My name is Calli Girl!

Calico Cat for adoption in Waterloo, Iowa - Calli Girl
Photo 1 - Calico Cat for adoption in Waterloo, Iowa - Calli Girl
Photo 2 - Calico Cat for adoption in Waterloo, Iowa - Calli Girl
Photo 3 - Calico Cat for adoption in Waterloo, Iowa - Calli Girl
Photo 4 - Calico Cat for adoption in Waterloo, Iowa - Calli Girl

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I'm being cared for by:
TigeraCat Rescues

Facts about Calli Girl

  • Breed: Calico
  • Color: Calico Or Dilute Calico
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 979045
  • Hair: Short
Callie Girl was transferred to C&W Rustic Hollow Cat Shelter in Nashua, Iowa upon the death of her foster parent. For adoption information contact: C&W Rustic Hollow Shelter at

I'm a Cuddle Bug Lover!

Calli Girl is cuddly, loving, and all lap-cat.  She is shy in the beginning but once settled-in becomes very attentive and observant.  She's quiet, only speaking on occasion.   She loves to be treated like a baby, being cuddled and cooed over; petted, hugged, kissed, scratched, combed, and just plain loved!  She's quick to purr and gives soft nose kisses.  She likes to play with feathers & balls.  She is non-aggressive and tolerates dogs.   She does best with older/considerate children.  What a sweetheart!  A relatively quiet home with few visitors, a regular schedule, and someone with lots of time to spend cuddle, talk, or play with Calli would be the purr-fect match.
Calli Girl's Story:   This beautiful, little girl is one of only 5 cats that survived the horrendous, hoarding conditions they were forced to live in.  Two went to neighbors, 3 came to TigeraCat Rescues, and twenty-two (22) others were lost to the horror.  She spent her first years of life in an abandoned house that was littered not only with the forgotten debris left by the prior tenants & drug-addicts but the rotting carcasses of the animals that did not survive.  She and her 4 friends spent their lives sharing an 8x10 room crammed with a bed, 2 dressers, and lazyboy chair.  Their "well-meaning" caregiver was unwilling to let any of the 27 cats go, even though two other rescuers had provided spay/neuter services and offered to find homes.  Most were dead within 2 years.  TigeraCat Rescues took over Calli, Koko, & Guy in September 2008.  All were unvaccinated and very ill.  They were infected with 2 diseases (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR) & Feline Clicivirus (FCV)).  Both could have been prevented with a simple $10 vaccine!  The disease settled in Calli's right eye & lungs making it hard for her to eat, breath, & see.  She received 3 rounds of antibiotics, 2 rounds of meds for her eye, and had several veterinary visits to make sure she was healthy and ready for adoption.  Her treatments were very expensive, but her recovery was outstanding!  In addition to her treatments she received her rabies and distemper vaccines, micro-chip, and regular parasite treatments.  The vet says she is fine and doesn't think she will have any long-term problems.  She still blinks and favors her eye, but the vet says it's likely a habit she's developed from favoring it for so long.

Behavioral Issues:  Calli suffers from separation anxiety.  (Who could blame her with what she's been through in her short life).  Providing a kennel or small cage, with a litter box & bed, gives her a "safe zone" to go to when she's nervous and  significantly lowers her anxiety.  Keeping coats & dirty laundry off the floor (use a hamper or covered basket) eliminates urination issues.

She has been extensively examined by 3 veterinarians to ensure the urination is not medically caused.  Calli is very healthy.  Behaviorists & her fosters concur that if the owner is patient, keeps laundry off the floor, provides a "safe zone", and a window perch, her urination behavior is pretty much non-existant. 

Calli has not been seen urinating in other areas of the home, just soiled laundry or bed-linens.  It appears that when Calli finally feels safe and becomes attached to her new owner, she urinates where their scent is left to mark it as her safe territory.  Calli's anxiety-caused urination issues are due to her repeated transfer to new homes.  While in foster, for over a year, when provided with lots of attention, and keeping clothing off the floor, no urination issues were noted. 

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