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Facts about Purrcy

  • Breed: Domestic Longhair
  • Color: Black & White Or Tuxedo
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Long

My name is Purrcy!

Domestic Longhair Cat for adoption in Tempe, Arizona - Purrcy

Purrcy's Info...

I am already neutered and a special needs pet.

Purrcy's Story...
Purrcy is adoption ready! He's doing very well and would love to have a home of his own. Will you be that lucky someone to receive all his lovin?

Read Purrcy's story below, to learn how he came into rescue.

Purrcy needs a very special owner, who will commit to keeping him inside at all times, and never toss him outside or abandon him. He has already proven that he cannot survive outside. He has some quirky behaviors, and some special health needs. If you're one who commits for life and loves them for ALL that they are, you'll be one lucky person sharing your life and love with Purrcy. He's a great companion, quite affectionate, and fun to be with.

Purrcy's nearly gained all his weight back, still struggles with loose stools on a diet change or medication, but in time this should resolve completely. His body went through a very difficult time, and it's taking some time to heal. He was apparently eating rocks, in an attempt to find morsels of anything edible. He had multiple broken teeth, with tooth and root fragments exposed, some with gingival tissue grown over the fragments, and some resorptive lesions. His dental cleaning ended up being some serious dental surgery. He feels a LOT better now!

Purrcy needs an owner who will provide annual checkups for him, including dental exams and cleanings periodically throughout his life. Resorptive lesions usually reoccur, and they can't be ignored. They're very painful, and they allow bacteria to enter the body and can cause organ damage, which can result in death. If you're not able or willing to provide this, please don't ask to adopt Purrcy.

He also needs a special, healthy diet to support his immune system and overall health. He suffered from malnutrition, and as a result, his digestive system needs time to become strong as well. He does best on a grain-free diet such as Wellness Core canned as his staple, with a grain-free dry food available between meals. He should avoid foods with fish as the primary ingredient, and should not have corn, soy, wheat, or other grains.

He is a very loving, appreciative cat, and wants to be close to his human. He has a unique purrsonality, that is very endearing to some people, irritating to others. We share these quirks with you so that if you're the type who might toss him outside at night out of frustration, so that you can get your sleep, you'll reconsider and just move on and look at another cat. Purrcy has already proven that he can NOT survive outside.

A) He grooms human's hair. No big deal, but some people don't like it.
B) He occasionally walks the house during the night calling loudly in a glotteral/deep voice. It can wake you up.
C) He is a tall cat, and though he never marks in places he's not supposed to, he does miss his aim at times, as the stream goes over the side of the litter pan. He's a guy, what can we say? He will need a covered pan.

Purrcy's story; how he came into rescue:

I arrived home from work one evening in November 2011, and was greeted by a starving, skinny cat. They know who to ask for help, don't they?

He was 4 pounds underweight, with diarrhea and a bad case of ear mites. He drooled quite a bit. The vet ran a full blood chemistry panel and everything came back great! He's negative for FIV, FeLV, and HeartWorm. Already neutered. And his fecal tests were also negative. He's estimated to be 4-5 years old.

Another case of animal abandonment. He is as sweet as the day is long, craves affection as much as food, and purrs non-stop. So he was named Purrcy. It's apparent he was used to being provided for, and had no skills to be able to survive and find food for himself - except for asking a kind human for help. His condition seems to be caused from malnutrition.

Purrcy does best on a grain-free diet, which is why he's been labeled "Special Needs". He's been eating Wellness Core (chicken-based) canned food twice a day, and Horizon Legacy dry food. Both are grain-free, and his diarrhea stopped.

Ear mites were treated, and his re-test is negative. As Purrcy began to gain weight, his coat began to flourish, and the drooling has stopped. He will be re-checked when he gains a couple more pounds, and then will be ready for adoption!

Purrcy will make a wonderful loving companion, sitting on your lap in the evenings, and curling up with you at night singing you sweet lullabies until you fall fast asleep.

Please submit an online adoption application if you are interested in meeting Purrcy.

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