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I'm being cared for by:
Florida Parrot Rescue

Facts about Chester & Jack

  • Breed: Parakeet - Quaker
  • Color: Green
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male

My name is Chester & Jack!

Parakeet - Quaker for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Chester & Jack
Photo 1 - Parakeet - Quaker for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Chester & Jack
Photo 2 - Parakeet - Quaker for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Chester & Jack
Photo 3 - Parakeet - Quaker for adoption in Tampa, Florida - Chester & Jack

Chester & Jack's Info...

I am a special needs pet.

Chester & Jack's Story...

Chester is a splayed leg Quaker Parrot who is laid back and gets around very well. Chester thinks he/she is no different than his buddy Jack! The two are bonded. Chester is the one to protect Jack and their cage. Once Chester is out of the cage he/she is a sweetheart. Chester will lay directly on your chest and rest his beak on your chest while you are petting and talking or sit there nicely looking around. Chester also enjoys sitting in the palm of your hand to hang out. Jack is a curious Quaker. Jack is always wanting to try new things and investigate on his own if within cage reach. Jack is usually the one to try to take away Chester’s toy or anything to get a squawk! Jack likes to ride on your shoulder and nuzzle in your hair. Jack and Chester both enjoy sitting on kids fingers and being petted and talked to. Neither birds talk but have their own language when you come into the room to say your hello or goodnight. Chester & Jack are healthy, lively birds that have been converted to a diet of pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables and are now looking for their forever home!

All birds have been properly vetted by an avian veterinarian before being placed up for adoption. Interested in adoption? Please go to our website to fill out an application and to read our adoption protocols at
Adoption fees (all fees include the bird’s cage IF the bird has a cage - most do, but please ask!):
Parakeets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds: Fee’s for these birds are optional, but please consider donating any amount you can afford – your donations allow us to help more animals in need!
Quaker Parrots: $50
Parrotlets, Indian Ringnecks: $75
Conures: $125
Senegals, Lories, Meyers, Caiques, large Asiatic species: $200
Pionus, Amazons, Miniature Macaws (Hahns, Severe, Illigers, Yellow-Collared), Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Bare-Eyes): $275
Eclectus Parrots: $325
Large (other) Cockatoos (M2′s, U2′s, Sulfur Crested, etc...), African Greys: $400
Large (other) Macaws (B&G’s, Scarlet’s, Greenwing’s, etc..): $500
**Birds that have been in rescue for more than one year – 50% off of adoption fees regardless of species**
Please e-mail us at for any questions!

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About Florida Parrot Rescue

About Our Rescue Group...

Florida Parrot Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of companion parrots. We strive to educate parrot owners on proper handling and care of parrots. Should someone be unable to keep their bird(s) for ANY reason, we want them to know there is a place to turn, and that they are not alone. It is our goal to provide a safe haven for birds that cannot stay with their owners or birds in need, and then to find those birds permanent forever homes with loving and responsible families.

Come Meet Our Pets...

Our rescues are located in homes through out the state. We will work with the fosters and potential adopters to set up dates and times.

Our Adoption Process...

We require an application which is free of charge, an adoption fee which varies on the bird you wish to adopt. We do NOT adopt our for breeding purposes.

Rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected birds

Veterinary care and treatment for birds in need

Provide parrot owners with a place to bring their birds in the event that they can no longer keep them.

Educate new & current parrot owners on proper care & handling of their companion parrots.

Adoptions & Adoption Counseling

Behavior Counseling