My name is Harlie!

Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Big Bend, Wisconsin - Harlie
Photo 1 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Big Bend, Wisconsin - Harlie
Photo 2 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Big Bend, Wisconsin - Harlie
Photo 3 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Big Bend, Wisconsin - Harlie
Photo 4 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Dog for adoption in Big Bend, Wisconsin - Harlie

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Harlie's Info...

I am already spayed, purebred, a special needs pet, up to date with shots, and good with dogs.

Harlie's Story...
Would you consider making a donation for my ongoing therapy treatments, Love, Harlie.

Bio Update 12/26/12: Happy New Year from Harlie!!! - Foster Mum tried to get a Santa hat on me but I wanted nothing to do with it and I settled for a jingle collar. I wanted to give you an update on my travels.

Foster Mum takes me once a week for treadmill, water and laser therapy. I love my therapy and I have been trying new things at therapy like the doggie stairs. I am motivated to walk up the steps when Gayle my therapist places a treat on the steps. Oh how I love my treats. I have also been using the balance ball and balance board and I am having a lot of success with it.

I have been waiting for a home of my own for a long time now and I wanted to tell you a few things about me. I am very special and have a lot of love to give.

Here is a list of my favorite things: I love being outside, I walk so well on a leash and I can walk for a good period of time. I love the water and when I swim I do the doggie paddle very well. I love to play with my toys, I love to have my belly rubbed and my beautiful coat of hair brushed. I like to cuddle and be wrapped up in the blankets.

I am a special Yorkie girl who is looking for a special person of my very own. I will make someone a great companion. Could that someone possibly be YOU????

Update 09/30/12: Harlie here in Maine here is a few things you should know about me even though I am a special needs dog I only need to use me mobility wheel cart for long walks if you take me on a short walk I do not need to utilize the cart. When I am in the fenced in backyard I do not need my wheel cart or in Foster Mum's home.

Foster Mum has been taking me to physical therapy session's in the heated salt water pool - I know what you are thinking. Foster Mum lives in Maine and it is almost October in New England no need to worry she would not put me in just any pool ! - The pool is a heated salt water pool it is so warm and feels wonderful on my back legs. Next week may be my last week being able to go in the pool then I will be headed in doors for water therapy.

In addition to the pool therapy I also receive cold laser treatments on my back legs, and I work on balance endurance exercises by balancing on a yoga ball and a balance board. Yesterday Foster Mum and Gayle the nice lady that does physical therapy on my legs were smiling their faces looked so happy for me ! They were happy because they have observed since attending the sessions that when I sit ,I sit square the way a dog should be sitting, when I do my circle exercises I turn in a complete circle and my balance has greatly improved.

Foster Mum was so happy for me and I was just thinking give me some of the home made treats that Gayle made ! I am proud of Harlie she has been working hard during her sessions and the progress that she has made is really showing. Since I have been fostering Harlie I have been doing work to help her at home and I also have exercises that Gayle has provided that I do with her as well.

If you are looking for a special companion Harlie is the one and please don't shy away from adopting a special needs dog I guarantee the love that she will give you can not be be measured. Harlie does require a bit more time however if you are a walker take her for a quick walk and if you enjoy yoga or exercising she is the gal for you!

Please take a look at Harlie's video her story is one of triumph over adversity and I know that all of us out there at one time or another have triumphed at one time or another with adversity or challenges. Thank you for taking the time to read her up date. Please follow her story on face book and on our site as I will post more updates and pictures on her physical therapy. -- Much thanks Amy - Harlie's Foster Mum.
Update 08/11/12: Sometimes you get the opportunity to foster a special dog ,all of the Yorkie's that United Yorkie Rescue Foster's are special and have unique stories of survival and hope! - I am the Foster Mum to one special Yorkie her name is Harlie. Harlie came into care with United Yorkie Rescue in October of 2011 all the way from Pennsylvania to Maine via Pilots and Paws.

