My name is Pretty Bird!

Eclectus for adoption in St. Louis, Missouri - Pretty Bird
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I'm being cared for by:
St. Louis Avian Rescue (STAR)

Facts about Pretty Bird

  • Breed: Eclectus
  • Color: Unknown
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
Pretty Bird is a female Eclectus. She's hand tame and likes to share meals with her foster family. She prefers a calm environment; therefore, she may not like being around small children or living in a noisy atmosphere. If she is scared she will let out a high-pitched screech.

As you can see Pretty Bird is a feather picker, especially when she finds herself in new situations. She is quiet and easy going, though. She makes quiet cooing sounds when she is happy or wanting attention. She also says, "Hi" and "Step up," and she barks like a Chihuahua!

Pretty Bird tolerates some petting but generally does not like to be rubbed on. Her favorite place to hang out is on your shoulder. She loves to eat fruits and most vegetables. She is very gentle when taking food from your hand, and she is very careful not to drop it once she has a hold of it.

Pretty Bird is initially nervous when meeting a new person but will come around fairly quickly in a calm environment. Eclectus parrots don't produce any feather dust, as they have oil glands rather than dust glands for preening. This is a great option for people who have allergies.

Pretty Bird's approximate hatch date is 2001, and his adoption fee is $200.

For information on some of the characteristics of this bird, see this Species Profile page:

About St. Louis Avian Rescue (STAR)

About Our Rescue Group...

While the public has become more familiar with puppy mills and the issue of dog and cat overpopulation, most people are not aware of the plight of homeless companion birds. These animals are victims of over-breeding just as other pet species are, and despite the illegality, many are still wild-caught. In addition to the problems faced by homeless pets of all kinds, birds have the added "burden" of longevity. Parrot species can live thirty, fifty, even eighty years. This increases the likelihood that a bird will have multiple homes in his or her lifetime.

STAR is a 501(c)(3) charity formed to address the issue of homeless birds in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our volunteers foster a variety of bird species, with the eventual goal of placement in forever homes. We also strive to educate and instruct the public in not only the care of companion birds, but in the appreciation of wild birds as well. We have volunteers who can speak to children and adults on a range of topics.

Come Meet Our Pets...

We regularly hold “Meet the Birds” events, where the public can learn more about us, our birds, and our mission. We also attend community events to inform people about our mission and to show some of our available birds. Those interested in a particular bird can always contact us by phone or e-mail to arrange a meeting with that bird.

Our Adoption Process...

If you are interested in a particular bird, you need to fill out an Adoption Application, which can be found on our website. The application can then be mailed or e-mailed to us. Home visits are required prior to all bird adoptions, and we prefer local adoptions. Also, we will not ship any of our adoptable birds, and we do not adopt to breeders. All references will be checked for all birds. If approved, you must drive to St. Louis, MO to pick up the approved bird. Adoption donations must be paid in cash. (We apologize that we can no longer accept personal checks.) For a range of suggested adoption donations, please see our FAQ page, or contact us to inquire about a specific bird.

One important factor to take into consideration is if you smoke. All animals are negatively affected by tobacco smoke, but birds in particular are susceptible to its effects. In addition to breathing and overall health problems, many birds will obsessively preen in an attempt to rid themselves of the smoke, and the result can be severe feather plucking. If you or another household member smoke, we will not approve the application, and we recommend you not adopt any animal.