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My name is Lyllie Mae!

Poodle (Miniature) Puppy for adoption in Dover, Massachusetts - Lyllie Mae
Photo 1 - Poodle (Miniature) Puppy for adoption in Dover, Massachusetts - Lyllie Mae
Photo 2 - Poodle (Miniature) Puppy for adoption in Dover, Massachusetts - Lyllie Mae
Photo 3 - Poodle (Miniature) Puppy for adoption in Dover, Massachusetts - Lyllie Mae
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I'm being cared for by:
Toy Poodle Rescue

Facts about Lyllie Mae

  • Breed: Poodle (Miniature)
  • Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut
  • Age: Puppy
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: Lyllie Mae
Lyllie Mae is now available for adoption

Lyllie Mae was born on 9/9/12 and will grow to be a small Mini Poodle around 9-10lbs when full grown.
Lyllie Mae was surrendered to Toy Poodle Rescue due to her leg getting badly broken and the owners could not afford to pay to her her treated. As you can see we took over her care and she is doing wonderful. It will be several weeks before hse is recovered enough to abe adopted therefore we are not accepting applications at this time, but keep an eye out for the updates as we get clearance from her surgeon. We also had Lyllie Spayed and her baby teeth removed. She is an amazing little girl, she has not skipped a beat and her cast has not slowed her down, she loves playing with toys and other dogs and has a gentle and very sweet personality. She is not a biter and can be trusted not to 'get into things'. She sleeps right next to you in the big bed and after cookie time settles right down to sleep and does not move for the rest of the night. Lyllie is also totally potty trained and has excellent manners. A beautiful red coat, she is well bred and has her ACA papers (American Canine Association)

Thank you.

*Update* 4/16/13
Lyllie Mae is doing well and has had a cast/bandage change and her stitches out, she will have xrays in 4 weeks to see how the growth plate has accepted her metal sliding plate to allow for growth and healing.

*update* 5/4/13
Lyllie Mae went back to Angell Memorial under the care of Dr Russell Kalis yesterday to have x-rays to make sure the bone had healed well and correctly and have her bandages removed. Lyllie got a clean bill of health and is completely recovered.
We have to thank Dr Kalis for the amazing job he did for Lyllie Mae when others wanted to amputate the leg or euthanize her!

*update 8/22/13* All better and ready to be adopted!

Requirements for Adoption

No Children under 18 years old
Fenced in yard required without exception
If another dog is in the home must be 15lbs and under, no large dogs
Be willing to go to obedience training classes
We insist on a integrative approach to vet care and nutritional well being for our Poodles

We thank everyone for your kind donations, our supporters are amazing and help us to take in these special need dogs that would other wise be euthanized. Thank you!

Poodles need to go to a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks at a cost of about $50, so please factor that into the costs associated with dog ownership.

To apply to adopt one of our Poodles, go to our website by clicking here,
Toy Poodle Rescue
and fill out our Adoption Application
If you require more information
please call 508-533-8251
All calls and applications will receive a response.

Please do not call to ask if they are available, if it does not say adopted they are available.

About Toy Poodle Rescue

About Our Rescue Group...

Who are Toy Poodle Rescue
We are a small rescue group of people who LOVE Poodles, we are getting a great reputation and are growing and taking in and adopting more and more Poodles. We also work with other small breed rescue groups with the same mentality on re-homing that we have. We are going to remain small and very personal working closely with the families that need to surrender a dog or the new family who will adopt a dog. We have a phone number listed because we want to answer enquires and have that very personal touch and be available to our families for how ever long they need to be in contact with us, our door is always open. Where do our Poodles come from? Many show breeders trust us to place their puppies that they cannot sell due to being too small to breed, too tall, too short, long body, short body, under bite, or over bite or Poodles that have finished with their breeding cycle or as in our past experience the breeder has become ill and had to place their pack of Poodles. We also take in Poodles that are surrendered from private homes and with the many home foreclosures we have seen an increase in surrendered pets due to this sad situation. People moving and cannot take their pets with them for whatever reason. We also get Poodles from homes where the owners have gone in to nursing homes or have passed away leaving their Poodle to need a new adoption. Not all surrendered pets are abused or neglected many just need to be rehomed because of circumstances beyond the owners/breeders control. Many have been loved and cherished members of families but one thing that is always true it is no fault of the Poodle who needs a new forever home.
Our Goal
Is to place surrendered Poodles into the best forever home that will be the best match for that particular Poodle. We never play favorites or bend the rules so please don't ask us. We don't care who you know or how well known you are, we are not impressed and neither is the Poodle that needs a great forever home!

Come Meet Our Pets...

All our Poodles needing adoption are fostered in private homes. We arrange a meeting of the Poodle being adopted once the references and application have been completed and has been approved.

Our Adoption Process...

How to proceed to adopt one of our Poodles
We do not have a facility that you can visit. All of our Poodles are in private foster homes, the way to proceed is to fill out an application, by going to our website at and submitting it, we will process your application by checking references etc. We will then arrange to come and visit you and see your home environment and check your yard (if applicable) even if you live out of state.. Once we have done that we will arrange a visit with the Poodle you are interested in adopting. Please know, no matter what we ALWAYS do a home visit WITHOUT EXCEPTION prior to you adopting a Poodle so please be truthful on your application, because our eyes will not deceive us and if we drive out to your home to find a 75lb Rottie that you did not disclose, or a supposedly fenced in yard that is not, we will not be happy!! We do adopt out of state and the process is exactly the same although you would need to be prepared to come to Massachusetts to fetch your adopted Poodle if we were unable to arrange transportation. We hear all too often about people applying to other rescue groups and paying to submit an application and never hearing back from them, that does not happen with us. When we process your application you will receive a call from us. We have a phone number where you can call and if we are not there leave a message and someone will call you back. We return ALL calls.
Senior Poodles
Please consider adopting a senior Poodle, they are usually the dogs that no-one wants, what people don't realize is that Poodles live VERY long lives so at 8-9 years old they may still have another good 8-9 years to live. I personally own a 16, 15 and 14 year olds and they are healthy and playful while being gentle, snuggly and oh so very grateful and look at us with so much love saying thank you for adopting us in every gaze. I will never be without a senior dog in my home ever again. We adopted Tiffany at 12 years old, she was blind and frail, but after good care and food she was healthy and happy, she lived to 18 years old so she was with us 6 years and she educated us so much in those 6 years, blind meant nothing to her and she trained us on her needs having different barks for what she wanted, we loved her and those 6 years were so precious to us and worth every day spent with her in our lives. Please consider adopting a senior Poodle