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We had a GREAT turnout for Speuter Day held April 17, 2016.  The doctors and staff of Dale City Animal Hospital and volunteers from many other hospitals and from three different counties came to assist and marvel at the wonders of Speuter Day!  Total kitty head count was 54.  There were 30 boys and 24 girls.  Turns out two of the girls were already spayed.  They were left behind when their owners passed away.  How sad is that?  One kitty was headed to a sanctuary, and the other is seeking a home at Dale City Animal Hospital.  What a beauty she is! 

I met a new friend, an elderly gentleman who does TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) with his friend in his spare time.  He is the opposite of the stereotype associated with the older farmer type.  While he was there, he mentioned a kitty in trouble, one that had a portion of its leg cut completely off.  I told him that as soon as he could catch this kitty to bring him in to Dale City Animal Hospital and SADSAC would take care of him.  It was a good thing he did.  This kitty was a sad victim of a fly strike, and needed his leg amputated.  Luckily for him, Andrea, the beautiful technician at DCAH, “took him home for the weekend”.  Newly neutered and patched up, we are confident he has landed in his forever home!  Congrats to “Tripp”, the kitty, and Andrea for a great save.  Whew.  I think he used up most of his 9 lives already with this calamity.

Thank you to ALL our volunteers, supporters, well-wishers, and cheerleaders.  Thank you to all the trappers, and anyone who shared information on this Speuter Day 2016!  As for me, I am going to take a nap.