Here is Harlie's story! - Harlie did not have a wheel cart when she came into care with us and the pads of her feet and back legs showed signs of her will to get from place to place. She also had skin and coat issues and a ear infection in one ear.

United Yorkie Rescue stepped up to help Harlie and provided the necessary medical treatment that she needed for her back legs. She saw a neurologist immediately who determined through doing a variety of tests that Harlie was not a candidate for surgery for her back legs as her injury has had gone un treated for so long.
We ordered her a mobility wheel cart through K9 Cart Company and had her measured to fit the cart. It is delightful to see her utilizing the cart for short walks. Harlie also saw a dermatologist and he recommenced that she be feed Z/D Ultra Allergen Free Food by Hills which is Prescription food this helps her skin and coat to feel less itchy and helps with the flares ups that her skin sometimes has.
She is a very special Yorkie girl that is looking for a wonderful home to call her very own. Harlie likes to have her belly and ears rubbed likes to be patted and loves her toy lamb chop. She is as fast as lighting and is quick to follow me from room to room. Harlie would love to have a home where she can be doted on because she has not had that in the past and she loves attention.
Harlie is a special girl and I know that there is someone out here who is looking for a special dog just like Harlie. She loves to snuggle on the couch and get cozy in blankets she loves getting baths and having her hair brushed. I have never seen a dog that loves her tub time as much as this girl.
Update 06/19/12: Hi Harlie here in Maine I enjoy being outdoors and discovering the backyard with all of it's summer smells my nose just twitches. I like to feel the sun in my face and to lay down in the grass. Here are a few other things to know about me I would do best in a quite environment in a home with no children or other animals. I like being the only one that my person dotes on. United Yorkie Rescue is not quite sure what happened to my back legs however it is apparent that I am fearful of other dogs, noises and sometime's people. I get around just great outdoors on the grass and inside Foster Mum's home. When I go for walks I use my wheel cart it is red and has stickers on it and Foster Mum put pink bows on it geezzz how many time's do I have to tell her I am not a fancy girl. I have to tell you when we go for walks people do comment on how well I do walking in my cart and the also comment on my pretty hair. Have you seen my curls it is silver and blonde my coat is just beautiful! Foster Mum is on vacation from work and she is going to take a video of me going for a walk with my cart and without it! You are really going to be amazed at how well I do you would never know that I have a back leg injury. Please take a look at my bio and pictures on the web site at and fill out a application if you think I'm the little fur kid for you.
UPDATE 5/21/12: Harlie - please take a minute to read my story. Before coming into care with United Yorkie Rescue I sustained a injury to my back legs and now I use a wheel cart for walks outside with foster mum. When I am inside of foster mum's home I do not need to use the wheel cart. Please don't feel badly for me I get along just fine without the cart inside FM's home and you should see me I can keep up with my fur brother's and sisters. I love to get attention and to sit on your lap and cuddle on the couch. I also love to be brushed. I am very playful and love toys. I am a tough little girl foster mum brought me all kinds of girly stuff to wear and pink to boot. I know she meant well but I wanted nothing to do with it. When I go to the groomers no pretty pink bow for me. if you have room in your heart for a special needs girl like me please complete an adoption application on the Looking For Love page.

UPDATE 4/09/12: I am a special needs yorkie and I am a special yorkie indeed. I get around with my wheel cart and I get along just fine at home when I am not using it. I need a special home were the home is on one level and I need a fenced in yard. I do not have control over my bladder and bowels, but please don't hold that against me. You see I have been through a lot and I am just looking for a special home to call my very own.

My special home would provide me with lots of love and attention! I love to have my belly rubbed and to be patted. When you are watching tv, I can be your pal and cuddle up on the couch with you. Oh how I love my blankets.

Foster Mum gives me a lot of attention and love and I have learned that it is okay to trust people. I feel safe and relaxed, the best I have felt in a long time. I am a sweet girl and I am looking for a special home to call my very own.

