My name is Little Dan!

Boxer Puppy for adoption in North Haven, Connecticut - Little Dan
Photo 1 - Boxer Puppy for adoption in North Haven, Connecticut - Little Dan
Photo 2 - Boxer Puppy for adoption in North Haven, Connecticut - Little Dan
Photo 3 - Boxer Puppy for adoption in North Haven, Connecticut - Little Dan
Photo 4 - Boxer Puppy for adoption in North Haven, Connecticut - Little Dan
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I'm being cared for by:
Northeastern Boxer Rescue - CT

Facts about Little Dan

  • Breed: Boxer
  • Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn
  • Age: Puppy
  • Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
  • Sex: Male

Little Dan and his sister Big Ann have been in our rescue program for almost four years!!!!! Mind you they have been leading happy lives with the same foster family since they arrived, and their foster family love them dearly, but they still need to be adopted into permanent homes. Our expenses for long term medical care gets costly and is a huge drain on our meager bank account. The more money we put into dogs who are ready for adoption takes away from our ability to help more needy dogs. One thing is for certain and that is we will not give up on these dogs no matter how long it takes to find them new homes with people who can meet their needs. However....We can really use your help. Please make a donation, open your home to foster, or better yet adopt.

11/02/14: Little Dan Is A Sensitive Man

Below is an update from Little Dan’s foster mom:

“Dan is a very sweet and sensitive boy. He seems to have developed a stomach issue. He produces too much bile and will vomit if his stomach is empty. This is controlled by giving him Pepcid AC and having him eat throughout the day which includes a small meal at night so his stomach doesn't get too empty. When he vomits he gets grouchy so would not recommend that he is in a home with children ….an experienced dog owner is best. Even though he does have a few issues Dan is very sweet and just loves to give kisses.”

08/05/11: Ann’s Check-Up Was Good - A Slight Medical Glitch For Dan

Big Ann and Little Dan had their visit with our vet and, for the most part, all went well. Little Dan has been urinating excessively so he had his urine tested to find out if he had an infection. The doctor decided to culture his urine which detected three different types of bacteria. The doctor prescribed two different medications (one very expensive) and the treatment appears to be working. They both were a big hit at the hospital giving kisses to all they met. Below is the latest update from their foster mom:

“Ann and Dan are doing so well. Ann is already almost completely potty trained although every now and then she has an accident like most puppies do. As for Dan his potty training has come a very long way now that he is on the right antibiotics for his UTI.

Ann is also coming along with her separation anxiety. The key is to find something that she really likes then she doesn't even notice that you leave. That key is usually a Kong with yogurt and a little peanut butter frozen in it. Dan is much more at ease being left alone.

They have also become very respectful of my two rabbits; they used to try to get them through their cage but now they hardly even look at them. As for the cats Ann is much more curious about them than Dan. He doesn't seem to be as interested in them

These guys are very energetic typical puppies, getting into things they shouldn't and running around without a care in the world. Ann and Dan are very smart too; they learned to sit in one day and now they always sit for treats and meals. They are just so loving…they love all people and all dogs that they have met so far. And when they get excited I call them my wiggly worms because they wiggle like crazy out of happiness. "

07/28/11: “The Times They Are A Changing”…For The Better

Big Ann and Little Dan had to stay at the Shelter for an additional two weeks before they could be transported to one of our foster homes. The day they were to be picked up they came down with an upper respiratory infection which prevented them from getting a health certificate allowing them to cross State lines. We are very grateful to this Shelter for allowing these sweet pups the time to get better instead of having them killed like many other animal control facilities would have done.

They are adjusting well to living with a loving family although, understandably, they are a bit anxious when their “people” are out of sight. Their foster mom is helping them to feel more secure by leaving them alone for a few minutes at a time and they are getting much better. This type of anxiety is very common when dogs are abandoned, but it is easily overcome when people understand the situation and handle them with love and kindness.

Big Ann and Little Dan have a scheduled vet appointment for another exam and to receive the last of their inoculations. If all goes well they will be ready to be adopted.

Below is a report from the pups’ foster mom:

“These guys are so adorable. I have to say they may not look one hundred percent boxer but they are one hundred percent boxer at heart for sure. They are just such love bugs. Since the moment we picked them up they have been showering us with kisses and love.

Big Annie and Little Dan are very quick learners, are catching on to everything so fast, and I have only had them a short time. They are still working on potty training but I think they will be trained in no time. They already learned to go to the door after being here for only one day. I just need to be a little faster at opening the door.

They both enjoy walks and are great on a leash. They really love all of their toys and treats. There is a little sibling rivalry going on though; if one has a toy then that's the toy the other wants, and if you give one attention the other one is sure to follow. Annie and Dan are just both so sweet and they both love to cuddle. Ann likes to sleep tight against me all night and Dan likes to take a nap with me during the day.

They are doing so well which has pleasantly surprised us since they were in the shelter for a whole month. This has been a great experience fostering them so far.”

06/24/11: Hard Times Even For Puppies

We receive many daily emails from various shelters posting lists of their “URGENT” dogs. Many of these shelters are out of our area and when we see a boxer on the list we watch to make sure a more local Rescue steps in to help the dogs. We were keeping track of two adorable puppies this week named Big Ann and Little Dan. Every day we checked in we were surprised to see they were still in danger.

We received an email reporting that time was up for these two pups and both of them were scheduled to be killed within 24 hours due to lack of space. We immediately placed a call to the shelter and told them we would take Big Ann and Little Dan into our Rescue program. Sadly, many dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are killed every day because there are not enough foster or permanent homes to care for them. We did not want Big Ann and Little Dan to be part of this horrific statistic.

We are currently in the process of making arrangements to get them spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines. We are hoping we will have an available foster home. We were told these pups were brought in together as strays and estimate their age to be four months. They are reported to be sweet and friendly and weigh approximately 25 pounds.

For now, they are safe and we are looking forward to learning more about these two in the days ahead.

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