes. She does very well with other kitties, dogs (and even rambunctious puppies!!) as well as young children. She would fit well into any type of household and she certainly deserves to find a nice family to call her own. Please consider her, I believe she would be one decision you wouldn't regret making.

She is currently being fostered in Temperance, MI (just north of Toledo, OH). If interested in this girl please contact Michelle at or call 734-850-8103 or 734-347-3749 for more info. We will be working on taking some pretty pictures of her as these posted seem to do her really no justice.

Here are a few links for information on FIV:

Why Black?

Black is slimming…Black is elegant…Black is sophisticated…Black is the color of power and authority…Black is considered stylish and timeless…Black kitty hairs won’t show up on that perfect little black dress !

Did You Know?

Black cats are considered good luck in England, Japan, and Australia!
• Some believe a bride will have luck on her big day if a black cat sneezes near her!
• In Scotland, finding a black cat on your porch is a sign of riches and happiness to come!
• Some believe stroking the fur of black cats brings health and wealth!
• Having a black cat enter your home is also thought to bring good luck!

Why You Should Consider Adopting A Black Cat:

Black cats tend to be the most overlooked in shelters. They are statistically-proven to be more difficult to adopt from shelter locations, despite being sweet, friendly, affectionate and well-adjusted like their more colorful counterparts. Remember black cats are the same as any felines – lovable, affectionate companions that give years of unconditional love and friendship!

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About Faerie Tales Cat Rescue

About Our Rescue Group...

Once upon a time there lived a group of loyal, sincere, and trustworthy women. Their collective spirits sought to come to the aid of abandoned, unwanted, abused, and lost felines. They wanted to give these beautiful, if sometimes scruffy, creatures a new beginning. They showed the kitties love to heal their broken hearts, patience to learn to trust, and healing medicine to make them well. The women knew that their quest could not stop here for there were just too many kitties to care for all on their own. What were they to do?
They thought and thought and thought some more. Until one day, the women realized what they were meant to be! Faerie Cat Mothers who could light the way for felines to find the homes they were meant to be in. Now, the women were filled with hope once again! They all passionately agreed they could continue to offer the once forgotten kitties something their hearts had always longed for. That is, a place to call home.
Faerie Tales Cat Rescue is committed to placing felines in loving adoptive homes. Our shared vision is to help kitties and their families have their dreams come true.
And they all lived Happily Ever After....

We are a small, dedicated group of animal lovers who are working hard attempting to place neglected, abused, lost and otherwise homeless kitties. Our goal is to provide to as many kitties as possible, opportunities to find a loving home to call their own. We are very concerned about the ever growing over population of kitties and are diligent in our efforts to promote the spay and neuter of felines.
We are an all breed rescue and work as a no kill group. All of our fosters are located in private foster homes as we are not a shelter. We are a very young group forming in June 2005, however all of our volunteers have years of rescue experience, countless contacts as well as a wealth of knowledge in caring for our furry four-legged companions.
We work closely with veterinary clinics who provide low cost spay/neuters as well as affordable vaccinations. All of our rescues will be fully vetted, combo tested for FIV and Felv and fecal checked prior to any adoption.
Additionally, all of our kitties will either be altered or a refundable deposit will be required to those kittens not yet able to be altered. As with all rescues, we operate on a shoestring budget and donations are always welcome. Every penny we are able to raise is applied toward helping save one of our kitties.
Additionally, we are also always in need of loving foster homes. Fostering gives these kitties the time they need to grow big enough to be adopted or time to heal. Fostering is an integral part of our success. Without foster homes we are unable to help these kitties. If you think you have a little space email or telephone us. It can be a wonderful, rewarding experience.

Come Meet Our Pets...

Our foster cats are located in our homes. Please email or call to set up a meeting time. We also have adoption events in the Lansing and Jackson areas on occasion. Please email for more information.

Our Adoption Process...

Please email us for our adoption application and contract. A spay/neuter contract is required for kittens that are too young.

Our adoption prices as of 10/09 are:


$125 for altered breed specific kittens (ex: Mixes of Maine Coon, Persian, Siamese, Ragdoll, Bengal, Manx, Russian Blue, etc)

$100 for unaltered breed specific kittens , with additional $25 refundable spay/neuter deposit

$60 plus refundable $25 s/n deposit for unaltered nonbreed specific kittens


$95 for breed specific adult cats (ex: Mixes of Maine Coon, Persian, Siamese, Ragdoll, Bengal, Manx, Russian Blue, etc)

$60 for nonbreed specific adult cats and nonbreed specific kittens 6 months and over that have been fixed.

