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French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue - Washington State Foster Home

Facts about Maci

  • Breed: French Bulldog/English Bulldog Mix
  • Color: White
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Female

My name is Maci!

French Bulldog/English Bulldog Mix Dog for adption in Puyallup, Washington - Maci
Photo 1 - French Bulldog/English Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Puyallup, Washington - Maci
Photo 2 - French Bulldog/English Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Puyallup, Washington - Maci
Photo 3 - French Bulldog/English Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Puyallup, Washington - Maci
Photo 4 - French Bulldog/English Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Puyallup, Washington - Maci

Maci's Info...

I am already spayed, housetrained, in need of an experienced adopter, up to date with shots, not good with kids, not good with dogs, and not good with cats.

Maci's Story...

Maci lived in Albany, NY the first 5 years of her life, where she was not treated very well by her family. She was forced to live outside without human contact and to pretty much fend for herself. She was then put on Craig’s list and sold. Her recent family brought her home, dirty, with skin issues and with some pretty nasty behaviors.

The couple who purchased her cleaned her up and has given her some formal obedience training, which has helped with some of Maci’s behavior. They have had her for about a year and a half, but recently had a baby that Maci has not been able to deal with. Maci has always had a history with guarding (probably a result of living outside for 5 years) and now that the couples baby is mobile and can crawl by or touch Maci’s things, she has started to growl at the baby. The couple felt it was only a matter of time before she bit the baby. Maci does have a history of what was described as “nipping” when she is upset. There have been no reports of broken skin.

Maci is a rescue placement!
Maci is a French Bulldog/English Bulldog mix!
Date posted: 09/19/2012
Date last updated: 09/19/2012
Location: Puyallup, Washington state
Age: 6.5 years old (DOB 10/16/2005)
Gender: Spayed Female
Color: White
Weight: 30 lbs
Activity Level: Maci is very active and loves to go for walks and play. She loves fetch (although she doesn’t always bring it back) and a good game of tug a war.
Dogs: No. Maci is jealous of other animals and due to her guarding behaviors she really needs to be an only dog.
Cats: Not safe with cats
Kids: This dog has a bite history – absolutely NO children!
Resource Guarding: Doesn’t like to share bones or treats
Aggression: Will try to bite when handled for medication or toenail clipping.
Medical Status: She is current on all her vaccines and is micro chipped.
Handicaps: A touch of arthritis. Living in a wet, rainy area doesn’t help!
Medical Issues: Health Concerns: Maci has the usual Frenchie allergies to wheat, corn and soy. These make her itch and cause serious stomach upsets. She does well with Wellness dog food and organic wheat free treats. She enjoys it if her foster mom cooks for her. She loves BBQ chicken and steak as well as strawberries.
Crate Trained: Yes, although she has not been crated since arriving in foster care. She is placed in a gated area when needed. Her previous owners used a crate.
Temperament Issues: She can be aggressive when being picked up or moved on and off your lap. Maci is stubborn and likes things her way.
Housebroken: Yes
Obedience Training: Yes, basic obedience. She will sit and stay.
Shipping: No
Cost to Acquire: 600.00
Our rescue dogs are placed without registration papers

Pictures of Maci

What you read here is based on Maci’s observed behavior while in her current foster home

Maci loves all toys. She likes playing fetch and tug of war. She likes antlers and nylabones to chew. Her favorites are soft toys. She needs the toughie soft toys, otherwise she will shred it in about 15 seconds. Also, if she sees you open the freezer, she may run in and beg for an ice cube to chew on. She loves to go for walks, and is trying to learn some leash manners. She still pulls pretty hard. She loves car rides and will get excited if she gets to go in the car.

Because Maci came to FBLCR with more than her fair share of baggage, we need any potential adopter to be very aware of her particular issues. This is what her foster mom has to say about her:

Bite History: She has not bitten anyone since arriving into foster care, but not from lack of trying.

Triggers for Aggression: Maci’s aggression is set off when you want her to do something she doesn’t want to. Usually this is being picked up or moved on or off your lap. This is the only time we have seen her become people aggressive. Otherwise she loves all people and enjoys the attention and being petted. She has shown no stranger aggression and will allow strangers in or out of the house to pet her. What triggers most of her aggression is other animals. It upsets her if other animals look at, walk by or touch anything that she thinks belongs to her. She has started to tolerate the resident Frenchies and will allow them to play with the toys with her. She has taken on an intense dislike for the resident Pekingese. She is not allowed to be around him at all anymore as she would likely hurt him. All he has to do is look at her!

Food Aggression: She eats in her gated area away from the resident animals. She has shown no food aggression with people.

Necessary Precautions: We have purchased a special muzzle for Maci. We used it when we were working on being able to pick her up. She hates that thing so much, that all we have to do is show it to her now and she stops what she is doing.

Requirements for Further Training: Maci needs an experienced bulldog owner, that can give her a balance of structure and love. She is very smart and will learn quickly if she can get away with bullying and take over the house. She has been allowed to pretty much run the show in her previous home. It was my impression that her previous owners were a little afraid of her, and I think she preferred it that way. She knows the house rules and when she breaks them she will now put herself in time out.

That Perfect Home: Maci’s perfect home would be a active adult or family of adults, with no children or other pets. Maci lost her home because of a new baby and she should never have to go through this again. Maci reminds her foster mom of a bit of a tomboy. You need some energy to keep up with this dog. She loves the outdoors and spends quite a bit of time playing or lying in the backyard on nice days. She needs someone patient and willing to work with her as she continues to work on her trust and fear issues.

Maci loves to be with people, but she has been gated in foster care and has had no problems. Her foster parents work.

Maci would love the attentions of a dogwalker or petsitter, as long as she was given the opportunity to get to know the person.

A fenced yard would be ideal, as Maci likes to be outdoors, but an apartment is fine, as long as she had her daily walks.

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As our name suggests, many of the French Bulldogs that come to us have been turned away by other rescues. We work hard to rehabilitate these dogs prior to placement, and take great care to place them in homes up to the task of caring for them. It's a sad fact that may dogs end up in rescue not because they or their owners or at fault, but only because they were mismatched, with all the pain and failure that a mismatch implies. Please choose your new pets carefully!

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We require that any potential adopter provide a completed adoption application and consent to having their veterinary references checked and a home check completed prior to the approval of any adoption. All adoptions must be approved by the foster home. All adoptions are made subject to an adoption contract signed by both the adopter and a representative of the rescue.

These are all French Bulldogs who have lost their homes for one reason or another, and some of them carry emotional or even physical scars. We make sure that any potential adopter is fully informed about the rescue dog he or she wants to adopt. We want every adoptive home to be permanent.

The adoption fees range from $250 to $700 depending on the dog, and each fee is clearly listed on the dog's bio. The fees in no way reflect the actual retail value of our dogs - our dogs are priceless!