Update 03/18/12: Harlie here I wanted to stop by and say hello - I recently had a dental cleaning my teeth look so white and I did not loose any teeth. I got spayed at the same time. Foster Mum took the day off from work to care for me. I did really good after the procedure. I am looking forward to the nice weather so I can get out and go for walks in my wheel cart. Here is a couple of things to know about me , I am a special needs Yorkshire Terrier and I utilize a wheel cart for walks. Inside my foster home I do very well as my Foster Mum's home is all on one level and that really helps me get around. Don't feel sad for me believe you me I can keep up with my fur brother's and sisters just fine. A home that is all one level would be just great for me and a fenced in yard is a must for me. Some other special things about me I do not have control over my bladder or bowels and my Foster Mum takes great care of me and expresses my bladder 2 to 3 times a day. Expressing my bladder will need to be done for me for the rest of my life. I am a great little yorkie girl that is looking for a loving home to call my very own !

UPDATE 02/11/12: Halie Here - I Am Enjoying The Good Life in Maine! The Weather Has Been Pretty Good In Maine and Foster Mum Has Taken Me Out For Walks With My Wheels On. I love To Go For Walks, Foster Mum Bought Me A Beautiful Coat And Some Fancy Booties For My Feet. I Am Really Looking Forward to The Warmer Weather - Foster Mum Says It Is On It's Way.

I Like To Play With Toys And I Have Favorite Blankets That I love To Snuggle With. I Love To Smuggle On The Couch With Blankets And I Like To Lay In Foster Mum's Lap. I Play With Other Fur Kids And Well Sometime's I Like To Have My Person All To Myself.

Foster Mum Took A Picture Of Me Today With A Valentine's Bandanna On ! I Am Not One To Wear Fancy Thing's But In The Spirit Of Valentine's Day I Will Pose For The Picture. I Still Have The Bandana On And I Think I Look Rather Beautiful !

Next Week I Am Going To The Groomer's I love My Groomer She Is The Best. I Am Sure Foster Mum Will Post Some Pics Of Me. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Update 01/08/12: Hi Harlie – I wanted to give you an update and let you know how I am doing. My wheel cart came in the mail and Foster Mum took me to see the vet to get it fitted. I love my new cart it is red and has flowers on the sides of the wheels.

It has gotten so cold in Maine Foster Mum has taken me for walks with the cart and tomorrow she is taking me to the pet store to get fitted for some snazzy booties to wear when I go for walks with her. Foster Mum also bought me a new heavy coat to wear for my walks, I hope I will allow her to put it on me sometimes I can be quite the diva and protest when she wants to put on cute outfits on me.

Hopefully I will not protest because it is cold in Maine and the jacket is not to look fancy it is to keep me warm.

Before I came into care with United Yorkie Rescue I had some ear issues which has cleared up however Foster Mum took me to the dermatologist because I have skin issues prior to coming into care as well. The doc put me on a trial of prescription dog food and she is keeping a journal to determine if it is an allergy to food or an environmental allergy.

I am going to have a dental and spay really soon also. I will let you know how my boot fitting goes tomorrow and I will post some pictures on the United Yorkie Rescue Facebook page. I would really like a forever home to call my very home I am a love bug and I follow Foster Mum around the house and when she is in her office doing work I lay by her feet in a pet bed.

I love to be showered with attention Foster Mum has some fur brothers and sisters that I play with but sometimes I can be a little pit pushy and push them out of the way to get Foster Mum’s attention. It may be best if I am the only dog in the home however I love to play with other dogs.

I am learning to share time and attention. Well – Harlie signing off for now. See you soon…

UPDATED BIO - 11/7/11: Hi Harlie Here In Maine! I wanted to let all of you know that I am doing really great despite the fact that I am not able to have surgery on my back legs. I have a postive outlook and I try really hard to walk on my back legs and get around (I drag my back legs and feet at times and I walk on my tippy toes also). Since I am incontent my Foster Mum helps express my bladder three times a day, which will have to be done for the rest of my life.