All cats over 6 months old will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption!


$75.00 for kittens or adults that require special attention/care or are senior cats.

*Please note, we reserve the right to lower and adjust our adoption prices per the specific cat/kitten at our discretion. This is usually dependent upon the cost to us for vetting a specific cat. We offer special adoption rates at our in store adoption events so be sure to come by and check us out! Please email us for our next scheduled in store adoption event, time, and location. All of our adoption monies/donations received go to pay our vet bills for our foster cats! We can not do this alone, thank you for adopting and donating!

We recommend the following cat nutrition reading for any cat owner or potential adopter:

You can copy and paste our adoption questions as listed below into a word document or email and send to our group for your interest in adopting any of our rescue felines.

Faerie Tales Cat Rescue
Adoption Application

Applicant Name(s) : ____________________________

Home Address: ________________________________

City/State: ___________ Zip: __________

Home phone: __________Work phone______________


We appreciate your time in filling out the following information for screening purposes.

Personal Reference:________________



Best time to reach:___________

Veterinary Reference: ________________
We would like to match you with the cat/kitten of your dreams, please take a few moments to review and discuss with your family the following list of questions. We appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in your responses.

1. Name of cat you are interested in adopting:

2. If undecided, tell us about the type of cat you are looking for:

3. Reason for wanting to adopt a cat at this time?

4. Would your cat be allowed outside?

5. Do you plan on declawing your new cat? Please explain.

6. Have you ever had to:
A. Have a pet put to sleep? What were the circumstances?

B. Relinquish a pet to a shelter/Animal control? Why?

C. Returned a pet you had adopted? Why?

Sometimes despite our best efforts, precautions, and love, cats can develop medical and/or behavior problems. It is not uncommon for behavior problems to have an underlying medical cause. Such problems can occur to your cat by accident, they can be born with it, old age, or something else entirely which can involve an investment in your money, time, multiple vet visits, and patience to track the source of your cats’ behavior or medical issue.

7. What is a reasonable financial amount of money that you/your family would spend on veterinary/behavioral care for your cat per year? (i.e. $50, $150, $500, $1,000, whatever it takes) Feel free to elaborate:

8. What type of problems would you not be willing to deal with? (i.e. biting, inappropriate use of litter box, spraying, inappropriate scratching, fleas, parasites, etc.)

9. How would you and your family handle such problems if they were to occur in your new cat?

10. What type of medical/behavior problems have your previous animals had, if any?

11. How would you feel about asking FTCR for advice on these problems?

12. What type of food would your cat be allowed to eat?

13. What would you do with your cat if you were not able to care for him/her anymore?

14. Cats can live as long as 15-20 years. Please select the reasons that may cause you to give up the cat.

___Birth of child ___New roommate ___Marriage ___Allergies ___Unemployment ___None
_________________Other (please specify)

15. Are you employed or is an adult member of your household employed?

16. Who will be in charge of the everyday care of your new pet? (i.e. litter box cleaning, feeding, socializing, loving, etc)

17. Who will be in charge of the financial care of your new pet? (i.e. cost for litter, food, toys, veterinary care, etc)

18. What would you do with your cat if you and your family were going away from the house for more than 24 hours?

19. Do you breed or do you plan to breed?

20. How would you feel about having a member of FTCR contact you to check on how your new pet is settling in?

21. Are there any restrictions on your lease or condo, if applicable, to owning a cat?

22. How many adults and children are in the home? Please list the ages of the children.

23. Does anyone in the house have any known or suspected allergies to cats?

24. Do you currently own other pets? If so, what type?

25. Have you owned a cat before? If so, what happened to it?

26. Where will the cat spend the day/night?

27. Planning to move in the near future?

28. Will you personally guarantee/promise/commit to contact and/or bring the cat back to Faerie Tales Cat Rescue if the placement doesn’t work out for any reason?
I certify that I am 21 years old or older.
I hereby attest that the information submitted on this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Please note:
*Faerie Tales Cat Rescue has made every attempt to ensure the excellent health of all of the cats it places. However, sometimes nature has other plans, therefore we cannot guarantee against any unforeseen ailment.
**We operate on a very tight budget. Unless otherwise pre-arranged, adoption revenues are considered a charitable donation and are non-refundable, though we will make every attempt to ensure a good match. Please choose your pet carefully.

For faster processing, applications can be submitted via email to any of our foster moms. They can also be submitted through regular mail to:
Faerie Tales Cat Rescue
1560 Epley Road
Williamston, MI 48895