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Saturday during the snowstorm I managed to get out to meet some incredible people, Miss Luci from Dale City Civic Association and some of her fearless volunteers, Jay from the 25th Project, and some of the volunteers from Woodbridge Homeless Outreach. Miss Luci is quick to mention that she is a grandma, and her caring nature was evident from the first moment we spoke on the phone.  I met with her and Jay at the old site of the Kmart on Dale Boulevard with the snow piling on us.  Vonnie, our Vice President, and I made the difficult drive and picked up pet food on the way.  I learned that most homeless people that have pets have dogs, except at one site, where the cats are already neutered.  Almost two hours later, I arrived at camp number two, where they were very busy feeding the homeless humans.  They had so many donations that I was asked to come back another time.  It was snowing buckets, and it took me another hour to get back home.  There is nothing like meeting wonderful people who give until it hurts, and seeing the plight of the homeless to remind me how fortunate I am. 
We had an amazing response to our pet food drive.  There are so many people to thank, mostly individuals that gave at the participating hospitals of Independent Hill Vet Clinic, Dale City Animal Hospital, MapleShade Animal Hospital, Anicira Veterinary Center, and Woodbridge Animal Hospital.  Also many people dropped donations at the Prince William County Animal Shelter, Byrdies Buddies, and the Brentsville District, including some amazing young ladies from All Star Legacy, Manassas Cheer’s Dream Foundation.  We got dog and cat food, treats, chewies, doggie coats, and some monetary donations.  The best part about this was meeting all the wonderful people who wanted to donate, volunteer, and participate in some way.  My heartfelt gratitude somehow just doesn’t seem enough.  As an old friend put it, I am proud to be a part of this great community. 
Thank you,
Sherry Meier
President, SADSAC