Foster Mum has ordered a wheel cart for me and it should be arriving in the mail this week or by the begining of next week. I am looking forward to getting the cart and going for walks! I am sure Foster Mum will decorate my cart...she knows that pink is my favorite color! And I am sure the wheel cart will be fit for a princess like me.

I am still in need of having a dental completed and to be altered as well. Foster Mum is taking things slow for me she knows that the next couple of months will be busy for me.

Also I am still continuing to receive the Animax Ointment 2 times a day for my ears. A hair sample from the abnormal area of her ear was submitted for testing but the results have not been completed yet.

Foster Mum will keep you updated on my progress...she is still learning alot about me. I love attention and to be patted and sometimes I like all the attention to be on me. I enjoy playing with my foster brother Rudy and I enjoy curling up on the couch at night with my other foster brother Henry (who is a United Yorkie Rescue Alumi). I have figured out that there are two other special yorkies in Foster Mum's home which helps me to feel at ease (two of Foster Mum's yorkies have three legs!). I feel like this really helps me fit in maybe this is why I feel so close to Henry and my foster sister Ella they are special just like me.

Please be sure to check back on updates about me...I am sure Foster Mum will let all of you know when I receive my wheel cart (I know she is just as excited as I am!). Harlie signing off for now.

UPDATED BIO - 10/20/11: Harlie is home resting comfortably this evening. The results of her CT Scan / Myelogram revealed evidence of a previous disc rupture at the level of her 13th Thoracic Vertebrae (in the middle of her back.) The neurologist reports this appears to be an old injury and from the past information that we have pieced together regarding Harlie, this injury incurred in May of 2011 and it was left untreated. The damage to her spinal cord regardless of the underlying cause is permanent and surgery is not an option for her. Harlie was measured today for a wheelchair that United Yorkie Rescue will obtain for her.

Along with the use of a wheel chair for daily walks I will be speaking with a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist for some guidance with some exercises that I can do for Harlie’s back legs.

Harlie, has a bacterial - yeast infection in both of her ears which is being treated with Mometomax drops in both ears 2-3 times and a hair sample from the abnormal area of her ear has been submitted for testing.

I will keep everyone posted on her progress. She really has a lot of spunk and personality and is a joy to foster.

Thank you, Amy – Harlie’s Foster Mum

UPDATED BIO - 10/10/11: I am settling in at my foster home with my fur brothers and sisters and even got my own new doggie condo with bumpers so that I do not hurt myself. I like it here in Maine! I have been exploring in the backyard and taking in all of my new surroundings.

Please keep Harlie in your thoughts on October 13, Thursday as she has an appointment with the specialist to look at her legs.

INITIAL BIO - 10/2/11: Meet Harlie! She is a 3 year old, 7 pound female Yorkie. Her original home was in SC. It is believed there was an injury that has resulted in the loss of use of her back legs. We are not sure if this injury is permanent or can be corrected through sugery. We will let you know her condition as soon as we get her to one of our vets...but please send good wishes her way!

Facts about Harlie

  • Breed: Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier
  • Color: Silver & Tan (Yorkie Colors)
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Sex: Female

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Why Adoption is a Great Option

Harlie, a Big Bend Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier dog was adopted! Here's how you can benefit by looking at adoption as an option to buying a Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier for sale in Big Bend, or seeking a Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier dog from a breeder in Big Bend.

  1. Rescues and shelter volunteers in Big Bend already know the personality and tendencies of their pets. This means they can match you with the right pet. That will makes it much easier transition to owning a pet for yourself and your new pet.
  2. On average adoption fees are much less than you'd pay a Big Bend breeder, or pet store. Plus most often rescue pets have already been to the veterinarian for a check-up, had a round of vaccinations, and are spayed or neutered. That is a lot of savings!
  3. You will become a hero, and give a needy dog or cat a loving home. In fact, there are even Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier breeders who help with Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier rescue. One puppy or kitten adopted in Big Bend paves the way for another one to be saved.