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Cockatoo for adoption in Fountain Valley, California - AJ
Ask.. Lily Sanctuary Parrot Rescue and Retreat about AJ

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Hi, my name is

Adopt me from
Lily Sanctuary Parrot Rescue and Retreat

Fountain Valley, California

in need of an experienced adopter, not good with kids, and good with birds

Ask About Me!

My Story

AJ came into Lily Sanctuary 16 years ago from a gentleman who's wife was his favorite. She passed away and the owner kept him for 2 more years. He is suspected to be wild caught, and has taken many years to trust people and is now having a lot of fun in life with his people and toys. AJ must be provided with the things he has been used to for his 18+ years, such as a very large cage, a large outdoor aviary to play in on nice days, and an exceptional diet to keep those beautiful feathers and personality as wonderful as they are. AJ is probably the most gorgeous, deepest orange colored Moluccan Cockatoo all of us at the sanctuary have ever seen, and is ready to meet his new family. Please go to www.lilysanctuary.org/adoptions for all the information you need to meet this handsome boy.
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Adopt Me From...
Lily Sanctuary Parrot Rescue and Retreat

Adoption Process

Our adopters must LOVE parrots! Go to www.lilysanctuary.org to see all the details. We have different adoption donation fees for different size parrots, and the application to adopt is online, interactive and will be responded to within 48 hours of sending. As stated above, the 100 mile radius from Fountain Valley (some exceptions occur and are based on experience of the adopter) is for adopters to get to know their parrot before they take them home for the comfort, security and an easier transition of the bird, and the home checks we do for all adopters.
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About the Rescue GroupLearn More

The Lily Sanctuary is named after an umbrella cockatoo that had a serious, life threatening disease and was not going to live past her 1st birthday, but with the appropriate vet care and a lot of love made it to 21 years before, sadly, she passed away. She was a miracle bird and the sanctuary founder Venette Hill started helping out homeless parrots from then on. She made it a 501c3 in 2003 and transformed her home into parrot sanctuary. She is fastidiously clean and most of all, speaks fluent "parrot!" They love her and get a chance to heal and grow there, and the adoptable ones get another chance to have a family again.

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We are a closed facility for the safety and health of the resident parrots. All incoming parrots are quarantined and tested for avian viruses before they are introduced to the rest of the flock, and all visitors need to make an appointment to see them. We have photos of most of the adoptable parrots on the Petfinder.com site which is updated frequently.
The Lily Sanctuary, with some birds in tow also frequents several adoption fairs and events in Orange County Ca, and attend at the O.C Pet Expo every year in May.

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