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I'm being cared for by:
Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue

Facts about Anise

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Color: Cream Or Ivory (Mostly)
  • Age: Young
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 5495292
  • Hair: Short

My name is Anise!

Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Ottawa, Ontario - Anise
Photo 1 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Ottawa, Ontario - Anise
Photo 2 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Ottawa, Ontario - Anise
Photo 3 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Ottawa, Ontario - Anise

Anise's Info...

I am already spayed and housetrained.

Anise's Story...
I am a tiny, sweet, affectionate, playful little girl - with quite the story.

I am a tiny, sweet, affectionate, playful little girl - with quite the story.  My rescuers live in an old farmhouse on a dirt road surrounded by farmer's fields and forests.  I was first noticed in the Spring of 2012 - walking along the road, and very pregnant. They nicknamed me "Littlest Kitty" - because although I was pregnant, I was the tiniest petite little cat they had ever seen. My rescuers didn't see me for a few days after that, and then one evening at dusk I was spotted up the  driveway carrying a single white furry kitten in my mouth. My rescuers saw me hide with my baby  under a hosta plant in the garden. A few days later, the heavy rains came and I disappeared.  I returned about 3 days later without the kitten.  Not long after that, my rescuers saw a tom cat after me. And yes, I got pregnant AGAIN.....! My rescuers had started feeding me, so this time I gave birth right in front of them - on their deck! I bore another tiny single white kitten. My rescuers said I seemed a little surprised - as though this was an unexpected birth.  They saw me carry the newborn kitten from the deck into the garden. A few days later, they noticed I didn't have the kitten with me anymore. We are not sure what happened to my kittens - other than I was so tiny and malnourished, that my kittens may have been too weak to survive. 

Although I regularly started coming for food, I was not used to people and would not let my rescuers come close to help me. However, by the fall of 2012, my rescuers were now able to pat me. When they saw that I was pregnant yet again in November, they contacted Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue. They wanted to put an end to this cycle for me, and get me the medical treatment I urgently required. As soon as a foster home for me was found, they brought me inside. No one knows if I was born outside, or abandoned as a young kitten, but it had obviously been a very long time since I had been inside, if ever! When I first came in, my rescuers said that I preferred to sleep on a cold floor rather than use a cat bed. I didn't know how to use a litterbox initially and had to be taught.

As soon as I was in, I was immediately taken to the vet, as I was very sick. I had a terrible eye infection and very bad upper respiratory infection. Because I was pregnant again, I could not be vaccinated or given certain antibiotics.  I had to have topical antibiotics put directly into my eyes - several times per day. The tips of my ears had fallen off due to frostbite, so I will always have frayed ears as a reminder of my difficulties outside....

A naming auction took place for me, and I was finally given my name by the winner of the auction. (My foster had previously nicknamed me "Feather"  - because I was as light and soft as a feather.) I was now starting to look very pregnant and was due any day. The winner decided to call my kittens and I the "Spice Family", and that is how I was given the name "Anise".  My kittens were not  born before Christmas, not at Christmas, not after Christmas nor by the New Year.... I was taken back to the vet for several follow-up visits, and it was finally determined that I was no longer pregnant! (I was probably too sick and weak to actually give birth to the kittens this time, so they were likely re-absorbed into my body.... )

So, in mid January, I was spayed and vaccinated. I was de-wormed and received antibiotics for the lingering upper respiratory infection. The vet estimates me to be about 1.5 to 2 years old. I am mostly white, with patches of pale fawn and beautiful golden eyes to match! I have tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV.

Despite never having lived inside and being scared of people, I have turned into the sweetest most adorable affectionate purring kitty! Even with all the poking, having my eyes cleaned every day and medications applied over several  months, I never complained. I was never mean. I didn't enjoy it, but I was so grateful for help, that I purred away. Slowly, my eyes started healing and I started getting stronger.

With the love and care from my foster, I have blossomed into an affectionate, healthy beautiful little girl. I now love being stroked, having my ears rubbed and play-wrestling. I love chin and cheek rubs and full body rubs, although I am still scared of being picked up. I start purring the moment I see my foster, and prance and dance with joy.  I would rather purr than eat, and sometimes need  to be reminded that there is food waiting for me!  I love a snuggly bed and a good napping spot by the window. My foster describes me "a sweet little gem of a girl who loves life" and says that it is a miracle that I am so loving - despite my difficult past....  I am a tiny little girl with a huge reservoir of love for someone. Are you that special someone wanting me as your bonded lifelong companion?

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HHCR is an animal rescue organization in Ottawa, Ontario. Our goal is to save injured or found cats and try to find them permanent suitable homes. Medical help is arranged for any cat suffering from injuries or illness. All cats are at temporary foster homes until adopted. We rely on volunteers and donations from kind individuals who care.

Our Adoption Process...

Potential adopters must fill out and application form, then Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue completes a home visit to ensure the cat will be living in a suitable environment as well as reference checks. There is an adoption fee which goes towards the cat's medical care.